Best Bariatric Surgeon In Mumbai

Best Bariatric Surgeon In Mumbai – Clinical obesity has emerged as one of the most feared diseases of this century. Even before the medical fraternity defined obesity as a disease, it had reached epidemic proportions. Today, India has the third highest number of overweight and obese people. Unfortunately, even today, obesity is not considered a disease and obese patients do not receive the same compassion or attention as patients with other diseases such as cancer.

People who try to lose weight, know how difficult it is not only to lose weight but also to maintain this weight loss. Every patient I meet tells me that they have lost weight, but no matter what they do, they always put it back on and sometimes more than they lost. Every day we see patients who put their heart and soul into their weight loss efforts. He visited all the clinics, consulted nutritionists, gyms, yoga teachers and famous vacationers. He tried all the foods listed on the internet. Unfortunately, more often than not, they encounter frustration and tend to yo-yo between weight loss and weight gain. This whole process can be frustrating for patients. It also weakens and pulls people down psychologically.

Best Bariatric Surgeon In Mumbai

Unfortunately, there is still no magic pill to cure obesity. Currently, for morbidly obese patients, bariatric surgery / weight loss surgery / metabolic surgery is the only way to achieve long-term weight loss.

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Bariatric surgery/weight loss surgery/obesity surgery is a proven procedure for long-term weight loss in obese patients.

Bariatric surgery / weight loss surgery / metabolic surgery center in Thane is located at Currae Specialty Hospital, Ground Floor, Highstreet cum Highland Corporate Center, Near Big Bazaar, Kapurbawdi, Junction, Thane, Maharashtra 400607

Obesity is classified according to Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a metric that tells you how much you weigh for your height. This can be easily calculated using the mathematical formula- [Weight in kg / Height in m

). There are tons of apps and it’s also easy to Google. The classification of obesity for Asians is slightly different from Western populations. Asians have a higher percentage of body fat and therefore they often suffer from obesity-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes with low weight and BMI.

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Like cancer, obesity affects all organs in the human body. Obese people have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia and heart disease. Obesity also causes insomnia, fatty heart disease, gout, joint disease, PCOD, increased risk of venous thrombo-embolism, bladder stones and more. cancer in women and colon and pancreatic cancer in men.

Bariatric surgery or bariatric surgery is the only method that has been proven to cause long-term weight loss in obese or obese patients. It also leads to a significant improvement in most related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. and reduce the risk of heart disease. Most bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery or obesity surgery results in 60 to 75% of excess weight. Of course, weight loss also depends on the effort of the patient. Lifestyle and behavioral changes after surgery can help maintain weight long-term.

Surgical guidelines are based on BMI criteria. BMI cutoffs for Asians were 2.5 points lower in each category compared to Western populations.

The IFSO-APC (International Federation of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases – Asia Pacific Chapter) guidelines for weight loss surgery are as follows:

Best Weight Loss Doctor In Mumbai

There are many types and varieties of bariatric procedures. Bariatric surgeries in Thane performed at the hospital include:

Which bariatric procedure is right for you depends on many factors. These include age, gender, weight, eating habits, associated diseases, physical activity level, team and patient commitment and more. In our practice, you as a patient are an equal part of the decision-making process. After evaluating you, the final decision on the type of treatment will be made after a discussion between the doctor and the patient. Bariatric surgery is about lifestyle changes and the best results can only be achieved when doctor and patient work together as a team. Good decisions lead to the best results.

Any surgery is a big life decision. Trusting your doctor and team is very important. We know that surgery can be a scary experience for most people. We are confident in guiding you through every step of your surgery and recovery. We will guide and assist you every step of the way. The first step begins with a consultation with the doctor and the team. Then you will recommend the tests and based on the report and general assessment, you together with the doctor and the team will decide the best type of bariatric procedure. Before surgery, you will eat a lot of protein for at least five days to a week. Pre-anesthesia check is mandatory before surgery. Before surgery you can consult other specialists like endocrinologist, nephrologist, chest doctor, cardiologist etc. based on your history. It is best to go the night before the day of surgery.

Yes, a high protein liquid diet should be followed prior to surgery. This will help reduce inflammation in the liver. This makes surgery easier for the surgeon and safer for the patient.

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The test should be done at least 2 weeks before weight loss surgery in mumbai. If any abnormalities are found during this period, the doctor will give you time to correct them. Also, if you need treatment from a specialist such as a cardiologist, chest doctor, endocrinologist, etc., this gives you enough time.

No, we actually encourage you to start walking after 4 to 6 hours of bariatric surgery in mumbai. You can go to the bathroom. Even after leaving the hospital, it is recommended to be active. There is usually no downtime required after weight loss surgery in mumbai.

One should take liquid diet for about 15 days after bariatric surgery in mumbai or weight loss surgery in mumbai.

Drinking alcohol, smoking or any form of substance abuse should be strictly avoided after bariatric surgery in mumbai or weight loss surgery in mumbai. If you feel that you cannot stop smoking or drinking after the operation, it is better not to have the operation. There could be big consequences later.

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Most patients return to work within a week. Every patient is different and some may return to work sooner and others may take longer.

Some hair loss is expected with any type of weight loss due to diet, exercise or bariatric surgery in India. This hair loss is temporary and once the loss stabilizes, hair growth will increase. Sometimes, excess hair can occur due to protein or iron deficiency. A proper diet can help limit hair loss.

We often see an increase in the confidence level of most patients. Weight loss and improvement in body shape lead to positive changes in the patient’s mental state. Yes, you will have to get used to small portions of food, but after surgery, hunger and cravings will be greatly reduced and your body will support you in your weight loss journey. It turns out that patients treated before surgery do not need to take the drug after surgery. It is rare for patients to experience depression after bariatric surgery in mumbai and in such cases a home psychologist will help you.

Will I look old and lose my facial beauty after weight loss surgery in mumbai?

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Most patients experience rapid weight loss in the first year after surgery. Weight loss surgery in mumbai not only boosts the patient’s confidence but also enhances their beauty. Most patients find new energy to live and enjoy a new life. Some skin loss is due to weight loss but can be limited by regular exercise and weight training.

There is no limit to what your mind and body can do. Everything is possible; However, it depends on age, clinical profile and effort.

Patients who have undergone liver and kidney transplantation are more susceptible to corticosteroids and immunosuppressants. Weight gain after transplantation can also have a negative effect on the new liver and can lead to long-term liver disease. There are several reports of bariatric surgery

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