Best Area To Stay In Hanoi

Best Area To Stay In Hanoi – Are you planning to go to the beautiful city of Hoi An in Vietnam? Such a good choice, you will enjoy exploring the beautiful scenery, preservation of the old town, colorful bars and delicious food in the streets and Vietnamese restaurants!

Hoi An is located in the center of Vietnam and is a very beautiful city, whether you are looking for a place to enjoy sandy beaches, learn about history, sightseeing or relax, there is something for everyone. In this blog on where to stay in Hoi An, we will explore the best places to stay in Hoi An, the best hotels and fun things to do in each.

Best Area To Stay In Hanoi

Housing prices in Hoi An are not too expensive and I have already found the best hotels from expensive to budget. Just make sure to book your rooms in advance to be on the safe side, because everyone wants to get the best rooms at these prices!

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Contents If you are in a hurry1. Hoi An Old Town is where I will stay for the first time in Hoi An2. The Hoi An is the best place to stay in Hoi An3. Cam Pho – Where to stay in Hoi An for those on a budget4. Cam Chau – Where to stay in Hoi An for vacations BONUS: Best Hoi An Beach Hotel Hoi An Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the best places to stay in Hoi An, with rooms ranging from luxury to budget. All have great reviews and great sites!

Here is a map of where I live in Hoi An and all 4 areas I will cover in this blog post so you can easily see them:

There is no better place than a stop in Hoi An Old Town to get a feel for the town when you first arrive. The Old Town, a UNESCO Heritage Site, will amaze you.

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Hoi An Old Town is like an open museum where you can see amazing buildings in every corner and I’m sure you can’t take a picture of everything! Get lost in the rough streets, walk along the banks of the Thu Bon River and visit the interesting shops. Are you hungry? It’s time to discover delicious Vietnamese food. In Hoi An Old Town, you will find enough local restaurants to keep you happy!

Now for the important part: I have selected the best hotels in Hoi An Old Town for you, but because of the beauty of the streets and its popularity, you should hurry and book your room to find the best one then good. If you are already in Vietnam, why not add another cool city? Check out our guide to the best places to stay in Ho Chi Minh City if you’re looking for an amazing old town!

This hotel is just a short walk from Hoi An Old Town and offers a comfortable stay. You will enjoy the beauty of the spa services where you can get the best massages and different treatments. The hotel rooms have amenities, balconies and free Wi-Fi. You can use the free bus and bike to get to the old town and some great restaurants are nearby!

This hotel has a spa, rooms with balconies, free bike rental and is within walking distance of the old town.

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This hotel offers a good breakfast, outdoor pool, airport transfer and private car, as well as comfortable rooms.

This Airbnb in the heart of the Old Town has spacious rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a beautiful garden and free parking.

Crossing the Thu Bon River, you will find the An Hoi resort. You can easily reach this area by crossing the beautiful Japanese bridge in a 10 minute walk. If you are a foodie or a night lover, you will love this area!

One of the things to do in An Hoi is to go to the Hoi An Night Market where you can find a lot of street food, souvenirs and clothes. Instagram is also huge with lots of colorful lights, so don’t forget to bring your camera!

Where To Stay In Hanoi, Vietnam

Another important feature of this area is the nightlife and the wide selection of restaurants and cafes. Try delicious Vietnamese food at any local restaurant, then open a bar and party the night away!

Before I talk about the best options that I have chosen for you, I want to remind you of the importance of booking first, because I don’t want you to miss your beautiful hotel. Well, let’s go!

Are you ready for a fun vacation? The Ann Retreat Resort & Spa caters to your every need with luxury dining, 2 stunning spas, a private beach and a restaurant and bar. You can use the free bus to reach the white beach – An Bang Beach, and after sunbathing you can have a cocktail at the nice bar. All of the hotel’s rooms are equipped with modern amenities, and some even have river views!

This hotel offers a pool, bar, spa, fitness center, spacious rooms and free Wi-Fi.

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Quynh Chau Homestay has a restaurant, good breakfast, comfortable rooms and only a few minutes by bike to the city.

This Airbnb offers a private pool, beautiful rooms, a full kitchen, a beautiful balcony and free Wi-Fi.

Are you traveling on a budget? Cam Pho is the best place to stay in Hoi An to find the best hotel and is 1 km (0.5) northwest of Hoi An Old Town. Would it be nice to stay at a budget hotel that is walking distance from the main attractions?

Enjoy a walk to the center of town from Cam Pho, explore local shops, parks and interesting buildings. The area is centered around Kam Pho Temple, which is so old that there is no record of when it was built! The temple is an important place for the village and it reflects well the history of the area.

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Another interesting thing to see here is the old house of Phung Hung, this historic house has been preserved with original equipment so that you can see how people lived in ancient Vietnam.

Here you will find not only budget accommodation, but also many cheap restaurants and delicious street food. Ready to check out the best hotels? I am!

Looking for a place to recharge? Riverside Hotel & Spa has spacious rooms with a private terrace overlooking the river. There is a beautiful swimming pool, a beautiful swimming pool and a bar on site. Pamper yourself with a good massage and in the morning you will enjoy breakfast with many options. You can also rent a bike at the hotel and enjoy the beautiful view of the river!

The Golden Holiday Hotel offers an outdoor pool, fitness center, spa, spacious rooms, free bicycles and a delicious breakfast.

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This luxury hotel has a rooftop pool, gym, free bikes, luxury rooms, bar and spa.

This Airbnb is a short drive from the city and offers comfortable rooms, a well-equipped kitchen and a beautiful terrace.

Are you looking for a quiet and peaceful place in Hoi An? Cam Chau, 3 kilometers (1 mile) southeast of Hoi An Old Town, is a great place to relax. Imagine traveling through green rice paddies and having access to sandy beaches on the same day. I’m sure you’ll be refreshed if you stay here!

Kam Chau is a peaceful place with beautiful art galleries, yoga studios and local spas. Have a coffee overlooking the rice fields, rent a bike and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Here you will find many Vietnamese and seafood restaurants, as well as street food. This part is similar to Baliso, if you like Eat Pray Love, you will love Cam Chau!

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Here are the best places to stay in Cam Chou for those looking for a relaxing vacation in Hoi An:

Located by the Thu Bon River, the Little Riverside Hotel Hoi An offers spectacular views from the terrace. You will love the infinity pool where you can watch the boats passing by on the river. There is a good restaurant that serves vegetarian food and you can have a good breakfast while enjoying the beautiful view. All the hotel rooms are beautiful and have a pool or river, but don’t forget to watch the sunset.

This luxury hotel has an excellent swimming pool, fitness center, swimming pool, breakfast area and bar.

The Little Town Villa offers an outdoor pool, comfortable rooms with balconies, free Wi-Fi, a bar and a spa.

Best Hotels In Hanoi, Vietnam: Budget To Luxury Options

This Airbnb has a nice garden, swimming pool

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