Best Beach In Cumbria

Best Beach In Cumbria – Secluded Beach is the only place in the Northwest that is on’s Hidden Gems list.

Havelig Beach, near Mylom, is located at the mouth of the Dadong Estuary and offers a spectacular view of the hills of the Lake District.

Best Beach In Cumbria

This beach has been voted the most secluded beach in the country and is ranked #5 on the list.

West View Beach House tries to uncover the UK’s best hidden gems by finding the quietest beaches and spots, ranked by finding the most unmarked places on Instagram.

Havelig’s wide, calm sandy beach is Blue Flag certified and ideal for families.

This remote, long, pristine beach is located near Hodbarrow RSPB Nature Reserve and is home to a wide variety of birds and wildlife.

In addition to adventure play features for young children, there is a restored lighthouse and an abandoned windmill near the ruins of a once active iron mine.

Uk Beaches With Crystal Clear Waters You’ll Actually Want To Swim In

Havelig is the only listed beach in the North West of England.

Tret Ir Ora on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales has been voted the most secluded beach on Instagram with over 160 hashtags. The most remote place in England was Howden Beach in County Durham.

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The Best Beach To Visit Across Cumbria

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The Cumbrian Coast: Our Top 5 Walks

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Britain’s largest national park, the Lake District is famous for its 16 lakes (and many smaller lakes). more. Over 150 high peaks. But did you know that there are 30 designated beaches in the area? You might not have heard of it, but Cumbria’s expansive coastline is home to some hidden gems.

Cumbria offers visitors dozens of kilometers of coastline, and many of the best beaches near the Lake District consist of a mixture of pebbles, mud and sand. We can’t guarantee resort-quality golden sand beaches or great weather, but what the Lake District can guarantee is the stunning surrounding scenery. So if the hills and mountains bother you on your lake break, check out our list of the best beaches near the Lake District to get inspired and hit the beach.

The Uk’s Best Beaches: Great Coastal Hotels, Pubs And B&bs To Book Now For Summer

Volney is a large green island fringed with fine white sand and crystal clear blue waters that make for some of the best beaches near the Lake District. For this reason, thousands of tourists cross the Jubilee Bridge from Barrow-in-Furness to Wolney Island on the south shore of the Lake District every year.

Arns Bay is part of a spectacular 18km stretch of sand dunes on the north side of Walney Island. The beach is home to national kitesurfing competitions and is also popular with windsurfers. It offers excellent views of Blackcomb and the Isle of Man, but is slightly obscured by wind turbines. There is ample free parking and public toilets.

Havelig is a beach destination with a difference. This award-winning beach in Dudong Estuary is a mix of sand, pebbles and dune-like areas, perfect for walking and relaxing. You can also fly a kite, boat on a small lake, play on the golden sands, fly a kite to the children’s play park, ride a horse and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

The parking lot overlooks the ocean about 10 meters above the beach, but access is down a narrow, winding sand slope, not suitable for those with severe mobility problems. Also, the tide comes and goes very quickly here, so be careful not to get caught, especially on the beach, where there is a lot of quick, quick sand. Don’t leave Havelig Beach without a hot drink and cake at one of the charming, locally owned beach cafes. The nearby beautiful fishing village of Milom with its newly renovated lighthouse is also worth checking out before returning to your caravan.

Britain’s Forgotten Coast

Situated on the confluence of three rivers, the Lake District village of Ravenglass has a picturesque beach known for its former fishermen’s huts that line the seashore. Because of the estuary, the beach is a mixture of mud, gravel and sand.

The proximity of the Ravenglass Lake District to the Highlands makes for a beautiful mountain backdrop for beach photos. You can also choose a route from Ravenglass to follow the Cambrian Coast Path or head to the top of the Lake District. There is also a nice circular family walk to the Roman Bath House. Visitors can also ride the ever popular Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, one of the oldest and longest narrow gauge railways in England. In the center of the village, close to the coast, next to the main railway, there is a large parking lot, and there are public toilets at the entrance.

White Beach is a small but picturesque pebble and sand beach north of White, perfect for those who want to walk the atmospheric coastline away from the crowds. The area was once a bustling mining and shipping center, as evidenced by the historic harbor dating back to 1633. The harbor walls still protect beachgoers and anglers from the wind.

After breathing in the fresh sea air on one of the best beaches in the Lake District, why not explore the small Georgian town of White? There are several interesting museums and many cafes, restaurants and shops.

Skip The Lakes And See The Cumbrian Coast

Allonby Beach is one of the best beaches near the Lake District. Mixed with pebbles and sand, it offers miles of beautiful scenery and stunning views across the sea to Scotland. Five miles of beach offer plenty of space for sunbathing or a quiet family getaway. The bay’s waters are so shallow and calm that it is frequented by anglers and water sports enthusiasts along with day trippers.

The nearby village of Alombi was once a fashionable bathing resort, but still has some original buildings, including an 18th-century bathing beach, which is well worth a visit. The Cumbria coastal road also passes through the village. There is free parking with easy access to the beach if you prefer to drive rather than walk, but unfortunately there are currently no public toilets nearby.

Despite its name, Grange Over Sands is more a vast salt marsh than a beach. We don’t recommend visiting the salt marshes because of the dangerous quicksand, but a walk along the long promenade is a great way to spend an afternoon. Therefore, prams and wheelchairs can easily pass.

Grange Over Sands has many vantage points overlooking picturesque Mawcombe Bay. Even if you don’t have an arcade for fun here, there are plenty of things to do here, including quaint local cafes, children’s playgrounds, mini golf, tennis and soccer sports centers. The school year

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