Best Beer In Vancouver

Best Beer In Vancouver – We love trying new microbrews, especially in great beer destinations like Vancouver, BC. Microbreweries are located all over the city, so it’s time to get out and check out the best beer in Vancouver.

Many breweries in Vancouver offer up to a dozen or more unique beers, and most have tasting rooms where patrons can stop for a pint, a pint or a pitcher, or even a bite to eat.

Best Beer In Vancouver

Our guide includes four of the city’s best brewery groups, along with details on the best breweries to visit in each location. If you’re a beer fan, make sure you leave at least a full day to explore all the breweries around Vancouver.

Bc Beer Awards 2019:

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If you don’t have a lot of time, be sure to visit certain areas, like Yaletown or Main Street, where many of Vancouver’s breweries are clustered together, so you can wander between breweries.

More are added every day, so it’s impossible for us to keep track of new ingredients (although we update this list regularly). Here are what we consider to be the best breweries in Vancouver as of the date this article was updated.

A stop at one of these breweries will be a great addition to your city exploration.

Must Visit Breweries In Vancouver

Organizing your own beer tour is as easy as choosing the neighborhood you want to visit and following our map below. Plan to include no more than 4 breweries in your research. You’ll want to spend up to an hour on each one and it’s no fun to rush.

Most breweries offer taste samples and build-your-own trays of their offerings. I would recommend this route over buying a full pint as you get a chance to try more beers at each location.

We like to make our own beer tours and go at our own pace, but if you prefer to go on an organized beer tour, there are plenty of them. You can try this tour.

The road is home to several breweries, and in my opinion some of the best. You can easily find street parking anywhere in the area and then walk to all the breweries at your leisure.

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Main Street Brewery is our favorite place to drink beer. The room felt spacious, well decorated and comfortable. And, of course, the beer is excellent.

Not a lot of food, just a few small bites, but more than enough tasting dishes that include favorites like saisons and pilsners. High Street is also cooking up some pickles.

Brassneck is a small neighborhood tasting room where you can try one of their beers with food from one of the rotating food trucks.

They say they have a “busy and ever-changing board full of options featuring ‘dangerously drinkable’ blends, tried and true beers, nano-sized experiments and lesser-known styles from across Europe and North America.”

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One of Vancouver’s first breweries to emerge, R&B is a flagship store with a pub and bar. They lean towards Belgian and German beer styles, while offering complex seasonals and limited releases.

I love doing R&B as the last stop on the road because they make really good pizza and it’s a great way to end it.

Located right next door to R&B Brewing, this new brewery is a great addition to the Main Street brewery scene. They have taken an experimental and unique style of cooking, with what they call really good beer and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

The joy of the Faculty Brewing tasting room is that you will sit right next to the beer tank and can spend your time talking beer with the owner if you want.

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They have a tasting board that includes four 4 oz tasters and rotate their beers weekly so there’s always something new to try.

33 Acres likes to experiment with different styles and flavor profiles in their beers. That’s how they create great beers like 33 Acres of Sunshine, which is a hazy blonde with citrus, coriander and black licorice.

They have a tasting flight for $9 that includes four 6oz glasses or you can order a half pint or a full pint. They also serve quite delicious food. It’s a good stop when you’re ready to grill your avocado toast.

There are several breweries worth visiting in downtown Vancouver. If you don’t have a car, this is one of the closest beer hopping routes within walking distance of a downtown hotel.

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While Yaletown Brewing isn’t a small shop with a tasting room like some of our favorites, it’s a great brewery with lots of space and an extensive menu, where you can find fresh, seasonal and often unique beers on tap. Often very busy, so be prepared.

They have an outdoor area which is great for sunny days. Since they have an extensive menu, it’s a good place to sit down for lunch or dinner and try their wide variety of beers. Don’t miss Pizza Sunday!

A postage stamp is a fun destination. This is an elegant and charming tasting room and dining room in the newly renovated Coloni building. In addition to Postmark, there’s a winery and restaurant in the building, so you can spend a day between all three.

It might be a stretch (or a lot) to say that Powell Brewing is downtown. It’s actually not far from the East Vancouver area. But it’s a good third stop if you’re coming from downtown and don’t want to stop at just two. Remember that. It can easily be added to the East Van crawl.

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Powell Brewing is always good. Their vintage Jalops have won multiple awards and are a local favorite. If you stop by their tasting room, you can try their regular offerings as well as their experimental and seasonal offerings.

They have a condiment tray that holds four 5 oz. They also offer 5, 12 and 16 oz pour whatever you like. They also have gluten free offerings.

The East Vancouver area is full of great breweries. Now it’s called the Yeast Van because of all the beers. If you want to take a day and visit as many breweries as possible, this is the place to do it. You’ll find some of the best breweries here, so be prepared to try a lot of great beers.

Extras: We couldn’t include them all, but there are a few more not on the list that you should try while in East Van: Callister Brewing, Strathcona Brewing, Off the Rail Brewing.

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This relatively small brewery is serious about giving customers a good time in their tasting room with great beer. In case you’re wondering, Luppolo means jump in Italian, reflecting the Italian heritage of some of its owners.

That’s not all you’ll see from Italy here either. The menu includes favorite Italian snacks such as focaccia bread, Pane e Prosciutto and antipasto plates.

We love that they adopted the name of the neighborhood. Hey why not just go ahead! They have a large tasting room that feels more like a pub, with lots of room to relax.

Open since 2013, Parallel 49 Brewing is one of the most popular in town. Their small tasting room is usually full on weekends with people tasting their excellent beers.

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Storm Brewing has been brewing since 1995. It is the oldest craft brewery in Vancouver. They don’t have a tasting room, but they welcome guests into their workspace to sample their beers.

They don’t serve pints or food or chairs. But you can try up to 6 beers (one at a time of course). The beers are innovative and artisanal. The brewer, James Walton, is hailed as a pioneer of craft beer and holds high standards for his beers.

They often have what they call “brainstorming beers” that are in limited supply while they try things out.

(Most of these will no longer be available. I’m listing them just to give you an idea.) Vanilla Whiskey Stout, Apple Pie Ale, Pizza Pilsner

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There are only two breweries on Granville Island, so nothing to get excited about. But if you’re already there to visit the Granville Island Market, you should definitely stop by for a bite to eat at the brewery.

Unfortunately, Granville Island Brewery is no longer a microbrewery, having been bought by Molson. But it’s still one of our favorite places in town for beer.

This is a must stop when visiting Granville Island. They have a plate of delicious seasonal dishes and a good sized menu.

We didn’t consider Dockside Brewing the first few times we were on Granville Island because it’s next to the Dockside Restaurant which is usually full of tourists, but

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