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Victoria is known for many things – the mild climate, the beautiful harbour, the historic buildings – but it doesn’t get enough credit for its stunning beaches. The city occupies the entire peninsula in the southwest corner of Vancouver Island, with many beaches and beaches. In the warm summer months, these beaches are crowded with families and tourists, but they are worth visiting all year round because of the scenery and nature.

Best Beaches In Victoria Bc

Everyone has their own unique list of important people and things, so we’ve created a list to help you narrow it down. Or you can go see both, I don’t know your plan.

Best Lakes In British Columbia For Swimming

In our opinion, here are the seven best beaches near the capital city of Victoria, each with its own reputation:

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This beautiful little beach sits on a bay, backed by rows of quaint houses. The beach is beautiful, fine sand, and although a few trees have been cut down in the swimming area, there is less for adults and more for children to explore.

When the tide is right, the sheltered area becomes a good place for swimming or surfing. Of course, anyone thinking of going to Gonzalez Beach should pay attention to the Victoria Tide Chart, as the beach almost disappears at high tide.

Must Visit Nature Attractions & Parks In And Around Victoria

The small parking lot has public toilets and stairs and access to the beach. Dogs are not allowed on the beach during the summer (June 1-August 31), but are allowed on foot during the whole year.

Gonzales Beach is located in the Fairfield neighborhood east of downtown Victoria, near Crescent Road at the south end of Foul Bay Road. The entrance to the car park is slightly to the west, at the south end of Richmond Road.

Willows Beach has preserved shallow water that is great for swimming, especially for children. The beaches here are wide, and with a mix of sand, rocks, and driftwood, there’s something for everyone (although the sand portion is always a bit small).

It’s a great place to walk freely on deep water, and the calm water is great for walkers, walkers, and hikers. Although they don’t have paddle boards, South Island SUP will provide you with a surfboard on the beach through their SUP rental line.

These Dreamy Beaches Are The Best Vancouver Island Has To Offer

But be prepared, Willows Beach is popular and can be crowded on good days and summer weekends. It’s full of amenities, including walking trails, playgrounds, picnic tables, grassy areas, restrooms, changing rooms, and even a drop-off area (beware of long lines in the summer, though).

Every first weekend in June, Willow Beach hosts the Oak Bay Tea Party, an event with exhibits, games, rides and parades. It’s like a carnival, but without the bells, cowhide, beer, or Americana.

Willows Beach is located in Oak Bay, just off Beach Drive. About 15 minutes east from central Victoria, the car park is at the end of Dalhousie Street.

This lake is famous for its large sea snakes, making it a triple threat. Yes, this is the only place on earth where you can see the giant ‘Cadebrosaurus’, even though it is an old model, that walks around the children’s playground at Gyro Park.

Vancouver Island’s Hidden Beaches

Even the cadborosaurus, named after the first discovery in Cadboro Bay, is open to question. Over the past two hundred years, there have been many sightings, disturbing corpses, and ancient legends about these sea creatures.

Although some believe that there is vague evidence of their existence, few scientists believe that these findings show that the diversity of fish and marine animals is caused by the original form of explanation. Sun sharks and even humpback whales are the most famous.

However, no matter where you stand in the debate, there’s nothing stopping you from taking in Cadboro-Gyro Park’s big plastic show.

Of course, the playground is more than just “Caddie”, because children will enjoy a giant octopus, a giant salmon or, for those who love adrenaline, hyperbolic sea animals, there is a clearly interesting line. There is also a large grassy area where people play frisbee and soccer, plenty of shade and tennis courts nearby.

The 10 Best Swimming Holes Around Victoria Bc

The beach itself is long and sandy, with spectacular views from Cadboro Bay to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and, on a clear day, the Olympic Mountains of Washington. In fact, it has a suitable collection of logs to explore some rocky cliffs at deep water, and the bay is used for teaching sailing lessons.

In addition to the usual picnic areas and public rest areas, Gyro Beach has ample parking, boating (motorless boats only), and the entire area is wheelchair accessible. Under the hood, Gyro Beach Boards rents paddle boards and offers tours and classes.

Dogs are allowed on a leash on the grass and trails all year round. From the 1st of May to the 30th of September they are not allowed on the beach, but for the whole year it is free (belt is optional).

If you are looking for a beach in the city, but you can do without the crowds, Ross Bay is the place for you. Stroll along the Dallas Road Waterfront Walk and enjoy spectacular views of the Juan de Fuca Strait, especially on wild, stormy days when the rough waves are spectacular.

B.c. Beach Named One Of The Best In The World

Why is this miracle empty when Gonzalez Beach is famous? There are two reasons: 1) It doesn’t contain cream, as you might guess from the name. 2) This is not a good place to swim, the waves are bad and the rocks are treacherous.

It’s a great place to spend the day with the family, but it’s also a great choice for long walks, where you’ll find your place in the world, away from the constraints of everyday life. So, if you know what life is all about, you can go to Gonzalez Beach for a tan.

Ross Bay Pebble Beach doesn’t have many buildings, just a small set of toilets on the road next to the Ross Bay Cemetery.

From downtown Victoria, follow Dallas Road until you reach the Clover Point car park. If it’s full, there are many other places around St. Charles Street.

Top Sandy Beaches

These little gems are within a short drive of downtown Victoria, giving you more options for your beach getaway.

This unusual place is a peaceful place, full of birds surrounded by a narrow area (known as the Cobourg Peninsula) with a road, few parking spaces and a beautiful line of sand covered with various trees. to protect, away from the sea. . We think this is Victoria’s best beach.

Local artist Paul Lewis has transformed many of the rough woods into a series of carved wooden beams, many of which depict stunningly different birds, and the wrought iron bridge under the bridge looks amazing. A good look at these two events.

Many species of birds visit Esquimalt Lagoon, as the shallow, shallow waters are ideal for young birds to practice their fishing skills in extreme conditions. A “twitcher” playground, of course.

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There are also beautiful walks through old growth forests on both sides of the canal, including a visit to the Magna Carta Tree, one of the largest and oldest Douglas firs in the world, which is 2 meters wide and 800 years old.

The view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca in a wonderful area, we will see, what else? Oh, did I mention there’s a phone?

It is very large, on top of the green cliffs near the horn there is the famous Hartley Castle, National Heritage Site and sometimes Hollywood stars (X-Men, Deadpool, etc.). A few minutes down is the Fort Lord’s Hill Historic Site and the amazing Fisgard Lighthouse ($8 per person when included with the Canadian Discovery Pass).

So, if none of this convinces you, there is another delicious Japanese curry, so hopefully it will do the trick. check it out.

Awesome Beaches In Victoria You Need To Check Out

About 15 km/25 minutes from downtown Victoria. Take Hwy 1/Trans-Canada west to Colwood exit, then Hwy 1A/Old Island Highway, go south on Ocean Boulevard, turn left and follow the canal (you

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