Best Albergue In St Jean Pied De Port

Best Albergue In St Jean Pied De Port – For centuries, Saint Jean Pied de Port (SJPDP) has played an important role in European Christian culture. The city is the starting point of the Camino Francis, the most popular route of the Camino de Santiago. Every year thousands of people come to the small town of Saint Jean Pied de Port in the French Pyrenees to begin their journey on the Camino de Santiago. In this post I will explain the different ways to go to St. Jean is coming.

There are several ways to get to Saint-Jean Pied de Porte. Whichever way you choose, you’ll need to create at least one key to get there. It is a very small place and there are no direct transport options from the big cities of France or Spain. I reached Saint Jean from Barcelona walking the French Camino. First I took the SJPDP bus from Barcelona to Pamplona and then from Pamplona.

Best Albergue In St Jean Pied De Port

Departure times and ticket prices are subject to change, please confirm the information on the company’s website by following the link provided in the post.

Day 1: St. Jean Pied De Port To Orisson

The nearest airport to Saint-Jean Pied de Port is in Biarritz (BIQ), France, 50 km away. Biarritz has great beaches and beautiful beaches. If you decide to fly there, you can combine walking the Camino with a beach holiday.

To find out which airlines have flights to your destination, estimated prices and schedules, we recommend using Skyscanner. This flight search aggregator has flight information from all over the world. This is very useful for finding the best route. We want to buy tickets directly on the airline’s website.

You can get direct flights from London, Bristol, Dublin, Paris, Brussels, as well as connecting flights from major European cities. Ryanair is one of the airlines that operate flights to Biarritz. You can fly from London to Biarritz for around €15-20 if you book your ticket in advance and stick to the dates. Please note that Ryanair is a low cost airline and your baggage is not included in the ticket price. You have to charge or pay extra for the Camino.

Buses 3 and 4 are operated by Chronoplus between Biarritz Airport and Bayonne. Buses run regularly throughout the day. It takes 30 minutes to travel and costs €1.20. The bus stop is a 3-minute walk from the train station.

The Camino Frances

There are five trains per day, at 8:50 am, 2:35 pm, 5:09 pm, 6:35 pm and 8:14 pm. The journey takes 1 hour 20 minutes and costs 10.50 euros. You can confirm the schedule and buy tickets online.

Pamplona Airport (PNA) is a small airport with direct flights from Madrid. You can fly here from many European cities with one stop (in Madrid). London, Frankfurt, Paris, Lisbon, Dublin, Amsterdam, etc.

As of 2019, there are no public buses connecting Pamplona Airport to the city. Travelers can use special taxi services with cheaper fares. The price is 0.7 euros per person (compared to 8-15 euros charged by regular taxis), paid in cash and small change (coins). You have to call taxi 948 23 23 00/948 35 13 35. We have never used this service and I can’t say whether they only understand English or Spanish. The pick up point is the old bus stop upon arrival.

Step 3A in season (between Easter and October 20). Take a direct bus from Pamplona to Saint Jean Pied de Port.

Camino Frances Photos

There is a direct bus from Pamplona bus station to SJPDP. They depart daily at 10:00 (between Easter and 29 September), 14:30 and 17:30. The journey takes 1 hour 45 minutes and costs 22 euros. In high season (August, September) I recommend buying tickets online in advance. You can buy tickets and confirm the schedule on the ALSA website. Buses from Pamplona to Saint Jean are not listed for January 2022, maybe they will update the information closer to the season.

Step 3B is the off season (between October 21 and Easter). Take a taxi from Pamplona to Saint Jean Pied de Porte.

In this case, you can skip step 2 and book a taxi from the airport to Saint-Jean Pied de Port. Taking an SJPDP taxi from Pamplona is the easiest option, especially if you are traveling to St. Jean is out of season. If you are a group of people (4-8 people), it will not be more expensive than a regular bus. Taxis can be picked up at the airport, bus or train station in Pamplona. Many pilgrims use the San Fermin Teletaxi. You can book a car for 8 passengers. Reservations must be made at least 5 days in advance. 108 euros per car (weekdays), 135 euros (weekends and weekends). The journey takes 1 hour 30 minutes. If you are traveling alone, you can try to find other pilgrims to share a taxi with on the Camino forum.

There are no direct buses from Pamplona to Saint Jean Pied de Port in low season. There are buses from Pamplona bus station to Roncesvalles. Buses depart from the bus station Monday to Friday at 14:00 and Saturday at 16:00, no buses on Sundays and public holidays. The journey takes 1 hour 10 minutes and costs 5 euros. Tickets can only be purchased on the day of departure. Check the schedule on the website.

Cf Day 01

Roncesvalles is a very small town with a large albergue, several hotels and restaurants. A taxi is waiting at the bus stop. You do not need to make an advance reservation. Maybe you meet some pilgrims on the bus to share a taxi. 30-40 minutes from Ronchesvall to Saint Jean Pied de Port. The price per person depends on the number of people sharing.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is one of the largest airports in Europe with thousands of flights from all over the world, including direct flights from the US, UK, Canada and many European cities. There are public buses and trains that connect the airport to the city.

From Paris you can take a direct train to Bayonne. Trains depart from Montparnasse station (Gare Montparnasse). The trip takes 4 hours and costs from 39 euros (discounts are available for tourists under 25 and over 60). There are 5-6 trains per day. In Bayonne you come and go from the same station to Saint-Jean Pied de Porte, you have to change trains. Check the schedule and book your tickets online.

You can go from Paris to Bayonne by bus. There are 5 buses per day. Buses depart from Bercy Seine bus station. It takes 10-12 hours to reach Bayonne. The price is 17 euros. There is one bus every day from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Bayonne. It left the airport at 22:10. The journey takes 12 hours (night bus). The price is 25 euros. Check routes and prices on the FlixBus website.

Saint Jean Pied De Port Cathedral Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

As for flights, Bayonne does not have an airport. You can take a direct flight from Paris (CDG) to Biarritz, another city 4 km from Bayonne. Take bus line 3 or 4 from the airport to Bayonne. The bus ride takes about 30 minutes. and cost 1, 2 euros.

Saint Jean Pied de Port is the starting point of the Camino Frances. Every year thousands of pilgrims come to walk the Camino

Barajas Airport (MAD) has many international flights from all over the world. We often fly to Madrid to walk one of the Camino de Santiago routes in Spain. I really like the airport. It is easy to reach the city center by metro, bus or train station. It costs 6 euros to go from the airport to the city.

Each of these options is good depending on your preference, availability and cost. Flights are more expensive, but faster. Buses are cheaper, but slower. The name of Pamplona’s Esquerade (the language of the Basque Country) is Irua, so don’t get confused if you see both names on the tickets.

Refuge Accueil Paroissial

Flying is the easiest and fastest way to get to Pamplona. If you buy your ticket in advance, you can get a direct flight with Iberia Airlines for €32 (one way). The flight takes 1 hour. Bus or train costs the same but takes longer.

Avenida America bus terminal and Barajas Airport Terminal 4 (T4) depart. There are currently no direct buses from Madrid to Pamplona. All of them have a 1-2 hour transfer in Zaragoza or Soria. It’s one ticket, no need to get off one bus and get on another. There are 6 buses daily from Madrid. The journey takes 5-6 hours (longer buses available) and costs 30 euros. You can buy tickets and check departure times on the ALSA website. In Pamplona you arrive and depart from the same bus station to Saint Jean.

Trains to Saint-Jean leave from Atocha station. There are 3 trains per day from Madrid to Pamplona. Take the train

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