Best Beach In Pei

Best Beach In Pei – Prince Edward Island has 23 beaches, which is an impressive number for Canada’s smallest province. But that number becomes even more incredible when you consider that the entire island has only about 680 miles of coastline.

For beach lovers, PEI is like a candy store. You can choose sand and waves, supervised or on your own without having to drive more than a few hours.

Best Beach In Pei

Whether you want to dip your toes in the water or just lie on the sand, here are five great PEI beaches that guarantee a good time.

Things To Do In Prince Edward Island

Often called the best beach in Canada, Singing Sands in Basin Head Provincial Park is nine miles of white sand beach with some of the warmest waters in the province. In fact, the beach is said to have some of the warmest waters in north Florida, sometimes exceeding 70 degrees. This beach’s odd name is a result of its fine sand that squeaks when your feet press against it – a result of the high concentration of silica and quartz. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, the locals like to jump from the small bridge into the waterway that bisects the beach, so be careful. After a day at the beach, you can also visit the Basin Head Fisheries Museum to relive the history of the local fisheries that once dominated the area.

Prince Edward Island’s 23-mile national park is home to several beautiful white and red sand beaches, but Cavendish Beach is perhaps the most popular. Rent a chair, park on the red sand and enjoy the sun or take a walk and enjoy the beautiful view of the red rocks. Additionally, from the beach you can easily access hiking, biking, golfing, geocaching and several other outdoor activities found in PEI National Parks. And if you’re not satisfied with the beach in one day, you can always set up your tent, relax by the campfire and head out for round two in the morning.

Greenwich Beach, also in Prince Edward Island National Park, sits on the edge of the province’s largest sand dune, a delicate ecosystem that is extremely rare in North America. An extensive system of trails and boardwalks allow you to explore some of the 900 acres of sand dunes at your own pace. Then head to the soft white sand beaches of Greenwich. You’ll find it a little less crowded than Cavendish, but with the same beautiful views and great showers.

Just 15 minutes from Charlottetown is the beautiful Brackley Beach. Curiously named after a provincial scribe who tragically drowned in the bay in the 18th century, this beach is a popular holiday destination and has been for generations. You put your towel on the white sandy beach and go into the water to wash the sand off your back. Then, as the sun begins to set, watch a movie at the drive-in, play mini golf or enjoy local art at the Dunes Studio Gallery and Cafe.

Prince Edward Island’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Located in the provincial park of the same name, Cedar Dunes Beach is located in the northwest corner of PEI. Look for shells on the pristine sand, play volleyball or try to spot seals off the beach. If you love the sound of Cedar Dunes and want to spend a few days at the beach, you can set up camp just steps from the sand. Or, for a truly unique experience, consider staying at the West Point Lighthouse. You will relax in an inn built into a working lighthouse, which stands high above the coastline and offers unparalleled views of the sunset.

There are only a few of the many beaches to explore. Learn more with the help of PEI Tourism. PEI is home to some of the best beaches in Canada, and most of them are perfect for kids. With red and white sand, as well as sand dunes and cliffs, this island region has over 800 km of coastline. But with so many options, what are the best PEI beaches for families?

After walking each of the three boardwalks and stopping at several beaches (and lighthouses!), we can honestly say that we’ve hit some of PEI’s great beaches.

So we’ve rounded up the best beaches in PEI for families, no matter what part of the province you live in.

Canada’s Best Beach Walks

We’ve tried to include some of the more famous beaches as well as some of the island’s quieter beaches that are just as beautiful, if not better, than the more popular ones.

No matter what type of beach you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the perfect beach to spend a day (or more!) with your family on PEI.

Perhaps one of PEI’s most famous beaches, Cavendish Beach is a family-friendly beach. And with miles of white sand and red sand cliffs, it’s truly stunning.

Located in Prince Edward Island National Park, there are also plenty of activities to do if you don’t want to lounge on the beach all day. There are hiking trails throughout the park or you can join one of the park’s activities, such as how to make an amazing sandcastle!

Basin Head Provincial Park And Singing Sands Beach, Pei

The beach is also equipped with public toilets, changing rooms and showers. And if you’re hungry, there are several restaurants and fast food places in nearby Cavendish.

Since Cavendish Beach is one of PEI’s most popular beaches for families, it gets very busy! If you’re looking for a quieter but equally beautiful beach, read on for our recommendations below.

This beach is famous for its ‘singing sand’, and has sand with such a high silica content that it literally ‘sings’ when you step on it. To be honest it’s more like a scream, but the singing sounds better!

The sand squeaks best when the weather is clear and it may take a few tries to hear the sound, but trust me, it makes an interesting sound!

Best Swimming Spots & Beaches On The East Coast

There is a narrow channel of water, called by the locals “run”, that separates the beach and flows into the lake. Even though there’s a sign saying you can’t jump off the bridge, you’ll see lots of kids doing this jump (and lots of parents standing by to film it).

Be sure to check the tides beforehand as the water in the canal can be fast moving, but there are lifeguards stationed in the canal (during summer) to protect swimmers.

You will also find changing rooms, toilets, a beach shop and an ice cream shop near the beach. Beach mats provide access from the jetty, floating wheelchairs are available when surf conditions permit.

The first time we visited it was so windy that I tried to take pictures of the rustling sand, but you can’t hear anything about the wind! The second time it was less windy so you could hear it better. Check out the singing sand here.

Best Beaches In Pei For Families • Wanderlust With Kids

Parking: Sufficient parking space in the parking lot. Many people also park along the road along the beach but it is not allowed to walk on the sand dunes so park in the car park

Panmure Island isn’t as famous as some of the others, but it’s definitely one of PEI’s best beaches for families.

A long white sandy beach with dunes and sea views, it’s actually on the road so you’ll find water and beaches on both sides.

Walk along the beach or play in the water and relax on the sand. The water is shallow and relatively calm and this is one of the best beaches on PEI for swimming. You will see many small children playing in the shallow water.

Putting The Rouge In Prince Edward Island’s Red Sand Beaches

There are changing rooms, as well as showers and flush toilets. There are also kiosks selling snacks and ice cream.

At the end of the road is Panmure Island, home to the island’s oldest wooden lighthouse. You can’t go inside, but it’s definitely worth a look.

Parking: Parking is a bit tricky – follow Google Maps to get to the beach and then find a spot along the way. If you visit in the summer, the beach gets busy and you may need to park a short walk from the beach entrance.

While most of PEI’s North Shore beaches are known for their rolling dunes and fine sand, Thunder Cove Beach is very different.

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With sandstone cliffs, cave formations and sea stacks similar to those seen at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick or along Nova Scotia’s Minas Basin, Thunder Cove is one of PEI’s must-visit beaches for families.

There is plenty of white sand and the water is relatively calm and shallow, so bring a beach blanket and plan to spend the day!

When you need a break from lounging on the beach, head to the west side of the beach. Here you will find a cave formation and further around the point is Teacup Rock.

Teacup Rock is best seen at low tide

Wood Islands Beach

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