Best Areas To Invest In Melbourne

Best Areas To Invest In Melbourne – Investor figures for the Australian property market over the past year show the lowest participation rate ever.

The pandemic has hit Melbourne more than any other Australian capital in 2020, but what does that mean for investors in 2021?

Best Areas To Invest In Melbourne

With the real estate market expanding amid massive government stimulus, record low interest rates and rising investment values, it looks like a perfect opportunity for investors to sit on the sidelines.

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As the work-from-home trend continues statewide, investment in areas within commuting distance of the Melbourne CBD is starting to gain momentum, along with a desire to avoid a return to a busy urban lifestyle.

So when it comes to property investment, what are the most valuable Melbourne suburbs? We’ve compiled a list of the biggest:

South-east of Melbourne lies the peaceful yet expanding Staffordshire. With a median home price of $593,000* and a rental yield of 3.5%, Officer is a constant hot spot for homebuyers due to its easy access to the train station, Princes Freeway and some of Melbourne’s best schools.

This office is home to one of his most popular masterplanning communities, Arcadia. This charming estate combines beautiful natural surroundings with urban living. With a futuristic town centre, two nearby train stations and three new schools on the doorstep, Arcadia is an excellent choice with competitive investment prices.

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Located in the west and moving slightly north, Melton is a step ahead in the Melbourne property market. With an average suburban home price of $390,000*, it’s Victoria’s fastest growing economy over the past decade. It seems to be growing in popularity among Melton homebuyers lately.

Located just 45km from the city, it is connected via Melbourne’s interstate highway network to major cities such as Tullamarine, Calder, Western, Princes and Hume Freeway. With projected population growth of 40% over 40 years, it’s easy to see why Melton holds significant long-term value.

Mickleham’s fast-paced and popular development has always been a top priority for property investors and landlords. Affordable and ideal for growing families, this suburb offers a great opportunity for investors with a median home price of $578,000* and an average rental yield of 3.77%.

Mickleham is located approximately 10 minutes from the core of nearby Craigieburn facilities, including shopping centres, sports facilities, schools and dining options. Mickleham’s population was estimated at just under 3,000 in 2016 and is expected to reach 40,000 by 2026, with an average annual growth rate of 28.92%.

Best Suburbs To Invest In Melbourne

Mickleham Botanic Estate is 29 kilometers from the CBD and easily accessible by car via the Tullamarine Freeway or by train from nearby Donnybrook Station.

In terms of capital gains, his one of the latest and biggest developments in the Australian property market is Box Hill. Located 20km from the CBD, connectivity with the latest in healthcare, education and employment opportunities could lead to the ultimate peak in investment value.

A strong growth area in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Box Hill has posted capital gains of 20.84% ​​since 2020, making the suburb a strong contender for the Best Suburbs list.

With the charm of Werribee and the Bay on its doorstep, the leafy suburb of Ternate has seen steady growth over the years. Recently, Melbourne’s western region was projected to grow at 12%, well above the metropolitan area’s 10% population growth rate.

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With a median property value of $603,000* and just 25km from his CBD in Melbourne, Tarneit’s growth shows no signs of slowing down. Habitat at Davis Creek proudly offers him one of Ternate’s most popular communities, though there are a limited number left.

Investors can find ample open space at Habitat at Davis Creek, ideal for young families.

Located 54km southeast of the CBD, Pakenham has become one of Melbourne’s fastest growing suburbs over the past two decades. The development of this popular neighborhood has increased demand for new neighborhoods in Pakenham East.

Upon completion, Pakenham East will create 7,200 affordable homes for him and 1,300 new jobs for him, generating more than $1 billion of her in Victoria’s economy over the next few years. Buyers can enjoy the local town centre, three primary and secondary schools, three community centers and 44 hectares of local parks and sports reserves. However, the initial price and land selection are perfect for investment value.

Real Estate: Where To Invest In Property In 2022

As a new suburb with great potential, the expected positive rental yields could make Pakenham East an excellent value when buyers consider their next investment property. The fact that many of Melbourne’s luxury developers have moved to the area is a clear indication that many believe Pakenham is poised for growth in the East.

Turn right off the Hume Freeway at Donnybrook Road and you’ll see why it’s so popular. Donnybrook is a rapidly growing area north of Melbourne. As well as surrounding areas of Woodstock, there are plans for five town centers, five amenity centers, six public schools, four private schools, and 46 hectares of parkland.

His latest Donnybrook station upgrade highlights the need for infrastructure growth in one of Victoria’s fastest growing communities, improving access, safety and passenger comfort.

Close to Melbourne Airport, Greenvale Reservoir, Greenvale Shopping Centre, and a 10-hectare sports precinct, Greenvale has long been a dream destination north of Melbourne. Just 24 kilometers from Melbourne, this established family-friendly suburb regularly sees high demand for accommodation.

Melbourne Suburbs Where You Can Still Buy For Under $500,000

True North Community is aimed at investors looking for great value in Greenvale and north of Melbourne. With so many iconic mansions in the city landscape, this residential community is hard to beat.

The Greenvale community has become a popular destination for investors and owners over the past two decades. The artist’s influence on the True North Greenvale community.

Located 12 miles southeast of the CBD, Glen Waverley Station is at the heart of a major residential commercial district. With its proximity to downtown and access to Glen Shopping Center, Glen Waverley Golf Course, and Central Reserve, why landlords struggle to find tenants in areas with median home prices below $1.3 million Easy to understand * None

Educational opportunities are Glenn Waverley’s biggest draw. Glen Waverley Secondary College is recognized as one of the best public schools in Victoria. The school is known only for increasing demand in this highly sought-after area and has long been a favorite among families and investors in the Australian property market.

Our Pick Of Suburbs To Invest In Melbourne In 2021

A vibrant yet relaxed community, Geelong is one of Australia’s fastest growing regional cities and offers exciting lifestyle options just an hour from Melbourne. Known as the transoceanic gateway to Victoria’s world-famous southwest coast, the coastal city of Geelong has always been a hot spot for investors in the Melbourne property market.

The average home price in Geelong is $788,000* Melbourne has excellent transport links and extensive infrastructure assets such as sea, rail, road and air not found in many rural areas. One example is the Port of Geelong, which will become the new home of the Spirit of Tasmania in late 2022. Capabilities such as these will continue to enhance Geelong’s attractiveness across various business sectors, ensuring that Geelong offers investors excellent options and cost effectiveness. Both short term and long term.

It can take months or years to build a healthy home deposit that fits your budget. We’ll see how a shrewd saver builds his equity at home.

From first-time homebuyers to investors, we have financing options for you! Read our list of mortgage tips and available financing options.

Melbourne Real Estate: 50 Best Suburbs To Invest In 2021

Real estate is a worthwhile investment. In fact, according to the CoreLogic Profile of the Australian Residential Property Investor Report, real estate as an asset is more expensive than either Australian equities or listed equities. Considering investing in Melbourne but don’t know where to start? There are many great locations in the southeastern city, but what are the best suburbs to invest in Melbourne?

In 2020 and 2021, Melbourne was one of Australia’s worst cities to experience prolonged closures. The real estate market has fallen due to the damage of the pandemic.

However, Melbourne house prices were good at the end of last year. Last September, overall home price growth was 18% compared to early 2021 prices.

The recovery is still underway and the boom can be taken advantage of once Melbourne begins to return to normal.

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You need to find properties that are easy to attract buyers and generate a high return on investment based on characteristics such as location and proximity.

If you want to know which Melbourne suburbs are the best for investment, Caulfield should be on your list.

Transportation supports the facility with well-maintained tram and bus routes

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