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Best Bbl Surgeon In Charlotte Nc – Our Charlotte Brazilian Butt Lift is a popular procedure that uses body contouring with liposuction and fat grafting to enhance the butt. This minimally invasive technique improves the size and shape of the buttocks using fat taken from other parts of the patient’s body.

The main benefit of a Brazilian butt lift is that it slims and contours the waist, hips, back and stomach to harvest fat for butt augmentation which can further enhance your curves. Back Aesthetic Surgery Dr. Joel Beck is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience in liposuction and fat grafting procedures. She performs Brazilian butt lifts in Charlotte, North Carolina with beautiful, natural-looking results.

Best Bbl Surgeon In Charlotte Nc

Not everyone who wants to enlarge their buttock is ready to undergo implant surgery. Brazilian

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Provides minimally invasive treatment using the patient’s own fat with no chance of rejection or allergic reaction. You may be a good candidate for this procedure if:

To improve both the results and safety of the Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Beck uses an ultrasound-assisted injection technique. This approach to fat injection ensures that the transferred fat cells are precisely and correctly placed to avoid complications and improve results. Problems can arise if the fat cells are injected incorrectly into muscle tissue, creating a risk of entering large blood vessels. With ultrasound, fat cells are injected into the space between the skin and muscle, where the transferred cells will improve the shape of your butt without endangering your health. Additional safety features of the ultrasound device include:

A perkier, more youthful butt can create a flatter stomach, slimmer waist, and a better overall body profile. This procedure can be done under general anesthesia or IV sedation.

Dr. Back uses advanced liposuction techniques to remove fat from the abdomen, back, thighs or other body parts. The fat is purified by spinning in a centrifuge and injected to add volume and improve the shape of the buttocks.

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Most people feel better after two weeks of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. It is important to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for at least two weeks after surgery. Do not drive or sleep on your side or stomach instead of your back during treatment.

You may experience some tenderness in the buttock and fat donor areas with liposuction, which should begin to subside as your body heals. You will be given a compression garment to wear during your recovery to reduce swelling and discomfort and protect your new slimmer waist and fuller buttocks.

When fat grafting is performed correctly by a board-certified plastic surgeon, the results of a Brazilian butt lift are long-lasting. Fat cells transplanted from other parts of the body must survive and continue to function like the donor.

A Brazilian butt lift in Charlotte can cost anywhere from $11,000 to $13,000. This cost includes all surgeon, operating room and anesthesia fees and is the final and total cost with no hidden fees.

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This procedure is an excellent, less invasive alternative to swallowing growths with implants. Benefits of a Brazilian butt lift include:

When fat grafting is performed correctly by a board-certified plastic surgeon, the results of a Brazilian butt lift are long-lasting. Fat cells transplanted from other parts of the body must survive and continue to function like the donor.

A Brazilian butt lift in Charlotte can cost anywhere from $11,000 to $13,000. This cost includes all surgeon, operating room and anesthesia fees and is the final and total cost with no hidden fees.

The Brazilian butt lift is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure, but the treatment is not without risk. As an advanced board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Beck ensures that his patients experience this body enhancement using the most advanced techniques to achieve the best results.

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Accessibility: If you are visually impaired or have any other disability covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act or similar legislation and would like to discuss possible accommodations related to the use of this website, please contact our Accessibility Manager at 704-817-2597 . Today’s sophisticated and informed plastic surgery patients demand results that are subtle and natural-looking—and to work with a practice that offers personalized attention and a compassionate staff. At Back Aesthetic Surgery, we not only meet these needs, but we strive to exceed your expectations to achieve the unique vision you have by providing some of the best plastic surgery Charlotte, NC has to offer.

What I really love about plastic surgery is that I can make an impact in someone’s life… I really value the ability to be an integral part of a patient’s life.

Words have limited power when reflecting the work of a plastic surgeon. In our gallery, we present you Dr. Invite to see the actual results of the back. This will give you an idea of ​​what to expect from the best plastic surgeon in Charlotte.

Honesty, art and passion. These are just some of the qualities that patients Dr. Associates with Joel Beck and his entire practice. Those looking for a surgeon with the highest caliber, skill and training will find that Dr. Beck is a master perfectionist who strives to address every conceivable detail. Likewise, those looking for a solid, reliable practitioner they can relate to will find him approachable and a man of his word.

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Dr. Beck has invaluable experience in the complex and demanding fields of craniofacial surgery, burn surgery, reconstructive surgery and modern plastic surgery. He completed a surgical residency at the University of California at Davis as well as two honors fellowships. In addition to being board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Beck is a member of CSPS, ACS and ASPS.

Dr. Beck insists on surrounding himself with professional support staff who are friendly, courteous and always willing to go the extra mile so that our patients are not only satisfied with their results, but truly happy with their new look. Each hand-picked team member is chosen for their positive attitude and generous, humble nature, as well as their excellent training and experience in their chosen field.

These procedures are performed at several state-of-the-art surgical facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with possibly the best plastic surgeon Charlotte, NC.

Dr. Joel Beck is known in the Charlotte area for his excellence in cosmetic surgery. With two decades of experience, his artistry and technical knowledge have placed him among the top board certified plastic surgeons practicing in North Carolina. In addition to achieving gorgeous, natural-looking results for the face, chest and body, Dr. Beck has conducted extensive clinical research in microsurgery, burn therapy, and reconstructive surgery. In her skilled hands, your vision of aesthetic beauty can be realized.

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One of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to plastic surgery is choosing an experienced, reputable, board certified plastic surgeon. All board-certified physicians must complete specialized training in their chosen field, whether in general surgery, ophthalmology, or plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Working with a plastic surgeon who has completed the plastic surgery certification process means that the surgeon has not only received specialized training in the ins and outs of plastic surgery, but has also passed written and oral exams and followed a strict code of medical ethics. . When searching for a plastic surgeon, you should look for board certification by:

It’s no secret that when you feel good, you look good. Confidence shines brightest when it comes from a place where you feel comfortable, healthy and prosperous with yourself. That’s why we at Back Aesthetic Surgery do everything we can to bring all the elements of you together, to promote the self-love that accompanies you.

A woman’s breast is not only a source of nourishment and sustenance; It is also a sign of youth, vigor and the will to live. The ability to enhance, improve, lift and transform the breast can greatly boost a patient’s self-esteem and confidence as clothes begin to fit better and friends and family members begin to comment on their exciting transformation.

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Dr. Beck and his team celebrate the diversity of beauty with the full awareness that it was never just one thing. It’s not just about long legs or blonde hair. It’s not just big muscles or a small nose. Beauty expands and reflects from within, because beauty is comfortable with you.

Can’t get your pre-baby body back? Want to complete your post-weight loss body transformation by removing excess skin? Want a big booty? No matter how big your problem areas seem, Dr. Beck is here for you. As a highly skilled plastic surgeon, he will perform your procedure safely and competently – with artistry and care.

I think the human component is something that is missing in many doctor-patient relationships. I pride myself on treating each patient as they were

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