Best Bourbon In New Orleans

Best Bourbon In New Orleans – From left: Henry McKenna, Basil Haydens, Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel, George T. Stag, Bullet Bourbon, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses Single Barrel, Old Valor Antique, Iragleigh, Ellaglon 10. Taylor Jr. Single Barrel, Peppy Van Winkle 23, Maker’s Mark

The 146th Kentucky Derby may be postponed until Sept. 5 — the first time the Run for the Roses has been postponed since 1945. But that doesn’t mean the bourbon has to stop flowing in May. After all, you now have 120 seconds to enjoy a nice whiskey without the most exciting two minutes in sports.

Best Bourbon In New Orleans

In addition, Churchill Downs is “hosting” a first-of-its-kind virtual event that will be televised on NBC on May 2 from 3 to 6 p.m. EST. The Kentucky Derby: Triple Crown Showdown will be a computer simulation race , with

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Thirteen Triple Crown winners. Additionally, an official Derby at Home Party initiative to help equestrian fans celebrate with at-home fashion contests, craft sessions and cocktail-making classes, among other festive festivities (with the hashtag #KYDerbyAtHome will be completed ).

Day Derby always calls for a classic mint julep (or three) – but be sure to make it with an excellent … [+] bourbon.

So if you’re looking for a safe bourbon, Mickey Nikolic—the bar manager of New Orleans’ Double Dealer beneath the city’s famed Orpheum Theater—has selected some excellent expressions. Originally from Eastern Europe, Nikolic has worked in hospitality around the world and in various American cities. Although he was originally trained as a chef, he fell in love with the world of bartending and bourbon while working with Emeril Lagasse, managing the beverage programs at several of the chef’s concepts — including Merrill. .

“We compiled this list because it represents the full range of opportunities facing bourbon enthusiasts,” says Nikolic. “There are bourbons for everyday drinking. Then gifts are essential (either for yourself or for a near and dear person). And of course, some amazing bottles are all we need to celebrate. Full disclosure, though: I have a particular fondness for Buffalo Trace Distillery’s bourbons. Of course, some of that has to do with the consolidation going on in the industry – and with Buffalo Trace acquiring smaller distilleries that make great products.

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“Maker’s Mark is a great aperitif whiskey,” says Nikolic. “With its high wheat content, it’s very smooth on the palate, which is why most people like to drink it. It is one of the oldest whiskeys available in the United States.”

“Bullet is one of my favorite options to enjoy with friends. With the most rye content in its class, it combines big, bold flavors with a clean, smooth finish,” says Nikolic. “I recommend this bourbon to Tom. He is served by Bullet, who was the founder himself. He asked for a bourbon old fashioned and I chose to make it with Bullet. Then he showed me his business card and told me I made a good choice. .”

“Buffalo Trace is considered a bartender favorite – for good reason. It’s not the most unique choice, but it’s a great bourbon that everyone can appreciate,” explains Nikolic. It’s also the flagship of the Buffalo Trace Distillery and a go-to choice for premium bourbons like Eagle Rare, Elmer T. Lee, Blanton’s and the ever-present Peppy Van Winkle.”

“This is a great example of a great everyday bourbon to enjoy at home or with friends. This is a reasonably priced whisky. And as a younger bourbon than others on this list, its availability continues to grow. “

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“As a 10-year-old bourbon, Eagle Rare is Buffalo Trace’s older cousin,” says Nikolic. “It also has a well-rounded profile and is one of the best 10-year-old bourbons out there for the price.”

“This is another great bourbon at a reasonable price. It has a well-rounded profile that appeals to all palates. “

“This is a bourbon blend with a sweet, floral profile that has hints of citrus and spice. And the ‘original batch’ refers to the first recipe used by the elder Forrester in the 1870s,” explains Nikolic. “It’s a very flavorful and approachable bourbon that’s relatively unknown.”

“This is one of the first bourbons I’ve ever tasted. I fell in love with it because of its high rye content and it’s another option that offers great value for the price,” says Nikolic. “The crew at MacArthur Park in Palo Alto, where I worked, always enjoyed a Manhattan made with Basil Hayden’s bourbon whiskey for special occasions.”

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“One of the rare 10-year single barrel bourbons, Henry McKenna has long been a crowd favorite due to its age, price and availability,” says Nikolic. “To me, it’s a special bourbon because we enjoy it every year at my mom’s house during a family reunion. We always share a bottle while barbecuing at Lake Seminole in Georgia.”

“A tasty pour for the price, this bourbon is consistently superior to other higher priced options on the market such as Old Weller Antique 107 and WL Weller 12 Year. It brings a well-balanced, complex and smooth flavor.”

“It’s the best bourbon that appeals to the largest number of bourbon drinkers,” observes Nikolic. “It has classic caramel and vanilla flavors – with hints of caramel and mustard. This bourbon is so good that I always recommend drinking it. And I love the beautiful decanter bottle with the brass petal stopper.

“I love the big spice notes and juicy finish of this bourbon, which comes from a rare blend of 6-year-old, 8-year-old and 12-year-old whiskeys.”

Louisiana” Bourbon, And Finally A Good One: Sugarfield Straight Bourbon Whiskey

“This bourbon offers intense flavor, great mouthfeel and a cellar finish,” says Nikolic. “It is unique because EH Taylor is credited with revolutionizing bourbon production. He built the distillery still used by Buffalo Trace. “

“This whiskey is known as ‘Baby Pappy’. The nickname comes from the belief that it uses a wheat mash like Pappy Van Winkle,” says Nikolic. “This is a wheat-distilled bourbon that is well-balanced and complex with a smooth finish. It’s more affordable than Peppy, so it’s very hard to find these days. “

“This bourbon has a cult following. This is a very smooth, drinkable bourbon that is aged for 12 years, which makes it less robust than most casks,” says Nikolic. “This bourbon is very hard to find. I got my hands on a bottle after working a bourbon and beer festival with chef Emeril Lagasse.

“This is the perfect bourbon whiskey to enjoy by the fire with a cigar,” says Nikolic. “Made straight from the barrel – cut and unfiltered – this high strength bourbon (clocked at 144) has a strong flavor. It’s also hard to find, making it ideal only for special occasions.”

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“It’s considered one of the best bourbons ever made, and it’s very hard to find — so hard that people are reselling it on the secondary market for thousands of dollars,” says Nikolic. “It’s so good that I take a picture of it every year, especially on my birthday. Pappy 15 is a great example of why there is hype for Pappy Van Winkle. From all age groups—10, 12, 15. me.” Louisiana. Next to Kentucky, Louisiana is the best place to drink bourbon. Bourbon’s popularity began in Louisiana as a very thirsty market in Kentucky. While many bourbon historians argue that the name bourbon comes from a county or region in Kentucky, Michael Veach argues that the chronology is not connected and that whiskey whose mashbill is dominated by corn is called New York. Purchased from Bourbon Street in Orleans. The whiskey they sell on Bourbon Street. Whether Veach is right or wrong, what we do know is that brandy was originally the drink of choice in Louisiana, but once Louisiana became part of the United States and trade with Kentucky flourished, there were some bad years for grapes in France. Consequently, due to the lack of brandy, bourbon has replaced brandy in our bars and traditional cocktails, and indeed in our hearts, in Louisiana. Smuggled into homes, hunting camps and Seal-a-Meal bags before alcohol became legal, bourbon is an important part of Louisiana culture. Even after bourbon was supplanted by the national liquor scene, it was still big in Louisiana, as I can attest growing up in the 1980s.

And it’s no coincidence that a Louisiana company, Sazerac, has three award-winning bourbon distilleries – Buffalo Trace, 1792 Barton and Bowman. They bought these distilleries before bourbon was big again on the national scene, mostly because they knew their local market.

Louisiana has needed bourbon and lots of bourbon for the past 200 years or so. It’s in our milk fist on Christmas Day. This happens at every door during the party. Found in every duck and deer hunting camp. Even when I was in high school, a ten-year-old book before a football game was a regular eight-year-old treat.

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