Best Airlines In Mexico

Best Airlines In Mexico – The best airline that can fly to Mexico anywhere in the world is AeroMexico. When it comes to domestic and international flights, there are many Mexican airlines to choose from. I’ve tried them all in the five years I’ve lived in Mexico and traveled around the country many times and I have the experience to tell you which one is best for your trip.

AeroMexico, Volaris, Viva Aerobus and AeroMar are the most important Mexican airlines to consider when planning travel in Mexico. There are some newcomers like TAR Airlines, but I have yet to see any of their flights from the Mexican capital. Best Mexico Airlines Flights 2022

Best Airlines In Mexico

In Mexico, the national airline is Aero Mexico. It is a member of the Sky Group, which means it is part of the Skymiles program. If you frequently fly between the United States and Mexico City and have a Delta credit card, you may earn miles when you fly with AeroMexico.

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The customer service, food and beverage selection and check-in process are among the best on this flight, although the quality varies. Almost any task can be completed with the help of technology. Checked bags can be dropped off at any airport baggage drop.

Terminal 2 of Mexico City International Airport is only for Aero Mexico and a few additional airlines (such as Delta). Checking in at this terminal is fun because it’s enough to speed your way through airport security.

Domestically and internationally, Aero Mexico has the most flights. From Mexico City to Cancun, Orlando, London and San Jose, Costa Rica (as well as the west coast of Mexico), I have taken several flights of varying distances.

Flights that include checked baggage, food or snacks and extra legroom are often more expensive than flights that don’t include any amenities, depending on the length of the flight. So we chose Aeromexico as the best flight from the US to Mexico or anywhere in the world.

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Although there were some good encounters with Viva Aerobus while traveling in Mexico. Although I was delayed at the airport in Mexico City, Viva Aerobus service was excellent. I traveled from La Paz and Huatulco. So, it made it to our list of the best airlines flying to Mexico in 2022.

In some ways, Viva Aerobics has a bad reputation, and perhaps deservedly so. Mexico often has a reputation for overbooked flights, especially during the busy holiday season. Despite their efforts, they are always behind schedule.

Their online booking system is quite complicated as you have to physically remove all the boxes for extras you don’t want, such as paying for seats, extra baggage or insurance.

To be clear, if you plan to check bags, I do not recommend flying with Viva Aerobus. Especially at Mexico City International Airport, the check-in process is very difficult and time-consuming. There always seem to be long lines and understaffed.

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At least until the flight, the flight was pleasant. When I traveled with them recently, I had more leg room and few drinks or food were included in the price. Benefits of using Viva Aerobics

Interjet is one of my favorite airlines. Although I’m not sure if they consider themselves the cheapest airline in Mexico, I prefer to classify them as one because their prices are usually reasonable. Interjet is usually my first choice when there are multiple flights to a certain destination and the cost difference is only a few dollars (if AeroMexico is not the same price, then I choose AeroMexico).

I have traveled with them many times and had a great experience. When you fly with Interjet, you can get a free bag even if you choose the cheapest ticket. Light, Optima and Priority tickets are available.

Checked bags and handbags are included in the light bag (although I believe this depends on your destination, so always double check).

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Two checked bags come with the Optima, as well as the option to select your seat when booking. Three checked bags (who needs that many?), a seat, and check-in and boarding privileges are all included in Priority.

Meals are also served on short-haul flights with Interjet. In my opinion, this is a huge bonus. If your flight departs after 12pm, you will receive a complimentary drink (beer or gin) and a bag of chips to take with you. For me, it is an afterthought.

When flying with Interjet, my only complaint is that they are often late. Huge delays if you’re trying to find a connecting flight. When my flight from Cancun to Mexico City was canceled due to technical problems, I had to wait an extra two hours at the airport. My trip to England was very late and I was afraid I missed my connecting flight with them (it was fine in the end). Benefits of using Interjet Airlines

Villaris is slowly becoming my favorite Mexican airport. If you are looking for cheap flights to Mexico and have only flown once or twice in a year or so, you will be disappointed.

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In Mexico City, check-in was easy because of the automated machines, but that is now gone, as with Viva Aerobus, you have to wait in line if you haven’t before using the app. (always use . app) .

Volares has entered the market in two different price points. For a small fee, you may have two bags (so no checked bags). “Clear Base Fare” is the name given to this ticket. Select “Regular Ticket” if you want your checked baggage included. In most cases, the price difference is only a few dollars.

Compared to other low-cost airlines, you’re looking at essential basics. There is no additional food or drink on board, so you will need to bring your own. As a 5ft 2in person, I have small feet for this car. A recent trip from Mexico City to New York had no entertainment or food on board (save what you buy), and it was cold.

While I understand that this is a common feature of budget travel, I find it hard to see why anyone would fly Volares when Interjet and AeroMexico always charge the same for the same excellent service. Advantages of flying Volares

Best Airlines In The World (2022)

After only two flights with AeroMar, I am very impressed. Often, airplanes are used for short trips in Mexico. On my way back to Mexico City, I took the same route. Although only a few hours in the air, the experience seemed very comfortable.

In my opinion, because the plane is so small, it looks like a private jet, but it’s big enough to avoid feeling like an airplane.

Flights from Mexico City to other parts of the country, especially the smaller ones, are usually affordable. They operate primarily in the southern United States. Another advantage of using Aeromar is that they fly from Terminal 2 of Mexico City International Airport.

In fact, according to their website, they operate several flights daily to various destinations in the United States. Since I don’t fly overseas, I can’t speak from experience, but if it’s anything like their local flights, I’m sure it will be a blast. Benefits of flying AeroMar

Volaris, Interjet, Or Viva Aerobus

Calafya is a great option if you really want to feel like you’re on a private jet but you’re not. They often fly to the Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas, and Cabo San Lucas.

They may not always be the cheapest option, but they can find ways that others don’t. Calafia took me from Palenque to Textla Gutierrez, Chiapas. Because they travel between smaller airports, there is no need to return to Mexico City on a connecting flight. Benefits of flying with Calafia Airlines

A Mexican airline known as Compaa Mexicana de Aviación, S.A. de C.V. (or Mexico for short) was founded in 1927 and is one of the oldest airlines in history to maintain a single brand name (after KLM, Avianca and Qantas).

Before it ceased operations on August 28, 2010, it was the largest airport in Mexico and flew the national flag.

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The management team was recently appointed after the group announced the liquidation of Concorso Mercantile (Mexican law equivalent to US Chapter 11) and US Chapter 15, in 2014 to pay the company’s debts. .

Colonia del Valle, Benito Juárez, is home to the company’s headquarters in Mexico City’s Flight Tower. 8. Asphalt Aerolinas

They cover most of central Mexico, but fewer cities than Eromar.

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