Best Beaches In Puerto Escondido

Best Beaches In Puerto Escondido – Puerto Escondido has long been Mexico’s worst kept secret, and it looks like it will continue to do so.

Make it one of the 52 places to visit in 2017. So if you want to get in on this travel trend, do it before it’s gone! Here’s a beach lover’s guide to one of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

Best Beaches In Puerto Escondido

There’s a reason Puerto Escondido is known as a world-class surfing destination, and Playa Zacatilla has played a big role in building that reputation. This is the site of the Mexican Pipeline, which can only mean one thing: great surfing conditions, but dangerous for non-surfers. However, while in Puerto Escondido, this beach is a must-visit, even if you are not there to get on the board yourself, but to meet the world-famous surfers.

The Ultimate Puerto Escondido Travel Guide

La Punta Playa is located on the southeast side of the sandbar below Sicatala. If you want all the atmosphere of Zicatilla, but the waves are safe for beginners, this is the beach for you. In addition to beginner surfers, surfers and body boarders, you will regularly find runners exercising on this beach, as the sand is small and perfect for jogging. Also, Little Bird says this beach has the best chocolate croissants in Puerto Escondido.

In the center of Porto, you’ll find the aptly named Playa Principal, which is particularly popular with locals, especially fishermen. If surfers should look elsewhere, if you want to try your hand at bodyboarding or just enjoy the gentle surf, Playa Principal offers ideal conditions. While you won’t soak up the powdery, white sand, you’ll find that the family atmosphere here is second to none.

Between Playa Principal and Playa Zicatella you will find Playa Marinero, which has a similar vibe and atmosphere. For those who love sunbathing and soaking up the surroundings, this beach is a must-visit, especially if you enjoy people-watching. Again, swimming and bodyboarding are popular in this surf and there are many restaurants along the beach where you can enjoy a quick and tasty meal before continuing your relaxing day.

We combined Playa Manzanillo and Puerto Angelito because while they are technically separate, they are so small and close to each other that if you can go to one, you can go to the other! Located in a small headland away from the city center, both Manzanillo and Angelito are very quiet and peaceful due to the tranquility of the water. It is for this reason that swimming, like swimming, is both a popular activity. You’ll see more Mexican families having lunch here than foreign tourists.

This Under The Radar Oaxaca Beach Town Was Just Named A Top Summer Destination

Don’t let tongues wander from this secluded and beautiful Puerto Escondido beach. Playa Carrizalillo takes some effort to get to, so only go there if you think you can handle the 167 steps rock climb! But if you take a metaphorical swim, you’ll find yourself at a forced beach that offers perfect swimming conditions and a truly romantic atmosphere. As you can imagine, it is not crowded.

Finally, Party Beach is known for its high-quality beach club: Playa Becocho. If all you’re looking for is a beach with comfy sun loungers, great music and someone to bring you cocktails all day, this might be the place for you. We recommend checking out the best Villa Sol Beach Club. However, you don’t have to go to a beach club to appreciate Bekucho, and you’ll find plenty of joggers taking advantage of the 25k stretch of sand. This is not a good beach for swimming.

We and our partners use this to better understand your needs, improve performance, and provide you with personalized content and advertising. To provide us with a better and more customized experience, please click “OK” A magical and tropical fishing village, Puerto Escondido is known as the best surfing destination for many tourists and locals.

Not only that; Over the past few years, this charming coastal town has become notable for its variety of delicacies.

Best Things To Do In Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Tourists in Puerto Escondido, from backpackers to globetrotters, have discovered flavors they never knew before in local restaurants.

Although overlooked, Puerto Escondido is rich in flavor and culture. This article will introduce you to the best restaurants in Puerto Escondido that I discovered during my trip to Oaxaca.

Puerto Escondido translates to “hidden port” after the legendary woman who escaped from her captors and hid in this village. The port was originally established in the early 1900s to transport coffee, and by the 1930s an entire city had settled around the port.

It’s the perfect vacation spot, especially if you’re a beach person. In Oaxaca, Mexico, Puerto Escondido is still lower, so we can add “rank” for all the beauty and taste it has to offer.

Full Travel Guide To Puerto Escondido

Honestly, this city has it all – mountains, ocean blues, cool nightlife, surfing, sun, and more.

“Where do you eat?” Remember this question. Any time to find a restaurant? Well, we got the right answer for you, come on!

Fun fact: Puerto Escondido was featured in the New York Times’ 2017 “Where to Go” edition. However, before entering Mexico, ask yourself, “What to pack for Mexico?”

Here’s a list of “must try” restaurants for great food in Puerto Escondido on your next trip to Mexico:

Playa Carrizalillo (puerto Escondido)

Want to eat something simple yet traditional? Here you will find a classic Oaxaca-style restaurant that offers vegetarian options, seafood and non-vegetarian dishes.

CocoFam is located in Juarez, Mexico. It is a popular “authentic” destination among visitors. The restaurant was very good in terms of food.

Cocofam is mostly vegan and vegetarian and its vegan desserts are very popular. There is a small restaurant in this street that also serves delicious water.

El Cafecito has two different locations – one in the main town and the other on Zacatilla Beach in Puerto Escondido. Both restaurants serve delicious food and are popular breakfast spots among many tourists in Puerto Escondido.

The Beaches Of Puerto Escondido

This place is known for heavy food and filling portions. The mouth-watering Oaxaquenos dish (eggs topped with quezillo in tomato sauce), baked beans and chips are must-try in port. It’s amazingly good!

Aguachile, Tuna Carpaccio and fried fish are some of the delicious dishes at this bar. You can also sample intoxicating beer, wine and gin mixes to start your day with a drink at this amazing place.

Costanito Cevicheria is easy to reach even during rush hours and heavy traffic. It is located on the beach and offers a wonderful view for breakfast/lunch.

Located on the main strip of Zacatilla, this small restaurant is one of the tastiest and most reasonably priced in Puerto Escondido, especially in the beautiful neighborhood of Zacatilla.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico: An Up And Coming Boho Beach Destination

It is located in an alley next to OXXO on Ave. Del Miro, he can hide in the street. Look around to find these restaurants for convenient, affordable meals.

Talayuda, a fried egg and cheese-filled tortilla topped with refried bean salsa, is a must-try at Mama Malo. In this restaurant you can have coffee with any kind of food.

Mama Malo coffee is Oaxacan style, meaning it is roasted in a clay pot with spices like cinnamon, brown sugar and orange peel. It’s not too sweet, and the hint of cinnamon is delicious!

Holy Moly is a unique vegetarian restaurant that serves fixed price vegetarian dishes, drinks and desserts every evening. Eat whatever is on the menu that day; Whatever you choose is sure to be delicious.

Beach Scenes: Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Holy Moly is unique in creating new menus and delicious dishes every day! The place, its beauty and interior will make you feel at home – St. Molly is calm, cozy and very private!

The food is mainly Oaxacan-Mexican, completely pescetarian and sometimes vegetarian – tamale oaxaqueños, fried fish, avocado stuffed with shrimp and a number of ceviches are popular dishes here.

The Santa Fe Scrambled Eggs with Tofu is one of the best breakfast menus in town and pairs perfectly with the stunning views of Zacatecas Beach.

The Aspidin restaurant, named after a type of agave that grows in Puerto Escondido, is owned by Amy Hardy and Eric Turin — two American travelers who also own the Fidencio mezcal brand.

Oaxaca Beaches You Have To Visit In 2022

To go with all that mezcal, there are special dishes like coconut slaw, almond-crusted sundae and octopus chicharron.

Aspadin, get it

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