Best Area To Stay In Marseille

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Located in the south of France and bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Marseille is the second largest city in France with a population of 860,000. A trip to Marseille is an opportunity to enjoy a sunny city full of history and a rich culture that invites you to relax. The sea, the river and the attractions of this city of art and culture will delight you.

Best Area To Stay In Marseille

However, the entire city has its own history of crime and is often avoided by tourists or even locals. In fact, only certain places are safe, so you should just avoid those places.

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Looking for the safest and best place to stay in Marseille, France? That’s why I wrote this guide, so make sure you stay safe and enjoy your trip to the fullest!

The old port is the old capital of Marseille. Here everything happened on Fusia, and many events are still happening.

So there you have it, the answer to “Where are the best places to stay in Marseille?”. If you want more information about each area, plus + hotel recommendations with reviews, read below!

Marseille is a big city in terms of population, but especially when you consider its size. Its area is twice the size of Paris. This means that there are many districts, each offering a different aspect of the city. Some are great for relaxing, some for fun, and some for family outings or going to the beach.

Where To Stay In Marseille

But remember that some people are not safe to visit and make sure you read the whole post because I will tell you more about them later.

The center of the Vieux Port is where the Greeks built the city two thousand years ago. It was and is in the center of the city. In my opinion, this area is the best part of Marseille to live, especially for first-time visitors, for several reasons.

First of all, being in the heart of the city, you will find everything here. Of course the Vieux Port of Marseille, as well as many restaurants and bars, and although there are no attractions directly in the Old Port, you will find some nearby.

This brings me to my second point: anything you can’t find at Weeksport will be very close, especially since so much traffic passes through the area. The metro and buses take you anywhere in the city and you can also visit other cities on the French Riviera.

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These rooms are located in the heart of Le Vieux Port and are ideal for enjoying the city of Marseille. They offer a fully equipped kitchen and you can bring your pet. Finally, the hotel offers an airport shuttle, so you won’t have to worry about public transportation or taxis when you arrive.

At the Sofitel Marseille Vieux-Port, you will find everything you need. The hotel has two restaurants, panoramic views of the sea and the harbor, a spa, a fitness center… Also, the hotel rooms are amazing and the breakfast is delicious!

If you’re on a budget but still want to enjoy the Vieux Port, this is the perfect place. This cute little house is perfect for couples. In this same street, you will find the oldest airplane in Marseille. I told you that you will find everything in the Vieux Port!

The Cinq Avenues area is located in the 1st and 4th arrondissements, a little east of the Old Port. This is one of the most beautiful places in Marseille and you will see the most beautiful buildings in the city.

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Most of them are built in the Haussmannian style, similar to what you see in Paris. You’ll also love the Palace of Longchamps and the Museum of Fine Arts. But unlike Paris and many big cities, the Cinq Avenue area offers green spaces and main streets, which makes it ideal for family trips with children who need to run!

In French slang, this hotel offers the comfort of a hotel with breakfast and room service, as well as the flexibility of an apartment, which you may need when visiting with family. You get the best of both worlds!

Like Maison Pépouze, Maison Dormoy offers you the best hotels and apartments. The decoration of the hotel is also very beautiful. It offers a wide range of options in terms of room and bed sizes and parking, so it can be a great option if you’re traveling by car.

It is divided into two main areas, La Plaine and Cours Julien, both equal to the party. Notre Dame de Mont is undoubtedly the best place in Marseille to enjoy the nightlife. The area is only a few hundred meters west of the Vieux Port, so it will be easy to use public transport.

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Cours Julien is the main night street of the city and you will find many bars there, as well as lots of street art. This means that the area is full of young people, especially artists, musicians and many students. The biggest parties are on Friday and Saturday nights, but you’ll find something every day of the week.

If fun is one of your vacation goals, don’t hesitate. Living at Notre Dame Dumont is the best option for you!

Mamma Shelter is the perfect hotel to retreat to after a great party at Notre Dame du Mont. It is only a few hundred meters from the Cours Julien, so if you want a night out, you will be close to the nightlife without being completely overwhelmed. It is also good for relaxing during the day as it has a large living room.

Another good option if you are coming to Marseille for a night out, especially if you are coming in a group, is to book a whole house at Notre Dame de Mont. This way, you will be completely relaxed and can start the night at home. This property is very convenient because it is only one block from the Cours Julien.

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Less than a hundred meters from the Cours Julien, these apartments are perfect if you’re on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice comfort on your trip. The rooms are big enough for two people. If this is important to you, be sure to ask the kitchen when you book!

La Plage, as the name suggests, is a place with many beaches. It is located south of Marseille, on the coast. You won’t be in the center, but as always in Marseille, the tour will get you there if necessary.

. This is a big and beautiful lake. But he is not alone. This part of the beach is really full of attractions to choose from.

And if you come by car, it’s just a short drive to the Calanques National Park, where you’ll find small but amazing beaches like you’ve never seen before!

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This site offers many services. Not only is this hotel on the beach, but it also offers a pool, so you can choose where to cool off and swim. The view is amazing and you can enjoy a meal in one of the hotel’s restaurants while admiring the view.

A few minutes from the beach, this hotel is very comfortable. Although you may not be on the beach, some rooms still have a beautiful view of the sea. If you are traveling with your pet, this hotel is great because it allows you to take it with you!

This excellent hotel offers all rooms, and if you are on a tight budget, you can take advantage of this, for example by cooking for yourself instead of eating out every night. The hotel is located 100 meters from the beach and is perfect for your beach vacation!

Located between the Old Port and La Plage, La Corniche is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle without leaving the city.

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There are not as many beaches as La Plage, so you will be away from the crowded beaches, not far from the old port, restaurants, bars and museums, so you will be away from most of the tourist attractions. Good

In this place. Driving on this road can be an unforgettable experience because in some places you will be far from the sea.

Just a few hundred meters from the beach, this quiet hotel is the perfect place to stay in Marseille. They offer comfortable rooms, a swimming pool to relax, a restaurant to taste

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