Best Area To Stay In Cali Colombia

Best Area To Stay In Cali Colombia – Cali is one of Colombia’s most important cities and the capital of the Valle del Cauca province. This large city is located in the Andes mountains and is famous for its carnival celebrations, fun atmosphere and the birthplace of salsa music. In this post, we’ll look at the best places to stay in Cali, Colombia.

Founded on July 25, 1536, Cali is one of the oldest European settlements in the Americas.

Best Area To Stay In Cali Colombia

Major tourist attractions in Cali include the Ermita Church, Los Gatos Park, Casido Square, Calima Gold Museum, La Merced Museum, and San Francisco Church. All these interesting places are located in the historic district. View our accommodation in the historic center of Cali.

Pdf) Estamos Distanciados: The Black Middle Class And Politics In Cali, Colombia

The lively San Antonio area is also not far away. Colorful houses, many bars and hostels and interesting urban art exhibitions make it one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourists. Near El Penon are the La Terturia Museum, the Carriwood Museum, and the Sebastian de Velarcasar Observatory. Check out our accommodations in San Antonio and El Penon.

Due to its location, Galle has a tropical climate with hot summers. Temperatures in Galle are warm throughout the year (19-30 ºC), with rainy seasons from March to May and September to November. The best time to visit Galle is during the dry season (December to February and June to August).

To reach Cali by air, it is home to Aeroporto Internacional Alfonso Bonilla Aragon. Located 20 kilometers northeast of the city, the airport is Colombia’s fourth busiest. There are flights connecting Cali to all parts of Colombia, as well as international flights to destinations as diverse as Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, the United States and Spain.

Calle has excellent long-distance bus connections to destinations throughout the country (Bogotá, Neiva, Basto, Buenaventura, Ibaqu, Medellin, etc.) and routes to the Ecuadorian border. View long distance bus routes, timetables and fares.

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San Antonio is the best place to stay in Cali. This lively district is full of all kinds of cafes, bars and restaurants. It also has an international flair, with plenty of accommodation options from backpacker hostels to luxury hotels. Check out our accommodations in San Antonio and El Penon.

Other areas to consider when looking for a place to stay in Cali are the nightlife districts around San Fernando and Parque del Pero, Cali North and the city’s historic center.

Located in Cali, Alco Hotel Casa Nispero features a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center and free Wi-Fi.

This middle-class place is considered to be the best nightlife spot in the city.

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El Peñon, San Antonio and San Cayetano are popular places to live, party and shop.

San Antonio and San Cayetano combine historic charm with modern infrastructure and small local and international hotel chains.

Attractions in the area include the La Tertulia Museum of Contemporary Art, the famous San Antonio Church and the hilltop San Antonio Park. At the top of the hill is a theater with a view of the city.

El Peñón, San Antonio and San Cayetano are well connected to the rest of the city through the MIO system.

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San Antonio & San Cayetano – Best Places to Stay in Cali, Colombia West Cali Accommodation – Click on the map to see all accommodation in this area.

Just south of San Caetano is the famous San Fernando and Parque del Pero (Dog Park), one of Cali’s gastronomic and nightlife destinations.

The area around the dog park is home to some of the city’s busiest restaurants and bars, often frequented by college students, giving the area a young, bohemian vibe.

San Fernando and the surrounding areas are the safest places to live in Cali, as are San Antonio and El Peñan.

Best Places To Stay In Colombia

It is one of the best places to stay in Cali, thanks to its cheap accommodation and wide gastronomic offer.

Vacant Accommodations – San Fernando & Tax Park San Fernando Accommodations – Click on the map to view all properties in this area.

Versailles, Granada and surrounding areas. Huang Wu is located on the northwestern edge of the city, north of the Kali River.

Centenario and Juanbang are two good residential areas to the south and west of Granada.

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These areas have fewer attractions but are still within walking distance.

Versailles, Granada and Juan Bon are considered the safest places to stay in Cali, but it’s better to take a taxi at night.

Versalles, Granada, Juanambú – Best Places to Stay in Cali, Colombia Best Places to Stay in Versalles, Granada, Juanambú – Click on the map to see all accommodations in this area.

The historic center of Cali is the birthplace of the city and contains many monuments that mark the capital of the Val del Cauca.

Where To Stay In Cali, Colombia ?

Most of the colonial buildings in this city have been demolished over time and mixed buildings have been installed. However, some squares and corners in the historic center still retain the flavor of old Galle.

Highlights of this historic center include La Ermita Church, Ortiz Bridge, Poets Park, Cordoba Building, San Pedro Cathedral, National Palace, Enrique Buenaventura Municipal Theater.

As you would expect from most Latin American cities, the downtown area is a bustling commercial center during the day. However, walking the streets at night is not recommended, especially in dark or hidden areas.

The western part of the county, near San Antonio, has many high-end residences in the historic center.

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Accommodation in Galle – Historic Center Accommodation – Click on the map to see all accommodation in the area. Why it’s the best place to live:

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Technical storage or access is required to send advertisements to the website or websites for similar marketing purposes or to create user profiles to track users. I stayed in Santiago de Cali for two months. One of my first questions before going to Cali was where to stay in this great city.

I guess the answer depends on how long you live in the city. If you’re only staying a few days, stay closer to beautiful Granada or San Antonio. If you’re here for the long haul, there are plenty of affordable neighborhoods to go anywhere.

For now, I ask you to stay near San Antonio, El Peñon, Granada. El Penon is an expensive place with great hotels and safe locations.

Top Places To Stay In Valle Del Cauca Department

I used to live in San Antonio and it was very conveniently located to various parts of the city (except the south) that I could get around from. If you can’t walk or feel the area isn’t safe, a taxi will take you into Granada or the city center in no time.

Uber is easy to get around. Way Cali is a local Uber app. Taxi Libre is the official app for yellow cabs, but it costs more. Make sure you pay in cash.

Unfortunately, Mpumalanga is a very poor place and to be honest there is not much to see. And it’s not as ‘safe’ as the West.

South is very far away. If you don’t have a car, even if you go, it can take an hour to cross the city at peak times.

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I found the first house (1.5 months) posted on a Facebook group. This place was listed on Airbnb, but the cost was almost double. After that, I joined a second home thanks to the people I met in the city. From chic Zona Rosa to hipster San Antonio to historic cities

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