Best Beach Clubs In Santorini

Best Beach Clubs In Santorini – While Santorini is certainly known for its top views of the caldera, the other side of the island is just as popular. The beaches of Perissa and Perivolos are popular with tourists looking for Santorini’s beach clubs and those looking for a day out from the crowds of Oia and Fira.

Although the beach clubs in Santorini may not be as extensive as those in Ibiza or St. Tropez, you will definitely find world famous beach club names such as Niki Beach Santorini.

Best Beach Clubs In Santorini

The beaches of Santorini are exotic, you will find different colors on all the beaches of Santorini. From the black sand beaches of Perissa to the red sand beaches near Akrotiri, these are the remnants of the volcanoes that once formed the island.

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A day spent at Santorini’s beach clubs is a great way to spend an afternoon gazing out over the Aegean Sea, sipping craft cocktails and savoring the finest Greek cuisine. This is also the perfect time to plan your Santorini sunset catamaran cruise during the week. You can’t leave Santorini without doing this.

With its famous ‘White Party’, Niki Beach Santorini is one of the best beach clubs in the world and its branch in Santorini is no different. Niki Beach Santorini is a resort and spa located on the black beach of Monolithos. Not only can you spend your day at one of the world’s most famous beach clubs, but you can also enjoy great spa treatments.

You don’t have to be a resort guest to enjoy Niki Beach Club, but it will set you back €350 per day to rent a sunbed by the famous pool. With events throughout the summer, from rose parties to world-famous DJs, Niki Beach is one of the most luxurious beach clubs on the island of Santorini.

Open from May to October, Theros View Bar is a beautiful beach club on Santorini’s Valchada Beach. It’s also a quick 15-minute stop from Fira, making Theros Wave Bar a great day out.

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The beautiful landscape of cliffs that stretch endlessly to the sky makes it one of the best beach clubs in Santorini. Above the bed and beach you will find beach bars and restaurants.

Theros Wave Bar is an incredible beach club in Santorini, and it’s easy to see why it was voted one of the top things to see and do in Santorini by TripAdvisor. What better way to spend an afternoon in the Santorini sun than with a relaxing bean bag or sun lounger and sipping the perfect cocktail.

Barbone is also a combination of wild and yellow wood with a desert island feel. This is a strange thing. The banner on their Instagram page says that Yalos ‘covers all the senses’ and it’s hard to deny that when you experience Santorini like no other beach club in the world.

Some of Santorini’s beach clubs can be mixed, but Yalos is a wonderful combination of glamor and solitude that attracts a special clientele. Located on Exo Gialos Beach, a short drive from Fira, and part of the beach club is carved into the rocks.

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Yalos’ big draw is the excellent, well-rounded food, which is quite unusual for a beach club. Produce is sourced locally and the menu is created with food in mind. Frozen food is not found here.

The former fishing establishment is beautifully designed, beach beds are spread out in the sand, and cross-legged eating in the sand is highly recommended.

Apart from being the best known beach club in Santorini, it is also one of the most comfortable beach clubs in the Cyclades Islands.

In the black sand of Perivolos beach, the unique color of the sand contrasts with the clear water.

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Spend the day dining on Waitrose’s Japanese-inspired food menu while ordering a variety of cocktails.

The reasonable price of €30 for two sun loungers and an umbrella is a steal compared to other beach bars on the island.

Santorini by the Sea is one of the many string beach clubs. It is not only a popular beach club, but its restaurants and bars attract many tourists from different parts of the island.

Located on the black sands of Periolos Beach, Sind Santorini is a lively beach club no matter what time you eat. This restaurant received the prestigious award of “World’s 2022 Luxury Restaurant” and requires reservations, especially in summer.

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The beach club section of the river Santorini has a great selection of cabanas and sun loungers to choose from. Split your time between taking a dip in the ocean and ordering delicious cocktails and small plates at your beach cabana.

Whether you decide to spend your day on the beach at one of Santorini’s many beach clubs or dine at one of the many beach bars and restaurants, you’re sure to have a wonderful time.

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Or we offer you to stay at home for a day, while you bathe in the jacuzzi, the best place on the island, and we have a chef to prepare a great dinner of your choice.

Santorini is known for its black beaches and volcanoes, but you can also find red beaches, white beaches, brown beaches, rocky beaches, all surrounded by clear, cool water!

Apart from the beautiful scenery everywhere you go, the service provided everywhere is impeccable and of high quality.

Beach bars and restaurants with different tastes can be found almost everywhere on the island, and you are sure to find your favorite place.

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From lounge music and creative cuisine to traditional seafood restaurants, cocktail hour, cocktail parties, creative quality breakfasts, wine and beachside dining. We’ll tell you what we know, and you can choose where your mood takes you.

Dining in Santorini is a particularly advanced sightseeing activity. There are many options, from high-end creative world food places where decorated chefs offer different tastes, to traditional steakhouses or fish shops, “catch souvlaki and dance in the square”.

Or we can arrange a romantic dinner at home with a private chef of your choice.

Regardless of your daily mood, there is one thing that will always be a Santorini evening.. Everywhere you look, the sea and the stars are at your feet or in your eyes.

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They can be attractive, culturally rich, physically demanding, educationally enjoyable, or some or all of the above.

Sail the caldera on a catamaran or an old sailing ship and watch the sunset, travel on both sides of your path from Emerovigli to Oia, visit the Akrotiri archaeological site and the ancient sea and have a guide to explain the wonders. 3rd and 5th millennium people returned (in 1628 BC)

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