Best Beach In Newcastle

Best Beach In Newcastle – Newcastle-on-Tyne really is a city that has everything from shops and restaurants to nightlife and culture, but perhaps its greatest asset is the impressive north-east coast. All the beaches listed below are rated and are definitely worth a visit while in Tun.

You might be sunbathing on North Beach, however, if you’re looking for stunning scenery, nature walks or delicious fish and chips, these beaches near Newcastle have you covered.

Best Beach In Newcastle

Tynemouth is only a 15-minute drive from the city center and is easy to reach by tube or bus from Tyne and Wear. This large North Tyneside town is home to the Blue Flag Long Sands, a mile-long stretch of sand that provides an immediate backdrop of cliffs, dunes and cliffs. The long sands are popular all year round, especially with surfers. Don’t know how to surf? No problem, surf lessons and surfboard hire are available during the summer at Tynemouth Longsands with seasonal lifeguards. The vast space offered by Tynemouth Longsands means you can easily play beach games, sunbathe (if you dare) or have a picnic, not to mention that Tynemouth is Hollywood. The film ‘Goal!’ I was used as a location.

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Tynemouth’s smallest beach, King Edward’s Bay, is a 10-minute drive from Longsands. This gated marina was ranked 5th in Cond√© Nast Traveller’s ‘Britain’s Best Blue Flag Beaches’ 2019 and is a must-see for fish and chips alone. The iconic Riley’s Fish Shack is renowned for its delicious seafood and we couldn’t think of anything better than sitting on a chez longue with a meal surrounded by the stunning King Edward Bay.

Seaburn is a classic British seaside town with a beach, two amusement arcades and the Sea Road shopping street. This Blue Flag beach is half an hour’s drive from Newcastle city centre, or less than an hour from Tyne and Wear Tube. Stroll the boardwalk, do some water sports and eat fish and chips because Seburn Beach has it all. One of the longest running coastal airshows: Sunderland International Airshow takes place on Seaburn and Roker beaches. This free weekend event is popular with locals and tourists alike.

On a particularly hot day, you’ll feel like you’re out in the country, while the golden sands and blue seas on a summer day in Sindhwan can take your breath away. You can also take part in many activities including kayaking, sailing, surfing and of course swimming. Right next to Sandhaven Beach is the Ocean Beach Pleasure Park with lots of rides, attractions and even a roller coaster ride! Entry is free, you just pay a fee and after working out with friends at the amusement park, you can head to the restaurants and bars on the waterfront – a perfect day out.

Last but not least is Whitley Bay Beach – just 10 miles east of Newcastle. This sandy beach is a popular holiday resort thanks to its wonderful environment, many activities such as mini golf and St. Louis. !! Whitley Bay has many bars, clubs and pubs known for its exciting nightlife. The Tyne and Wear tube line runs through the city centre, making it easy to get to this seaside town and more importantly, get home after a night out! Everyone loves Sydney’s beaches, but the people of Newcastle know better. Not only are their beaches on par with some of Australia’s most beautiful stretches of sand, but the crowds are much smaller, so it’s easy to spread out and find parking!

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Newcastle’s beaches have something for everyone, whether you’re dreaming of a relaxing swim or looking for something more adventurous. But with so many options, how do you choose the beach that’s right for you?

Every now and then, there’s one beach that tops the list of Newcastle’s best – Meriwether Beach. It was voted the best in Australia, beating Bondi and Whitehaven, and is rated not only as Newcastle’s best beach, but also as Newcastle’s best outdoor activity.

So what makes it so good? It really is a bit of everything. Sand, waves and a view! Merewether Ocean Baths are among the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and offer a haven at the southern end of the beach, ideal for families with children.

Merewether Beach connects to two other areas of the beach, making it a great place to walk. Merewether, with its surf club and baths, connects to Dixon Park Beach with a dedicated dog-friendly area, then a large car park with beach bar, swimming enclosure, skate park and playground.

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Most of Newcastle’s beaches, including Nobby’s Stockton and Meriwether, the surfer’s home, have excellent surfing conditions. But Newcastle Beach, south of Newcastle Point, is world famous for its waves. It is fully patrolled in the summer and is easily accessible from the Newcastle CBD.

For beginners, it’s best to head to Nobi Beach, which is fully patrolled and has very light breaks, making it easy to learn the basics. Although it can be crowded with newbies, there’s no better place to learn to surf than in Newcastle.

If you’re a more experienced surfer, Stockton Beach is more exposed than any other beach in Newcastle, giving you great waves and beach breaks. However, be aware that there are strong cracks that can be very dangerous for beginners.

Nobby Beach has something to offer everyone, especially when it comes to family fun! One of Newcastle’s safest beaches for swimming, Nubby’s gentle waves are patrolled all year round and is a great place to learn to paddle board or surf.

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One of the best things about Nubby Beach is the other beach activities available. Don’t like surfing? Low tide reveals rock pools and diving spots, a great way to spend an afternoon. Prefer swimming? The walk to the lighthouse is wonderful at any time of day. Views of the waves and the city at sunrise and sunset make it one of Newcastle’s most picturesque spots.

There is also an excellent Newcastle Point Walk from Nobby’s Beach to Newcastle Beach which takes about 15 minutes each way. Free parking and picnic areas are the perfect setting for a great family day at the beach.

Just across the dunes from Nobby’s Beach is Horseshoe Beach, a beautiful stretch of calm water where people and their kids can enjoy the salt and sand together. At Horseshoe Beach, one of Newcastle’s few open beach spots, your dogs can run and chase seagulls.

As with all off-leash areas, make sure your dogs are well-trained and friendly. Horseshoe Beach isn’t just for dogs, and people often come with their families to enjoy the smooth water and great fishing on this side of the breakwater.

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Looking for something more exciting than your usual beach adventures? Caves Beach is a little outside of Newcastle but well worth the drive. Although the main beach is a beautiful stretch of sand and patrolled sea, the main attraction is the network of sea caves accessible at low tide. Be sure to check in advance when the tide is low or high, otherwise you could get stuck which can be quite dangerous.

The caves also have amazing rock pools with flora and fauna for observation and swimming. There are also some bush walks if you want to explore further! The beach has a surf club with restrooms, showers, a picnic area and a kiosk, so you don’t have to sacrifice these amenities during your adventure.

One of NSW’s longest beaches, Stockton is home to stunning sand dunes, with good 4WD access. This is one of the best 4WD tracks in Australia, 53 km

Williamstown to Anna Bay. It’s a challenging but exhilarating ride with great scenery, some of it classic Australian

Best Beaches In Newcastle (within A 1 Hour Drive)

Needless to say, you need a fully functional 4WD to access most of Stockton Beach – we really understand on this occasion. This is a legally recognized road space, so you still have to obey traffic laws. You will also need a permit to access most of the beach – Port Stephens Council has more information on this, a coastal town in the center of Newcastle. And, as you might expect, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to choose from. So grab your swimmers and towel, it’s beach time!

Popular with surfers, family beachgoers and local dolphins, Nobis Beach is one of the city’s most popular beaches. Spend the day on the beach overlooking the beach and historic lighthouse, or stretch your legs and stroll the boardwalk.

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