Best Bed And Breakfast In Rhode Island

Best Bed And Breakfast In Rhode Island – Plan an unforgettable trip to Newport, RI by staying at the best B&Bs Newport RI has to offer.

Whether you know me or follow me on my blog or Instagram, you probably already know the fact that I love to travel.

Best Bed And Breakfast In Rhode Island

Exploring new cities excites and inspires me, which has been one of my goals for the past few years.

The 8 Best Hotels In Newport, Rhode Island

One of the ways I’ve been able to expand my travel is by not only prioritizing it, but planning shorter trips as well.

While I also enjoy long-term travel, I find that a two- or three-day vacation can really be incredibly rejuvenating.

I shared my tips for planning the ultimate girls trip, which is exactly what my sister-in-law and I did recently when we visited Newport, Rhode Island (one of my favorite places).

Part of this girls trip is because we really want a place to relax and unwind during our down time.

Historic Bed And Breakfast, Newport, Rhode Island — Newport Rhode Island Bed & Breakfast

This of course brings us to the best B&Bs that Newport RI has to offer which I will tell you about below!

We stayed at the Golded Hotel in Newport for two nights and found it to be a great mix between a large chain hotel and a bed and breakfast.

Read on to learn more about some of the unique features of this amazing bed and breakfast in Newport, RI.

While you’re reading about the best accommodation in Newport Ray, you can also find the best deals right now by entering Newport and your chosen travel dates below!

Best Kept Secret B&b

When I saw the pink wallpaper on the Gilded website, I knew this was the hotel for me.

The whole vibe of this cozy place fits my aesthetic, and it also fits perfectly with the history of Newport (ie the golden age, of course!).

Theme hotels are always fun and I am amazed by the little details that decorate this hotel.

As someone recently commented on one of my Instagram photos, if my future home doesn’t look like this, I’m failing.

The Best Spots For Brunch And Breakfast In Rhode Island

My sister-in-law and I really couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel every night to rest because our hotel room really felt like a real bedroom and not just a place to sleep.

We were also given an iPad during our stay which was very useful for researching the area and planning our daily adventures.

This is truly one of my favorite hotels I have visited and I pray that I can visit more Lark hotels in the future!

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The decor of that hotel is so dreamy! Definitely adding this place to my bucket list for my next trip to RI.

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