Best Bbl Surgeon In California

Best Bbl Surgeon In California – Hip Augmentation “I had all the information I needed before the surgery so I didn’t have to worry. The care was excellent. My doctor is a true artist. Just like 25 years ago.” All I can see is that I’m in better shape. I love my new curves! Be patient

Buttocks are a major cosmetic problem for many women and men. Women with unflattering or saggy bottoms may not wear many clothes that they would otherwise wear, and this may happen later. Fortunately, there is a solution. Plastic surgeons trained in cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics can help you with a procedure known as hip augmentation. If you think you need a little help with a firmer, rounder bottom, give us a call to find out more.

Best Bbl Surgeon In California

Buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure that helps improve the size or shape of the buttocks. Buttock augmentation surgery is a procedure to increase volume and shape by suctioning the fat around the buttocks and re-injecting your own fat into the buttocks.

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Hip augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure (you can go home after the procedure) and usually takes about 2 hours. Recovery time is about 3-4 days, but do not sit for 2-4 weeks after surgery.

Now hip augmentation always starts with a consultation. This is because we know that understanding between patient and doctor will lead to the best care.

Can provide. Your doctor will give you an opportunity to answer any concerns or questions you may have. In addition, he uses his expert opinion on the matter and offers technical suggestions. In particular, we will discuss what to expect in terms of volume and shape after surgery. The consultation should last as long as the doctor and patient understand each other and are confident that hip augmentation surgery can proceed.

The overall goal during the procedure is to create a lifted, radiant, rounded appearance. A small incision is made where it can be easily hidden. With his aesthetic eye and anatomical knowledge, he performs the entire procedure so that the buttocks fit naturally and look toned even to the touch. I feel much more comfortable in tight jeans or a swimsuit.

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We put patient safety and satisfaction first. We offer a convenient and effective treatment for patients seeking hip augmentation in the Bakersfield area. We want to provide you with the best that Bakersfield has to offer for butt augmentation. Call our office to learn more or schedule a consultation. We will be happy to help you.

Thank you for visiting! You have more options than ever before. Choose from our office or virtual experiences today! Patients choose dr. Rahala because he can tell that he really cares about them and their well-being. His consultation hours are 1 It’s time. He listens carefully to the patient’s concerns and needs.

360 Lipo is liposuction of 8 or more body parts. Shape your body into an hourglass shape.

It’s easy when you think about it. A big, shapely butt is always more beautiful with a narrow waist and sets the hourglass.

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Liposuction areas include the upper back, lower back, hip flexors, mons pubis, mid back, love handles, abdomen, and sacral triangle.

The reason why Dr. Rahal always does 360 Lipo with BBL, it’s simple. They believe it leads to the most beautiful and natural results.

How long does recovery take Painkillers for 3 days. 1 week off. 1 month to full recovery.

Is there an age limit for this procedure? Dr. Rahal performed the procedure on patients between the ages of 18 and 60. The oldest patient Dr. Rahal of BBL/360 was 68 at the time.

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How long will the results last? The results are permanent. When performing 360 Lipo with BBL, approximately 60% of the injected fat is retained in the buttocks.

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