Best Beach In Bora Bora

Best Beach In Bora Bora – You probably know that the Bora Bora lagoon is very picturesque, bringing up shades of blue that you didn’t know existed. But does Bora Bora have beautiful beaches to match this amazing lagoon?

It seems too good to be true, but the answer is yes. You won’t find endless miles of uninterrupted public beaches on Bora Bora, but you will find little pieces of sandy paradise – almost always resort-related – scattered around the main island.

Best Beach In Bora Bora

Public beaches are few and far between, but there is good news: Bora Bora’s official main public beach, Matira Beach, is considered one of the best beaches on the island. Starting at Matira Beach and moving clockwise around the lagoon, here are eight of Bora Bora’s best beaches to start your island dream.

Beach Vacations In Bora Bora

If Derek Zoolander was describing Matira Beach, he would probably say “looks really, really, ridiculous”. It’s hard to imagine needing a beach resort after soaking up the sun at this beautiful public beach, considered by many to be the best beach on the island.

White sand and crystal clear water stretch from the Matira Hotel at the southern end of the Bora Bora continent to near the now closed Bora Bora Hotel. Since Matira Beach is a public beach, you’ll find locals and tourists alike enjoying a swim, relaxing on the sand, or looking for a place to snorkel.

Restaurants are scattered along Matira Beach, from casual snack bars and cafes to upscale restaurants. Combine that with beautiful sunsets and calm waters and you have a beach that is a family hotspot during the day and a romantic spot for couples at sunset.

Moving away from the main island, the private island of Motu To’opua is the home of the Conrad Bora Bora Nui luxury resort, an ideal choice for snorkeling and sand worship. The beach at Conrad is a decent size at about 500 meters (1,640 feet) long, with an entrance pier located in the middle.

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Unlike many of the resort’s other beaches, the sand faces the lagoon rather than the main island, offering a view of endless shades of blue. While the view is spectacular, the view is mostly overwater bungalows, so it’s not the full Robinson experience.

The best thing about this beach is that you can snorkel right from the sand, find corals and bright fish just a few meters from the shore. It is therefore a great beach for diving beginners or those who are not good swimmers. If you have an overwater bungalow, you’re in diving heaven; You can jump right out of your front porch!

Conrad Resort Bora Bora Noi owns the tiny island of Motu Tapu in the lagoon and what it lacks in romantic options, especially if you go out with Conrad’s personal chef and butler for a romantic dinner party. for two (that’s how most people get here).

Motu Tapu was once the private beach of Queen Pomare IV, Queen of Tahiti from 1827 to 1877. a vision of desert island escape – if you were the queen of Tahiti, you’d probably choose it as your private beach.

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It’s all about romance. Private and almost deserted, it is best enjoyed if you put your phone down and store the view in your memories.

Some of Bora Bora’s best beaches have been taken over by luxury resorts © Lux Blue / Shutterstock

Continuing clockwise around the lagoon, Tabairoa Island is home to the luxurious Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort (called Le Bora Bora at Pearl Resort) and its approximately 300 m (984 ft) stretch of sand. This coral island is located between the ocean and the lagoon, and the Pearl Beach Resort faces the mainland and the iconic profile of Mount Otmano at 727m (3,285m).

There is something about the hazy mountain range in the background, the Polynesian-style architecture of the resort, and the sublime lagoon views that make you want to get into a hammock or fall into a lounge chair on the beach in the shade. By the way, you can do both here; Don’t fall asleep and miss out on these beautiful Polynesian sights.

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The location of this beach is probably the best feature. You’ll get all the benefits of a private island experience and luxury resort amenities, but you’re only a ten-minute boat ride from the airport and 15 minutes across the lagoon from Bora Bora’s main village, Vaitapa, on the main island.

See the more rustic side of Bora Bora at Blue Heaven Island Best Resort for informal island charm

Just before arriving at the airport on Mute Island, you’ll pass the private island of Motu Paahi and the cozy casual resort of Blue Heaven Island. A guesthouse (hotel) with five quaint bungalows (hotel), with a natural but narrow beach, the resort describes itself as rustic, which means ceiling fans instead of air conditioning, a lagoon instead of a pool, solar energy and weather- dependent wifi. .

The beach here is rockier, but that doesn’t affect the view, which has the same play of mountains and blue as other resorts. The best part of this beach is the epic snorkeling and sea kayaking. Some of the more expensive resorts take their guests on a boat to dive in the canal right next to it

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Motu Tane is a small island located right next to Motu Paahi, but only a few get the chance to enjoy its beautiful beaches, which are said to be some of the best in Bora Bora. Why? The island is privately owned by cosmetics magnate François Nars. At the time of writing Motu Tane was listed for sale for a cool $39 million.

If you can stretch that far, you can still look out over Mamutu Paahi Island and imagine you have your own private island paradise surrounded by white sand and dotted with Polynesian huts and coconut groves. Due to its proximity to the Blue Heaven Island resort, you can assume that the diving here is also great.

Continuing clockwise towards the northeast side of the Bora Bora Lagoon, past the airport on Mute Island, the famous beach at the Four Seasons Resort offers stunning views of Mount Otmanu from the main stretch of sand.

Surprisingly, that’s not the best thing about this glitzy private island. What we love most is the collection of “mini beaches” along the turquoise canals leading to the inner lagoon on this narrow island – once you see them, you’ll want to sell everything you want and move here. The main beach and the sandy strips surrounding the inner lagoon are just a treat. Combine that with four on-site restaurants and excellent accommodations, and you have the best beach option in Bora Bora.

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Rounding back towards the southern tip of Bora Bora, you’ll find Moto Piti Ota, the private island home of Sofitel Bora Bora (not to be confused with the Sofitel Bora Bora Marra Beach Resort on the mainland, just a few minutes across the sea. . ).

Although the beach here is small and shrinks significantly with the tide, its beauty lies in the privacy and color of the surrounding lagoon. For the best view, take a quick walk up the hill behind the resort, where you’ll find some lounge chairs to lean on and admire the sunset over the lagoon.

Although the snorkeling is fine right off the beach, if you swim or wade in the shallows to a deeper channel on the south side of the island, you will be present primarily for diving trips. Fish life abounds here, but stop before you get too tired or get something to swim in.

The second edition of Lonely Planet’s bestselling book presents a brand new ranking of the best places to visit in the World. Bora Bora vs Tahiti? Bora Bora and Tahiti? Just Bora Bora? Tahiti only? It’s hard to decide. Both islands are in French Polynesia, both beautiful and paradise for beach lovers. So how do you decide? Although you can’t help but think that all exotic islands are almost the same – turquoise water, powder-soft sand and bungalows over water, each island has its own charm and personality. The choice mainly depends on the type of holiday you want to enjoy and the activities you plan to enjoy during your stay. If you want to lounge on a beautiful beach with a cocktail in hand, then either will definitely do the trick!

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Tahiti is the largest island and the gateway to all the other islands in French Polynesia. Livelier and more vibrant than the others, especially in Papeete, the capital of the island, Tahiti has a large port where many ferries dock on the island daily, as well as commercial ships that have a slightly exotic atmosphere. total destination. Because this is the connection point for everything

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