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Where do your taste buds fall on the sweet apple spectrum? This year, I ate delicious juicy First Kiss apples from the Riigimessi. One local early-picked apple was a must after the cheese curds. I first tasted this new apple a few years ago — I like its sweet taste, my son loves it, but my husband thinks it’s too sweet for his taste. (If you want to know more about this species, read the article here.)

Best Barber Shops In Minnesota

Have you ever had your first kiss? Are you a fan of Honeycrisp? Or is Haralson more to your taste? When are they all ready to be harvested? Once again wondering how the apple season is going and whether the drought has affected the local apple crop this growing season, I caught up with John Jacobson of the Minnesota Apple Growers Association and White Bear Lake Pine Apple Gardens.

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“The cool spring delayed flowering by 7-10 days; “It looks like we’re a little ahead of the warm summer weather,” Jacobson said. He also noted that most varieties have some form of irrigation, so the lack of moisture should benefit them.

Many parks offer activities such as hayrides and mazes. Some activities have been discontinued in recent years, so check the latest offers at the nursery you want to visit. At Pine Tree, for example, Jacobson says, “Most of the outdoor activities are coming back, except for wagon rides — staffing issues held them back, but we’ve expanded the park’s hiking trails and made them more accessible.”

Orchards also often buy baked goods and other items. Last year, when my family and I visited Pine Tree, we found the air filled with an enticingly sweet aroma and the staff working as fast as they could to satisfy the crowds waiting for their new treat, the famous apple donuts. cooked set. We had our dessert of frozen pie, a bag of apples and applesauce and enjoyed it on a picnic table on the lawn.

Some orchards offer their own apples, and other apples like pines can be picked and bought in their store, so check first. “We have a good supply of early apples (First Kiss). The crop is looking good and we are looking forward to a great year,” Jacobson said.

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Whether you’re a fan of early-ripening apples or waiting for other varieties to ripen (see Minnesota Hardy Varieties), keep the yield indicators below in mind. Call ahead to confirm what’s ready for pickup or taste the finished apple. You will definitely have a good time.

Along with the pine and apple orchards is the Aamodt Apple Farm in east metro Stillwater, where you can pick your own apples on weekdays, but not on weekends; They can be purchased at Hastings Apple Barn and Afton Apple Orchard. West Metro includes Apple Jack Orchards in Delano and more. included.

If you’re looking for a garden near you or planning a day trip, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture offers a searchable map on the Minnesota Grown website to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

If you refrigerate the apples as soon as you get them home, they retain their flavor after ripening and can last four to six weeks. Then you are ready to use them in a variety of dishes and recipes.

The Vanishing American Barber Shop

If you want to use apples in sweet and savory dishes, I have a collection of recipes on this site.

It’s apple picking time, so enjoy breakfast with apple pancake mix and sweet apple maple sauce.

Welcome fall with these crunchy, delicious cupcakes that are loaded with cheese, nuts, and sweet berries.

Need more apple picking ideas? Pair them with pumpkin in this vibrant soup for a double crop.

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The band’s 21st birthday kicks off with a summer tour that kicks off their debut album, Oh, Upside Down, at the Orpheum Theater on September 10. The anniversary tour was a platform for The Shins to play the album back and forth to fans old and new.

I became a fan of The Shins while driving through the Badlands when my sister gave me some headphones and introduced me to their amazing lyrics and hypnotic melodies. It’s been five years since I last saw them at the Basilica Block Party, so I was really excited for this show.

The Shins have gone through many changes over the years, but the show’s cohesive sound – from slow ballads to impeccably executed dance hits – has never left. Mercer was honest about the fact that most of the songs he played on the album had never been performed live and had to be reworked. For example, a deep cut called “Your Algebra” adds a new drum beat that wasn’t there before and speeds up the song a bit. Although some fans were surprised by the change (as evidenced by some loud expletives near me), the audience was soon dancing and laughing to the new beat.

Despite the large and beautiful venue, it felt like an intimate show. I’ve never been to an Orpheum concert (only a theater production or live), so I wasn’t sure what kind of energy to expect. I was afraid the game would be hard to watch. But despite the Minnesota band’s courtesy of not letting us all stand up, no one took a seat until the band asked to enter after the show.

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After a full set of Oh, Upside Down World, the band performed their greatest hits from other albums. During the “Australia” concert, the amplifier was interrupted due to technical difficulties, and the group left under its own power. They continued to play until the end of the song, giving the staff room to improve. However, the band members did not let the problems stop the show. Guitarist Mark Watrous and drummer John Sortland entertained the crowd with loud requests, including my favorite Weezer’s Udonone – The Sweater Song, until the techs shut it down. Their ability to overcome challenges and engage the audience was inspiring and appreciated. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for them to get reboots.

After finishing their first set and recording, The Shins closed the show with an enthusiastic set. A combination of their first hit “Sleeping Lesson” and Tom Petty’s classic jam “American Girl” was a crowd pleaser. Tonight’s crooked performance aside, it’s hard not to be thankful for a band that hasn’t missed a beat in over 20 years of touring.

To say that we live in a divided time is like saying that the Grand Canyon is a gap in the earth. The situation is bad. The hostility of the left and the right is becoming an energy of widespread mistrust, anger and aggression. It seeps into school board meetings, town halls and social media. There is a strong fear behind it. According to a 2020 report by the Pew Research Center, 9 in 10 voters on both the right and the left worry that a victory for the other party would cause long-term damage to the country.

Enter Braver Angels, a national organization dedicated to uniting red and blue Americans to depolarize America.

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During the 2016 presidential election controversy, Bill Doherty, professor of family sociology at the University of Minnesota, had a conversation with two colleagues in New York and Ohio. “People’s feelings in their own country were completely different. “Looks like it’s the end of the world in Manhattan, Southwest Ohio is celebrating.”

All three have dealt with marriage, relationships and relationships. They wanted to use their skills in a political environment and gathered 10 Hillary Rodham Clinton and 10 Donald Trump voters in South Lebanon, Ohio to start a conversation. Doherty led the first Brave Angels Red/Blue workshop in December 2016. “It was a very successful first workshop,” he recalls. “We thought it would

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