Best Breweries In Salt Lake City

Best Breweries In Salt Lake City – Many newcomers to the city of Salinas are surprised by the depth and diversity of the local craft beer scene; The local pubs below are some of our favorite places to stop for a local tip, and of course, some great food too! v.

Disturber Brewing is a collaboration between the owners of Salt City Brew,  Ross Metzger and Cody McKendrick. Believe it or not, they know a thing or two about beer and explain different ways to win.

Best Breweries In Salt Lake City

As much as you want to ditch your traditional pants, you’ll want to try Chef Justin Field’s made-from-scratch dishes. Agro leads the way with its signature sausages, offering a menu that includes everything from English bans to Weisswurst and other German favorites on a global menu. We originally wrote about Bewilder and Field’s verses here.

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Grid City is one of the hottest new brewpubs out there these days. An English-style lager shop has a special edge, even offering a traditional style of brewing machine. When it comes to food, Grid City checks all the meat boxes like burgers and fish and chips, but it also goes way beyond that. In addition to offering a variety of weekly specials, Performance can also cook some vegan dishes.

One of the oldest pubs/brewerys and still 100% locally owned, this is the Trolley Square establishment. Started in 1972, the business went into industrial production in 1995, just before the fad ended. In fact, Lone Edge was the first Utah brewery to win a gold medal at Great American Beer. From there, the business grew into the business it is today.

Desert Edge continues to win the Breeze Wings Award. It’s always fruity Irish in sodas, hefeweizen, pilsner and pale ale. Not to mention a variety of simple styles. Ask the bar what they’re doing right now, there’s always something interesting going on.

One of the important places around Desert Edge is the tram area. A light ride and acres of seats, you can always secure a seat. The old Trolley car facility that houses the brewpub is always fun to walk around and explore.

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If you want to pop in for a beer, the bar offers a very affordable bar menu. If you’re thinking of stopping in for a drink, you can get them for just $2. This business is not allowed as a normal bar, where you can use the whole family to enjoy a big kitchen and a cool place.

In the Avingudes neighborhood of SLC you will find this exceptional microclimate restaurant. they are superior to traditional pub ales and the on-site wax production is very small, but big things come in small packages.

South Salt Lake has more breweries than perhaps any other city in Utah. The Level Cross Award is one of them, located right next to the city’s iconic water tower. You can also eat a pizza and a sandwich while you work your way through the many delicate puzzles.

Further afield, in Midvale, you’ll find this Bavarian brewery and restaurant. If you’re in the market for small-batch craft beers, you’ve come to the right place. If you stop to sample a pilsner or two, you’ll also find a restaurant with a very strong Bavarian menu; Think brats, schnitzel and stroganoff, as well as some pub classics.

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SLC’s original coffeehouse in the modern sense, the local renaissance began in the late 80s. Then the last savory flavors were whipped up in the 60s. Yes, we’re glad we’ve been around 20 years.

There are several locations around the valley, including a location at SLC International Airport. We are the original fans of the city, offering a wide variety of food and beer. Popular Squatters noted that it was acquired by Fireman Capital as part of the larger group CANarchy in 2012. It was originally purchased by Monster Beverages in early 2012, with the brewpub returning to local ownership at that time. This story is complete.

This homemade taste of one of Utah’s favorite beers is mild compared to the others featured here. On the dining scene, Justin Soelberg of Nomad Eatery is making a high-profile appearance.

Chad Hopkins is the name of this craft beer. Formerly Epic’s Sugar House station, the space is modern with exposed brick and beams. In addition to Hopkins’ traditional Brazilian classics, you’ll find classic pub fare like burgers, fish and chips and tacos.

Salt Lake City Breweries; The Best 3

With over 50 wines by the bottle, BTG Wine Bar offers the best and largest wine bar experience. BTG features over fifty hand-picked selections, all available by the glass, as well as several craft wine flights.

Amazing Burgers Looking for amazing burgers in Salt Lake? Head over to BGR for delivery, the intrepid burger/Sugar House Burger Experts taste it all. Don’t be fooled by the variety of local craft beers either.

Stacked Sandwiches Looking for the best sandwich in SLC? Check out our sponsors Feldman’s Deli and their delicious half-pound loaded classics.

Romantic Mountain Lunch Looking for the most romantic place in Utah? Our Log Harbor resource looks at Millcreek Spring.

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The authenticity and durability of Japanese German is hard to beat. Our sponsor has been serving sushi, sashimi and traditional Kyoto dishes for over 30 years.

Heavy Italian Downtown’s Caffe Molise serves some of the best Italian food in all of SLC. Next time you’re on the weekend, check out this awesome sponsor.

An oasis of relaxation from our sponsor Oasis Cafe For a quiet spot in the heart of Salt Lake, look no further. Open seven days a week.

For a delicious lunch, check out our Whiskey Street location for stylish downtown dishes like this ahi poke with cucumber, avocado, chuka ika salad, wasabi lime aioli and lime wedges.

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Upscale Pub Dining Check out our sponsor Bourbon House for legendary, sophisticated pub dining.

For chef-inspired cuisine, visit our sponsor SLC Eatery, for unique chef cuisine and an innovative take on dim sum.

A wonderful place for lunch Check out our holy fountain Taqueria 27 seven days a week for a delicious place for lunch.

A Healthy Italian Meal Looking for a stellar meal in downtown SLC? Check out Stoneground Italian Kitchen for some of the best dining in town.

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Amazing Thai Food Find a variety of Thai food at our Kao Thai. The menu offers both authentic classics and a variety of modern Thai dishes.

An amazing night of fun food and global fusion from our Flanker sponsors. Go for the food and drinks, but have fun with their simulator games, karaoke rooms and more.

Avenues Must Eat One of the best hangouts in the neighborhood can be found at Avenues Proper. Go to the temporary red table and stay for the success of donating salt.

The Avenues Must Eat One of the neighborhood’s best hangouts is in Stratford-upon-Avon. Go to the temporary red table and stay for the success of donating salt.

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Time for a burger? Head to Burg’s Own for some of the best burgers on the market. Options start at less than five dollars and include additions to the DIY range.

This is Utah’s only beer bar! Check out our sponsors Craft Proper, the only beer in Utah that features 100% only Utah beer.

Healthy fast food Looking for equally healthy fast food? Check out the kitchen menu above, one of our favorite places to eat a fancy lunch.

At Laziz Kitchen you will find healthy and delicious, unique and healthy Mediterranean dishes. With two locations in the valley, this modern Mediterranean restaurant is never more than ten minutes away and makes the perfect lunch or dinner.

The Best Craft Breweries In Utah

New places to hang out An old auto shop converted into a bar with live music and a garden patio? Welcome to Garage On The Creek – your new favorite place to kick back, enjoy a cold beer, and enjoy homemade fun like funeral fries. If you know it, you know it. Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard a joke about beer in Utah, specifically a so-called beer weakness.

Although breweries in Salt Lake City, Utah have been somewhat hampered by Utah’s antiquated beer and wine laws, the craft beer scene has definitely been popping up lately.

And by “recently” we mean that state law changed in 2019 to now allow Salt Lake City brewers to brew up to 5% ABV, up from the previous limit of 4% (that’s for

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