Best Beaches In Costa Maya

Best Beaches In Costa Maya – If you go to the Costa Maya by boat, good luck! This port is one of my favorites in the Caribbean. You’ll understand why when you finish reading this.

Sleepy Puerto Costa Maya and Mahahual were once rural fishing villages. In 2002 this area became popular as a cruise ship destination.

Best Beaches In Costa Maya

It was the first cruise terminal “built” in the Caribbean, but it didn’t last long. After a year of construction following the devastation of Hurricane Dean in 2007, the Costa Maya passenger terminal opened its doors. And it has grown since then.

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You can walk from your ship to the Costa Maya resort. Or take the free tram.

When their ship sails to the Costa Maya, many ask, “What’s there to do in Costa Maya?” he asks. In fact, many people have never heard of or heard of Costa Maya but don’t know what to do there. Isn’t that one of the reasons you’re reading this?

All cruise ships offer full-day shore excursions to visit the Mayan pyramids, dolphin encounters or snorkeling. When I come here, I just want a good lunch and a cold drink. After sitting in a beach chair for two hours and swimming in the ocean. Here’s how to do just that, save money and have one of the best days in port.

Update December 2, 2021: This little passage behind the stairs is now closed. When I first wrote this article… you could see the small path between the tree and the ladder. You can walk and when you go out you will see a random table under a long umbrella to book a taxi or tram.

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Now that has changed. It’s a good idea to use the ship’s map and follow the directions on the map for a taxi, golf cart rental or up the stairs to the tram terminal.

You can buy a $3 subway ticket or take a $3 taxi (all per person). Tell the driver you want to go to Hotel 40 Cañones or Spanish Cuarenta Cañones. 10-15 minutes to the last stop at the end of the road. Mahahual is the capital.

If you don’t have a back or neck problem, it’s a pleasure to drive as it happily bounces off bumpy roads. Taxis are a better ride but not that much fun. If you’re traveling alone, it’s easy to laugh and make new friends along the way.

Spend the day at the beach: There are many beach clubs on this side of the pier. Part of 40 Canon, the Pez Quadro is an All-You-Can-Drink package that includes food, Wi-Fi, and a long list of activities.

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Personally, I always go to the hotel’s outdoor dining room for a great dinner. In fact, you can choose Italian or Mexican at 40 Canons. Owners serve Italian and Italian food.

I like shrimp fajitas. Guacamole was also great…everything was good there. Whether you order fresh lobster or a cheese quesadilla, a drink-packed lunch costs between $12 and $30, depending on the meal.

After lunch, take a walk on the pier… maybe sit in a beach chair and take a nap. You will find the beach and town quiet, peaceful and almost undeveloped.

When it’s time to return to your ship (wait an hour), turn to the road that passes by the hotel. Taxis are usually available, but please allow some time if you need to wait.

Best Beaches In Mexico (that You Have To Visit!)

Check out these rainbow-colored cabanas on your way to the Costa Maya (it’s a different route for a while).

Back at the pier, follow the crowd to the pier. You can buy souvenirs for the last minute at hundreds of shops and shops in the complex.

I am the publisher and creator of a solo traveler who travels the world on surfboards and wheels, collecting testimonials along the way. I hope my articles and photos will entertain you, provide advice, and inspire you to travel the world without flying. Take a breather… stop for local food and a glass of wine along the way. For your adventurous side, Mahaual beaches are remote and fun. The Mahahual people and residents worked together to design this southern Caribbean beach community. In front of the beach are promenades, beach clubs and restaurants. Day-trippers and locals move south to remote beaches, while day-trippers tend to visit the main beach. Go between the two places and enjoy both sides of the beach!

The location of Mahahual beach is the recently developed Malecón beach. It has great views of the Caribbean and directs guests to small seafood restaurants and beach clubs. Mahahual has a wide variety of beaches that combine day-trippers from cruise ships, relaxing locals, and tourists stopping in for a few days on the Costa Maya. For tourists looking for remote beaches in their natural, pristine state, a drive down the main road in Mahahual will take you to the middle of paradise. Mahahual beaches are a successful combination of comfort and tranquility.

The Perfect Day In Costa Maya

Consider the Mesoamerican Reef a few hundred meters from the beach and the Chinchorro Banks a boat ride away. Enjoy a variety of water sports at your fingertips. Divers, fishermen, surfers and surfers share the beauty of the Caribbean by day and remember their visits to beachfront restaurants at night.

At the end of the Malecón is a long remote beach unspoiled by the large number of vacationers looking for them. Like Sian Ka’an, the beaches are raw. Mangroves coexist with the white sands of the Caribbean and beach lovers will enjoy their adventures and stay in this ecological paradise. Costa Maya is in many ways a less developed rustic place than the Riviera Maya. Bring water, snacks and sunscreen because you won’t find restaurants or shops on the beaches south of Mahahual. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico, Costa Maya is a simple town that is smaller and less crowded than other resorts nearby. Costa Maya’s beaches are some of the best in Mexico, Costa Maya is small and easy to reach on foot.

Many travelers consider it one of the most beautiful and relaxing places on the Caribbean side of Mexico, which is more sheltered from waves and swells on the Pacific side. The area is full of beautiful scenery and natural wonders, such as Mayan ruins and underwater playgrounds filled with colorful fish.

From snorkeling and diving to beach clubs and nature experiences, here are some of the best Costa Maya beaches to visit while on vacation in Mexico.

Costa Maya Beach Day

At first glance Playa Mahahual looks like another beautiful beach. It is a wide soft sandy beach with a slope. But what makes this the best beach on the Costa Maya is what lies just below the surface: the northern part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Stretching for 600 miles, the reef is the second largest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef.

Because Mahahual beach is shallow and serene, one of the best things to do on the Costa Maya is to dive into the water and swim the reef along with the marine life that surrounds the village. Fortunately, without a certificate, you can take a beginner’s dive to try scuba diving, where you stay in shallow water where the surface doesn’t move more than a few strokes.

Basically, you will learn the basics before entering the water and a certified instructor will be there to ensure your safety while diving. There is also a small town in Mahahual that is worth a visit after enjoying the beach.

If you want your beach experience to focus on rest and relaxation, head to La Bamba Beach, about 20 minutes south of Costa Maya town. On this beach is La Bamba Beach Club, a private oasis where you can spend the evening in peace. There are terraces and palm trees along the beach, and the beach club itself has chairs and umbrellas, boats and hammocks to borrow, and a private restaurant and bar.

Riviera Maya Weather

While there are many activities available in the area, it’s a good idea to go on a day of adventure in the middle of your vacation. Many people consider La Bamba the best beach on the Costa Maya, and that’s it for doing it.

From Costa Maya, about 40 minutes from Costa Maya Village, head north towards Uvero Beach to find a beach to choose from for activities. Uvero Beach is one of Costa Maya’s most popular beaches, with plenty of space to relax on the sand in a chaise longue, have a refreshing drink or drink, or go out on the water.

You can rent a canoe or sign up for an exciting banana boat trip from the beach. if you like to receive

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