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Best Bank In Alaska – Safety is always a priority, even in a state with less than 300,000 people in its largest city. Living in an unsafe city can be a problem for many families, and since Alaska consists of many different cities, it is always useful to know which are the safest places in Alaska.

According to 2013 Based on FBI crime rates, which are a little outdated but still accurate, these are the 5 safest places to live in Alaska’s cities.

Best Bank In Alaska

In 2013, with a population of 9,093, there were only 7 violent crimes, 21 thefts, and 1 arson reported! Not bad. It is one of the safest cities in Alaska.

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Palmer has a population of 6,453, the same as Bethel, with only half the number of violent crimes, 20 to be exact, and 13 reports of theft. If you’re wondering where to live in Alaska, Palmer should be at the top of your list.

The popular resort town of Seward is also in the top 5 safest places in Alaska. With a population of 2,749, in 2013 there were only 6 violent crimes and 1 theft reported!

I’m proud to say that Alaska’s state capital, Juneau, is the safest place to live. The population is about 32,946, which is not a bad size, but in 2013 there were only 134 reports of violent crime and 101 reports of theft.

Ketchikan is as beautiful as it is safe to live. The population is 8,305, close to that of Encosta Norte, but in 2013 a third of the violent crimes were committed. Not to mention there were only 6 vehicle thefts reported that year as well! This town is definitely one of the quietest places in Alaska.

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Do you live in one of these safe neighborhoods? What other cities would you add to this list of the safest places in Alaska? Let us know in the comments below!

With so many small towns in our giant state, many places bring a lot of beauty to the table. Cities with different climates and different geographies offer many wonderful things. If you love the ocean, Homer’s scenery can be absolutely breathtaking. From this beautiful seaside resort, it is amazing to walk to the city and look at the glaciers across the bay. If mountains are your thing, little Girdwood nestles in a valley below the Chugach Range. Everywhere you go in the city, you are greeted by the majestic mountains that tower above you. Whether you love endless acres of sprawling tundra or beautiful ocean sunsets, Nome, Alaska, can be called the most scenic city in our state. The truth is that there are many more picturesque cities and we are very lucky to live in such a wonderful state.

If you are looking for beautiful photos that show the best that Alaska has to offer, there are many places to find them. Visit Flickr for locals to show off their best photos of their hometowns and travel to Alaska. Getty Images has some great photos taken by professional photographers, and if you search for local businesses on Facebook, they often have great photos of their business. There are also some amazing photographers on Instagram that highlight fascinating photos from Alaska, and it’s easy to track down with hashtags the places you want to see in Alaska.

Casea Peterson grew up bow hunting, fishing and camping in the Pacific Northwest. Motivated by her love of nature, she moved to Alaska to attend school and spend time exploring the last frontier. If she doesn’t have a pen in her hand or her nose in a book, she can be found at the lake or in the woods around a fire with friends. peel it off and cover it with an angular, glazed facade that imitates a glacier.

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The nine-story Key Bank Plaza office in downtown Anchorage has been renovated after the building fell into disrepair.

Along with the modern facelift, Perkins&Will will update the office interior and introduce seismic strengthening and building services.

“We are excited to breathe new life into the former Key Bank Plaza building, which was one of approximately 750 buildings damaged in 2018.” Anchorage earthquake,” explained Erik Mott of Perkins&Will.

“In addition to providing modern amenities for future tenants, the move will help revitalize downtown Anchorage.”

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While hundreds of buildings were damaged in the earthquake, Key Bank Plaza was the only commercial building in the area that was forced to close. Its opening is scheduled for 2022.

According to Perkins&Will, the renovation is the first construction project to begin in downtown Anchorage in a decade and is expected to spark new developments that will revitalize the area.

The bulk of the renovation will take Key Bank Plaza’s existing precast concrete platform and replace it with 40,000 square feet (3,700 square meters) of sleek, sloped curtain walls.

Bringing more natural light into the building’s interior, this floor-to-ceiling glass was designed to give the building a glacial look that “pays homage to the natural wonders of Alaska,” according to the studio .

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Inside, Perkins&Will will feature state-of-the-art mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems, as well as a new stair tower and elevator.

It will also have radiant heat technology and six new skylights, which are expected to improve the indoor environment during dark and snowy winters.

The renovation will be completed by planting drought-resistant native plants and improving the landscaping around the building.

“Perkins&Will” is an international architectural firm founded in 1935. founded by Lawrence Perkins and Philip Will. Key Bank Plaza’s transformation is managed from its Seattle office.

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Elsewhere, the studio is also developing the EU European Commission offices in Brussels, and is also designing the “world’s tallest hybrid timber tower” in Vancouver, which will combine laminated wood with concrete. First National Bank Alaska was named one of America’s Best Banks in 2021. Forbes was the only bank in Alaska to receive the honor.

The global media company conducted an annual survey with market research company Statista. More than 25,000 American consumers answered about their banking relationship. Participants answered questions to determine their overall satisfaction with the bank, focusing on the following banking categories: level of trust, terms and conditions, branch services, digital services, customer service and financial advice. Of the 4,987 US FDIC-insured banks eligible for the award, only 2.7% are listed.

“Receiving this award during our 100th year of service to Alaska is an incredible honor for First National,” said Betsy Lawer, president and CEO. “I would like to extend a sincere thank you to our loyal customers and congratulate the nearly 650 local employees who strive every day to provide excellent customer service.” Forbes’ ranking as Alaska’s top bank reflects employees’ dedication to helping other Alaskans succeed.

In addition to the twelve regional corporations, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) allocated land and funds to more than 200 rural corporations. Like regional colleges, rural corporations are required to make a profit and use it for the benefit of their shareholders and the villages. It is not surprising, among hundreds of corporations, no one has chosen exactly the same path to carry out this mandate. Below are highlights and updates from several city and town corporations. First National Bank Alaska’s board of directors recently announced that Steven Patin has joined the state’s largest local community bank as director of human resources and senior vice president.

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In her new role, Patina leads strategic human resources and oversees talent management, compensation and benefits, employee relations and banking policy. He draws on two decades as a former US Army officer and more than 10 years of leadership experience to continue to build on the values ​​of innovation, engagement and agility that have made First National a Best Place to Work in Alaska since 2016. 650 bank employees, it is one thing that they are here to help you and be an ambassador for the company in our community,” said Patin. “I am proud to be part of the best place to work in Alaska five years in a row.”

Patina graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a concentration in behavioral science and systems engineering, and later earned a master’s degree in human resource management and another master’s degree in administration and supervision. Before joining the first national team, he was director of human resources at the University of Alaska and vice president of customer operations for Alaska Communications.

Belonging to Alaska since 1922. operated by First National, proudly serving Alaska’s financial needs with ATMs and branches in 18 communities across the state and providing banking services.

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