Best Camping In Durango Colorado

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Best Camping In Durango Colorado

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Durgo, Colorado is located in the southwestern part of the state Although you may think that you should travel to this destination during the summer months, you should understand that any time of the year is suitable for a visit. While in Durango, you’ll appreciate the views of the San Juan National Forest, the La Plata Mountains, and areas full of aspens and tall pines as you move from one amazing area to another. The best way to experience nature in Durango is to camp at one of the many free campgrounds scattered around.

If you’re ready to save money on your next microevent, here are some free camping spots and sites in and around Durango, Colorado:

To camp on Barnes Mountain you have to pass the Las Animas Lookout. The exit is not so easy because it’s a dirt road, ditches, mud and things you probably don’t even want to know about. However, once you arrive and find your campsite, you can easily access the many hiking trails in the area. The Animas Mountain Trail is five and a half miles long and will connect you to Dala Mountain Park if you choose to continue. You’ll start the tour at the parking lot and once you reach the main road, turn right until you see the spectacular view of the Animas River Valley.

When you’re ready to head back, be prepared for the view of La Plata Mountain from the campsite Dorfield BLM Boondocks

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Durfield BLM Boondocks is close to downtown Durango, perfect if you need to get more supplies and beer. This free camping area is very quiet, especially if no one is camping near you There are many great hiking trails in Horse Gulch and the Telegraph Trail is perfect if you want to hike out and back. If you’re looking for shorter options, there are several short loops of up to three miles each

When you start your drive up Missionary Ridge Road, don’t start looking for scattered campsites until you reach the 3.6 mile mark. You can camp anywhere along the way except between mile markers 6.8 and 9. The Missionary Ridge Trail is nine miles long and can be difficult if you are not an experienced hiker. You may also want to head off the trail to Haflin Creek Trail, six and a half miles away. You will start climbing this trail at an altitude of about three thousand feet starting from this cricket I recommend that you spend some time relaxing at the top as it is a great place to view the valley

Camping on Madden Peak Road is easy once you know where private property ends and forest access begins. Once you start on Madden Road, look for FSR 316, which is about a mile down the road. There are some good campgrounds within a few miles of that road, or you can drive to FSR 568 and park at one of five campgrounds within a few hundred yards. A perfect hike in the area is the Madden Peak Trail, which is four and a half kilometers long. You can combine a combination of Parrot Peak and Gibbs Peak with this summit, but make sure you start early in the day and don’t get late on the way.

Cherry Creek Road is located within the San Juan National Forest, but since it is on the road, there are always cars in the background. The Cherry Creek Nature Area Trail is approximately five and a half miles long and is an excellent hike for all skill levels. If you want to hike a little longer, you can combine it with the Hidden Mesa Trail, which is another six and a half miles long. The trail has a steep incline, which means you’ll struggle to get up at some point during the trip

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This is another free dispersed camping area within the San Juan National Forest and has eight campsites ready for regular campers. There are others, but they are not as extensive as the first eight This campground has posted signs so you know where you should and shouldn’t camp, sharing rules to follow while you’re there. The Sauls Creek Trail is the best place to start in this part of the San Juan National Forest The trail is about five miles long, but be careful as there are often bikes and horses on the trail.

My favorite place to camp for free around Durango is La Plata Canyon Nestled between two mountain ranges that make up the La Plata Mountains, camping in La Plata Canyon is an incredible sight to rest your head at night.

Located west of Durango along Highway 160 and County Road 124, La Plata Canyon is a 45-minute drive (door-to-door) from downtown. The road is paved until you get to Kania itself – past the “city” of Maya From there, expect a compact and well-handled road – good enough to drive most sedans

That said, during Durango eclipse season, the road gets a little bumpy! Be prepared for mud and puddles!

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As you reach La Plata Canyon just after Mayday, you pass Snowslide Campground, the designated campground. From there, look to the left and right side of the road to stay away from other designated campsites

Although the signs are hard to see on the road, La Plata Canyon has three free, scattered camping areas:

Expect views of the La Plata Mountains to the left and right as you sit between aspen trees and the La Plata River.

While there aren’t a ton of free campsites in and around Durango, Colorado, there are enough to rest your head at night without dipping into your wallet. With great hiking trails available from many of the campgrounds on our list, using some of the campgrounds on our list will be a great way to spend your time and micro-adventure in and around Durango. So go out and camp!

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