Best Barbers In Queens

Best Barbers In Queens – NEW YORK – Al Diaz knows his way around a sharp haircut. It requires a sharp eye, a steady hand and attention to detail.

“When I just see the look on my customers’ faces, I see them happy. You look good, you feel good,” said Diaz, a barber at Queens Finest Barbershop.

Best Barbers In Queens

What You Need to Know Corona virus closes all non-essential businesses, including barbershops, in March Barbers at Queens Finest in Elmhurst found some unique ways to keep the barbershop owner relevant, Mikki Azarcon promoted his shirt company, selling t-shirts on Instagram. .

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But those familiar faces were not hidden by masks. Diaz has been cutting hair for about ten years. When the coronavirus closed the shop, he talked to other barbers at home.

“Many cut their hair. It is difficult. But they came back. And they’re happy to be back,” Diaz said.

While Queens Finest Barbershop is buzzing with activity again, owner Mikki Azarcon is keeping the name relevant — despite having to close.

Queen’s designs are always popular. But the amazing seller, the Anti-Coronavirus Club. It was created in a state that is the epicenter of the virus.

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And in a city with hundreds of barbershops, Azarcon thinks beyond the ordinary. For starters, the shop is inside a car dealership on Queens Boulevard.

Azarcon said closing the store was difficult. But he considers himself one of the lucky ones, because his doors are open to customers again. Join our Sports email newsletter to receive match details and news from your favorite teams

Well Kept Barbershop co-owners Luis Concha and Ruben Molina breathed a sigh of relief when they learned they could reopen their Astoria barbershop, nearly three months after COVID-19 hit the city.

Two Queens residents decided to close their store, located at 30-11 32nd St., shortly after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the school would be closed, permanently, starting March 16.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo didn’t order hair salons and other businesses to close until March 22 as part of New York’s PAUSE program — but Concha, 29, and Molina, 33, are a father and husband. . .

Concha recalls: “I remember telling my friends, ‘If they close the school, we’ll close the shop,’ because most of us here are fathers.” “It’s clear that getting to work is going to be difficult when the kids come home from school. And if they’re closing the schools, that means it’s out of control or something is wrong.”

Concha, who is of Colombian descent and was born and raised in Jackson Heights, said they believe the shutdown will only last two weeks.

But as two weeks turned into months of staying at home, doing their part to reduce the spread of the virus by closing shops and taking care of their families, the bills started to pile up.

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“I’m afraid,” Concha said, adding that in March they began offering several federal, state and city programs to help small businesses.

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They don’t qualify for the Income Protection Program, and they don’t get a response from most of their applications, but they can get some help from the Small Business Administration (SBA). The grant covers their bills through April and May.

Then June came, and they were back at square one, with no money to pay the bills for the month because the government was always shut down. Fortunately, they received another SBA loan in mid-June, which allowed them to pay off part of the loan, while negotiating with their owners.

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Well Kept Barbershop first opened in 2018, and has grown since then thanks to a combination of skilled barbers and excellent customer service.

On their Google and GenBook pages, they maintain a five-star rating. Check out this post on Instagram That’s why we’re hiring @riosinteriorscorp to thoroughly clean and disinfect all barbershops. . . This is just one step we are taking to reopen safely! Do you see any other steps we are taking to make sure we reopen safely ️ . . We also completely renovated the waiting area and part of the roof area. Do you see changes? . We can’t wait until we open our doors and bring you all the #staywellkept services you all love! We miss you and will be back soon! . . #astoria #astoriapark #astoriaqueens #astoriabarbershop #barbershopconnect #hypebeast #summerstyle #nycsummer #nyc #queensnyc #qgtm #galaxyofqueens #jacksonheights #sunnyside #woodside #londislandcity #staywellkept #wellkeptbarbertaria #wellkeptbarbertaria #wellkeptbarbertaria #wellkeptbarbertaria #wellkeptbarbertaria 🐐barbertaria #wellkeptbarbertaria 🐍 shop map 8 #shop map 🐝28 #shop map

Concha and Molina became partners after years of following each other’s work on social media and forming a real-life friendship.

While the two handled customers, Concha ran the administrative aspects of the business and Molina, who is also Colombian and grew up in Jackson Heights, ran the store’s display.

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Even before they received permission from the government to reopen at the end of June, Molina began organizing their space according to social distancing guidelines and buying safety equipment.

When you enter the store wearing a mask, Jennifer Gualotuna, Molina’s wife, greets you and asks to take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer. Gualotuna was sitting at the front desk, which didn’t exist before COVID-19, with hand sanitizer (which smelled good) and some masks.

Gualotuna explained that he decided to help out at the store after the store reopened because his family business had been shut down since March.

Jennifer Gualotuna takes a break from the front desk to FaceTime her 2-year-old son. (Angélica Acevedo/QNS)

Barbershop Specializes In Haircuts For People With Autism And Special Needs

“I’m here to support them,” he said. “Right now, nobody has enough money, we’re all trying to pay the bills and we understand it’s a big loss.”

On the second floor of the shop, Plexiglas sheets, with a tie sign on each sheet, separated the barber’s chair and station as they wore masks and face shields—though Concha admitted the face shields were uncomfortable and had little shine.

They ensure that shaving chairs, tools and other equipment are cleaned between each customer. They also installed two air purifiers to filter the air throughout the day.

State regulations require shops to maintain 50 percent capacity, which means that instead of the usual eight barbers, Well Kept has four barbers a day.

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They can’t provide beard care or anything related to people’s faces, which means their pay is reduced by $15 to $20.

There are some customers who didn’t want to wear masks, but they listened when the barber explained to them that they didn’t want to be charged.

States can fine them and even shut them down if they don’t follow COVID-19 guidelines. They were all ordered to undergo a COVID test every two weeks.

Concha, who has two children, remembers having to apply for unemployment, which she received about seven weeks after she applied in April. Because they were independent, he received the minimum benefit payment. In addition, his wife lost her job after he was on vacation.

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He said: “I started using my savings. “And when that impact assessment came in April, it was over as soon as it happened. It’s not enough.”

Molina was able to receive more house calls by setting up an emergency station in his backyard in Jackson Heights. Despite the weight, Molina chooses to look on the bright side.

“For us, this is not a job. This is what we do. This is our life,” said Concha. “When you come here, you put yourself in that station 10 hours a day, and you know that you will see 10; different customers and meet a lot of people, but these are the people who make your life go. . People come to see you to look good, to feel good.”

Before the pandemic hit, Concha and Molina were always looking for ways to give back to the community. For the past two years, they have put on Christmas plays at the Variety Boys and Girls Club.

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When they first opened, they had a special school event offering free haircuts for kids. On the anniversary of its opening, they held a party with a DJ, food and bought 50 book bags with school supplies to give to children who walk by the store.

“It was a great event. We have about 10 bags left and we hope to do it again this year,” said Concha. “The only thing I’m worried about now is whether we can do it.”

Business owners expect the best and pay attention to the news every day. Meanwhile, loyal customers keep coming back.

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