Best Barber In Miami

Best Barber In Miami – Hugo “Juice” Tandron is the official barber of the Miami Marlins and has been cutting players’ hair since 1993. (South Florida)

When the red, white and blue pole lights up inside Marlins Park, it means Hugo “Juice” Tandron is home.

Best Barber In Miami

As the team’s official barber, he has his own shop 200 meters inside the stadium. He listens to the stories of players for decades and builds friendships while making them look good.

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Thendron began cutting baseball players’ hair in 1993 after former shortstop Gary Sheffield recommended him. He did not officially join the group until 1998.

“I love what I do. I love the change,” Thendron, 46, said as he held his scissors at a meeting with Rickey Weeks Jr. of the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday. “The satisfaction of seeing guys cut on TV … the satisfaction of knowing that I did it right there … and now it’s in HD so I have to be on point … Thanks to the Marlins for this opportunity. Thank you.” They gave it to me.”

For home games, Tandron usually arrives at the park three hours early. The Marlins and visiting players lined up inside the store before taking the field. Tandron said he averages 7-15 cuts per game.

He doesn’t have a set price for the field cuts, though it’s about $60 to $100 a cut. “Give me what you think it’s worth,” he asked the players. But he admits incredulously, “I will say, I got $5 once.”

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When not with the Marlins, the Miramar resident owns his own shop, Headz Up Barber Shop in Miami Lakes.

Big tip: $10,000. He received the tip five years ago but declined to reveal the player’s name. “It was just a good move,” he said. “I will not forget you.” “Sometimes it’s good to help people,” Thendron told the player.

Best gift from a player: Tandron has his own “Donk,” a 1974 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Convertible. He affectionately calls it “Charlie Brown.” He said he only drives it on Sundays when “there are no idiots on the road” and it’s not raining. The car was a gift from former Marlins pitcher Dontrell Willis, who was also his friend.

He traveled far and wide to find a player: Los Angeles, California. “One day, a cut,” Tandron said. It belonged to Carl Crawford of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who flew with Tandron during the 2015 playoffs. Tandron also went to St. Louis and Washington, D.C. to cut the players.

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Sweet request from a player: Thendron dressed the men for Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Weeks Jr.’s 2014 wedding in Miami.

“Up there, he can cut,” Weeks said. “Guys like us, we travel from place to place and we need a good hairdresser. And a lot of times, we’re sensitive. [I saw him] last year when I arrived. He crashed my wedding again. He did . Is too much for me.”

Most in-demand cuts: This season, anything goes as long as it’s kept well. “I’m good at doing any cut, any hair texture,” Tandron said. “Mohawks are in style. Pompadours are in style.”

Player Referral: Players on the foreign team learned about Tandron through word of mouth. “The guys at the gym all told me, ‘If you need a haircut, you should go to this guy because he’s one of the best,'” Rafael Valenzuela, who sat on his bench Tuesday Tandron. sitting, he said: I am following this matter.

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“That’s great. Thank you. You’re an artist,” he later told Tandron before getting ready to take the field.

The store has a “Wall of Fame” with many autographs and messages from current and former players. “From my man Joyce, thanks for making us look good!” read another.

Tat Man: Numerous tattoos on Tandron’s body, from his arms and legs to his torso. He drew “BESSED” on one eyebrow. “I’m addicted to tattoos,” he said.

He also has a special commemorative tattoo: an orange no. 16 on the back of his knee by the late Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez.

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“I’m the only one cutting him since he’s been on a big team,” Thendron said in his store with a picture of the player in the corner. “When I first met him, I was like, ‘Who’s that hot guy?’… He had my number when he sat in my seat and when he left my seat, I had his number. . Boy, you knew you were special…I know you’ll always be a Marlin. He died too early.”

Family: Tandron is married with two grown children and four grandchildren. His son, Willie Tandron, is also a barber and plans to open another shop near Pembroke Pines later this summer.

Testimony about Tandron’s work: “No one will beat me in my work ethic. My dedication and my name must always stand out. I must be on point.”

Who cuts Tandron’s hair: “See I’m bald.” I do it myself. I’m bald because I want [to be] not because I have to… You know we [hairdressers] owe it to each other, but I’ve always hated to force anyone. So. “I started cutting my head in 2005, so I had a bald head and a big beard. Deep inside Marlins Park, in the clubhouse lobby, is Heads Up, the only barbershop in an MLB ballpark.

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Owned by Hugo “Juice” Tandron, this one-seat club is a players-only experience. With the late Jose Fernandez wearing the number 16 on his vest, Joyce opens the gates at almost every home game and only takes what is given to him. “It’s about $5 and $10,000,” he says. (And oh, Dontrell Willis once gave him a ’74 Chevy Caprice convertible.) Guest stars stay, too: Bryce Harper swears by it. Mike Trout has arrived. And some fly it to their cities to cut back.

Tandron accidentally became an All-Star baseball barber. Introduced to Gary Sheffield by mutual friends in 1993, he cut Sheffield’s hair in his utility room and impressed the outfielder so much that the Marlins began inviting him to cut in the clubhouse.

For Tandron, a Miami native who owns another Headz Up in the city, it’s surreal: “I feel like I’m really dreaming.” That’s why Tandron has a “lucky” tattoo on his left eyebrow. Here’s a closer look at how Juice keeps it high and strong.

Players like Marlins outfielder Marcell Ozuna, who comes in to get a mohawk and beard, get VIP treatment, and Thendron lets them decide what to pay. I tell them to give you whatever you want, whatever you think. They think I’m not at my other shop [Tandron owns the Headz Up salon in Miami] and that’s where I make my money. He always helps me. I got less than $5 once. And I. I have $10,000 and a car. The car was a gift from Dontrelle Willis. This is a classic Caprice from 1974. I call it Charlie Brown.”

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Although Thendron has removed some of his gang tattoos, he still has over 100 on display during the cut, like here with Ozuna. This year, he added an orange No. 16 tattoo on his right leg in memory of his close friend, the late Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, who died in a boating accident in September.

Fernandez pictura is a merchant. “He was like my little brother, he didn’t know baseball,” Thendron said. “His smile was infectious. He fell in love with her. When he sat in the chair cutting hair, we were friends.” Tandron cut the pitcher’s hair before every game he was scheduled to start. “He was very caring, honestly,” Tandron said. He didn’t cut his hair without me. He once said he was too busy cutting Fernandez’s hair before starting. Fernandez lost the game and don’t let Tandron forget it.

Tandron, who often mingles with players on social media, looks at Christian Yelich’s phone. “These people don’t understand the power they have,” Tandron said. Joyce’s legend grew as actors promoted her to millions of fans, as Bryce Harper documented by showing him getting a haircut in Heads Up. “Bryce is my son!” He said. “Bryce is my best friend. He’s helped me a lot. He’ll post a picture and tag me or shout at me and social media will go up.”

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