Best Area To Stay In Genoa Italy

Best Area To Stay In Genoa Italy – It is the country’s sixth largest city and is famous for having Italy’s second most important port, its medieval heritage and the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, its jeans and, perhaps most importantly, its pesto sauce. .

The history of Genoa dates back to prehistoric times. Its harbor was an important trading center for the Etruscans and Romans, and the lighthouse is one of the oldest structures in the world.

Best Area To Stay In Genoa Italy

However, during the Middle Ages, Genoa experienced its greatest period. The Republic of Genoa was a quasi-maritime power in the Mediterranean for most of its 700-year history.

The 10 Best Hotels & Places To Stay In Genoa, Italy

Genoa hosts Cristoforo Colombo Airport, domestic flights within Italy and flights to other European cities.

The Ligurian capital is also connected by international trains to other cities in northern Italy, Rome and France from its two main stations, Genova Bringol and Piazza Principe, which receive trains from the south.

Genoa has a large urban area between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea with steep terrain, inclines and difficult walking. Fortunately, the city has an excellent public transportation system that includes public buses, regional trains, metro lines and several amusements, as well as some public elevators.

When it comes to the best places to visit in Genoa, the best choice is its old center or historic center, as this is where the main tourist attractions of Genoa, the best shopping and the best restaurants of the city are located. Check out the accommodations in the old center of Genoa.

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The Centro Storico (Old Town) is a picturesque landscape of narrow streets surrounded by tall buildings, creating a beautiful contrast between the sky and the sea stretching to the horizon.

The bustling workers’ quarter is Europe’s largest medieval city and a veritable, somewhat chaotic, open-air museum.

The area revolves around Pinocchio Ferrari, Genoa’s grand central square, as well as the adjoining Piazza Giacomo Matteotti.

The old town has some interesting buildings such as the Palazzo della Borsa, the Teatro Carlo Felice, the Porta Soprano, the Doge’s Palace of Genoa and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.

Where To Stay In Genoa? Areas & Neighborhoods In Genoa, Italy

The magnificent Via Garibaldi lies north of Piazza Ferrari and hosts many medieval buildings that are ornate inside and out. Not for nothing, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

To the west of Genoa’s medieval quarter lies Porto Antico, or the city’s old port, which in recent decades has become the tourist hub of the Ligurian capital. Here you will find attractions such as the aquarium or the panoramic elevator and many old port warehouses that have been converted into gastronomic centers.

Navigating this area of ​​Genoa is a task that takes a few tries, but don’t worry, getting lost in the narrow streets is part of the Genoa experience. Fortunately, metro line 1 runs through a good part of the old town and connects to the city’s two main train stations.

This important railway junction is located north of the city’s old town and offers direct high-speed train connections to Turin, Milan, Rome and Venice, as well as international trains to Marseille, Cannes, Nice or Monaco.

Alternative City Breaks: Genoa

In addition, the Trenitalia regional network connects this point of the city with the city center on the Ligurian coast and other cities in northern Italy.

The main metro station on line 1 connects the area with the city center (Ferrari station), the port (S. Giorgio) and Genova Brignole station.

Near Piazza Principe train station, you’ll find part of Genoa’s network of medieval streets with tall buildings and narrow streets.

The area around Piazza Principe station is a great area to stay in Genoa as it is close to excellent train and metro links and the old town. Also, hotels in this area are generally cheaper than in the historic center.

Genoa, Italy, September 11, 2018: People Are Walking Down Square With Small Church Chiesa Di San Pietro In Banchi Piazza And Flower Stall Kiosk Among Stock Photo

Genoa Brignole Station is located east of Genoa’s old town and is the second most important station in the city after Piazza Principe.

Bringol takes you by train to Southern Liguria and other regions such as La Spezia, Cinque Terre, Florence and Pisa. It is also a great connection point for Nervi and Portofino.

The surroundings of the station are more elegant than its square principle and include many apartment buildings, high-rises and shops.

The train station is connected to the city center via a metro station (line 1), so access to Piazza Principe and Piazza Ferrari is not a problem.

Albergo Boccadasse, Genoa

Brinole is one of the best places to stay in Genoa for its location and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Although not the most central area to live in Genoa, Nervi is without a doubt the most beautiful area of ​​the city.

The pride of Nervi is the Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi, a 2 km long promenade along the stunning Mediterranean cliffs. Its spectacular scenery makes it one of the most beautiful hikes in Italy.

Nervi takes less than 20 minutes to reach other parts of the city with regular trains connecting it to Bringol.

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Nervi is one of the best areas to live in Genoa, with its tranquility and beautiful beach views.

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Genoa For Under £100 A Night: The Best Places To Stay, Where To Eat And What To See

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The port city of Genoa was once the superpower of its medieval rival Venice, as evidenced by its grand palaces and ornate churches.

Hotels Near Genoa Ferry Port: Holiday Inn Genoa City

But if you want to stroll through the streets of the historic center, it’s hard to resist spending most of your time tasting the local cuisine or shopping in the family shops and savoring the taste of Liguria.

Collect your keys from the adjoining double room, then enter this grand old town complex set in a lively pedestrian square in the historic centre. Take the elevator to the top floor and enter an elegant, cathedral-like room (one of 15) with a beautiful chapel next door or a cafe downstairs. B&B doubles from £74 (

This cool place is located well away from the pedestrian street and has a jacuzzi and toilet. Its 56 rooms are sparsely decorated, but if you’re saving money, dive into the nearby cafes and restaurants. A good value breakfast costs £4. Doubles from just £57 (

Family B&B in former 15th century Queen’s Ward. There are only two houses, either sold to families or groups, or if you get another house, one stays empty so you never have to share with strangers. The city has a beautiful view. B&B singles from £61 (

Local Travel Tips: 24 Hours In Genoa

Genoa’s historic center is criss-crossed by medieval cobbled streets connecting squares and streets lined with shops, churches and cafes. Expect to lose!

If you need help, guide Barbara Cudia from £30 for a group of four for three hours ( Take one of the city’s 18 public lifts and cable car ( to make getting up into the city easier.

Follow the locals and stroll down Italy’s mile-long Corso Italia. It’s the perfect spot for sunset photos, stopping for a cocktail or a fried fish snack.

Galleria Nazionale Palazzo Spinola, built in 1593, contains works by Brea, Tintoretto and Rubens (admission £5.20,

Things You Have To See During One Day In Genoa, Italy — Adrift Aesthetic

The 16th-century American Gothic church in Piazza Mataton looks like it’s built from the outside, but the amazing architecture pays off.

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