Best All In One Functional Trainer

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Best All In One Functional Trainer

Force USA continues to push the boundaries with the arrival of the G10™ all-in-one trainer. Never before have so many functions been packed into an all-in-one trainer with such a compact footprint.

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Force USA continues to push the boundaries with the arrival of the G10™ all-in-one trainer. Never before have so many functions been packed into an all-in-one trainer with such a compact footprint. Designed for home and commercial settings, the G10™ all-in-one trainer includes a Smith machine, squat rack, lat pulldown bar, dip station, chin bar, TRX anchors and the world’s first interchangeable 2:1 and 4. : 1 cable ratio. Whatever your ability and fitness goals, this amazing piece of equipment has your back.

The plate-loaded Force USA G10 trainer base unit integrates eight strength training machines, 18 attachments and more than 375 exercise possibilities into a commercial-grade home gym system.

First, the G10 features a revolutionary switchable cable ratio system that quickly changes from 2:1 to 4:1, allowing multiple users to easily change resistance levels between workouts.

Although not yet quite versatile, the G10 upgrade kit adds three additional training centers, five attachments, a TV mount and four storage shelves.

Best Selling All In One Functional Trainer Fitness/gym/sports/home Equipment With Ce Approved (axd G03)

The G10 all-in-one trainer provides a full body workout without filling up an entire room with a separate machine. Save time, money and space with the space-saving G10 strength training system!

The strength and fitness solution of your dreams, the Force USA G10® all-in-one trainer allows you to complete more than 50 unique exercises to target every part of your body. Created by the undisputed leader among versatile and heavy-duty all-in-one trainers, you can modify your workouts to keep your motivation high and your fitness goals on track.

The G10® All-in-One Trainer features an excellent interchangeable cable system that allows you to easily choose the cable ratio.

A 4:1 ratio is ideal for targeting smaller muscle groups such as face pulls or lateral raises. If you want to add weight, stick with the ideal 2:1 ratio for deadlifts, squats, lat pulldowns, and other heavy movements. Force USA has once again taken the all-in-one machine to a new level, combining cable ratios for different strength levels and so you can go out with friends and family.

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The G10® All-in-One Trainer is built to last. Equipped with the best commercial grade equipment and supplies, you can train hard and confidently with each unit.

Heavy-gauge structural steel tubing, tough rubber in high-use areas, and anti-rust protection provide consistent performance for years to come.

Why spend more on a personal gym piece that needs extra space when you can take care of all your strength and fitness goals with the G10?

Perfect for anyone with a garage, studio or gym, this all-in-one trainer with a compact footprint (W: 204cm, D: 184cm) allows you to save space, without having to invest in a single piece of equipment.

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To keep your gym safe and organized, the new G10 has storage for 2 Olympic style bars, 2 standard size barbells and 8 Olympic weight plate holders.

Force USA is a global leader in gym equipment safety, and the G10 is no exception. With a 5-star safety rating, you can exercise without risk knowing that all safety features are included.

With the front safety bar, J-hook, spring-loaded depth adjustment, lock-out pin, and smart safety lock, you and your family will have complete peace of mind no matter what the workout or the weight.

The Smith machine on the G10® All-in-One Trainer is balanced, meaning the weight you lift is the weight you lift. Incredibly slim, strong (450kg / 990lbs weight rating) and perfect for large muscles, you can push the limits in exercises like shoulder presses, calf raises and glute building movements. Your Smith machine includes:

Best Fitness Functional Trainer

Force USA was one of the first companies to integrate a squat rack and cable pulley into an all-in-one trainer. Used since the beginning of weightlifting, the front half rack has a western gap at the bottom to ensure proper support for any exercise and a fully adjustable J-hook for barbell racks.

The front safety bar has a weight of 900kg / 2000lbs and allows you to focus on lifting without worry. Perfect for bench press, rack pulls, barbell squats and inverted rows.

Why not add T-row handles, leg press plates, core trainers, hand jammers, ankle cuffs, single metal handles and 4 extra levels of storage to complete your setup? Each attachment in the G10 Upgrade Kit is precision-crafted from the highest commercial grade materials and provides the best training performance. (TV not included)

Let us help you quickly, order a technician to come to your home or studio and assemble the G10 for you!

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Is it yourself instead? Force USA also provides detailed, easy-to-follow instructions to help you assemble the new G10® all-in-one trainer. Most customers can assemble the whole machine in two days with the help of one person.

Delivery is available in Saudi Arabia and surrounding countries (Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain). KSA and international delivery fees are calculated on the checkout page based on order size and weight before payment is made.

Delivery time for sports equipment products for KSA customers is 2-7 days if in stock. Delivery time for sports equipment products for international customers is 9-16 days if in stock. The stock weight of 86 kg produces a resistance of 21.5 kg (pulley system ratio 1:4), which challenges many users. The wireless changing design allows you to quickly switch from sport to sport. Two adjustable nylon cable handles are included with the machine unit.

Perfect for beginners and intermediate fitness enthusiasts alike to set up a quality home gym that fits any budget.

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I want you to sell me extra weights for functional trainers because I’m maxed out and need to move on.

Hi Michael, True BFFT10R engine cable is very solid and smooth, but the light stock engine is one stock that shows both sides of the engine. It’s actually a feature, and it’s the only way to keep the price level. Weight plate is the most suitable cost material when making this type of cable machine. We also offer a dual pile weighted cable machine in the PFT100X which not only has 2 heavy piles to start with but also the option to upgrade the piles and make them heavier. Hope this explains the product range!

The attachment says delivery in 3-8 business days. But I’m still waiting for 2 weeks.

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Hi Nathan, sorry for the delay. We will track the freight carrier and will ship your order as soon as possible.

Fast delivery especially considering the current situation. Setting up the tool is very easy with YouTube tutorials. Solid construction. It doesn’t take up much space in the garage. After the death of her husband [TuffStuff founder] Sherman Grider in 2016, Chief Executive Officer Cammy Grider is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations, resources and strategic direction of the company. An educated woman and business owner herself, Cammy lends her expertise to TuffStuff’s marketing and financial direction, new product development and design improvements. TuffStuff’s continued success in the fitness industry is due to their willingness to meet the specific needs of their customers and their personal relationships with TuffStuff’s loyal customers.

Immediately at the helm, Cammy strengthened ToughStuff’s commitment to families and created several programs and initiatives to create an open culture (most associated with the trademark of Sherman Grider, the founder). Personalized birthday cards, raffles and holiday decorations, monthly lunches, and TuffStuff apparel for all employees are just a few of the steps we take to build a dedicated team. As part of his mission, he has an open-door policy to invite all employees to speak with him, regardless of the topic.

Cammie continues her husband’s legacy of designing and developing America’s highest performance gear. While many fitness companies take their manufacturing overseas and are unable to produce the products they sell, ToughStuff has maintained a full-service manufacturing facility in California for the past 49 years. Cammy has vowed to live “Made in America” ​​during her time as CEO of ToughStuff. The mission is clear, build high quality

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