Best Campsites In Essex

Best Campsites In Essex – Essex is full of beautiful countryside, friendly people and fun days. In the east of England above London, Essex offers visitors sophisticated homes, fun seaside resorts and theme parks. Love ’em or hate ’em, Southend-on-Sea and Clacton-on-Sea are lovely seaside resorts that don’t need fake colours for a walk in Weald Country Park or a day at Colchester Zoo and Chelmsford Cathedral.

Essex has many beaches to choose from and is close to the coast. Here you will find the best.

Best Campsites In Essex

Pets are allowed in about three-quarters of Essex. Choose from a range of dog sites here.

The Secluded Riverside Campsite Near Colchester With Boating, Glamping And Firepits

About a quarter of Essex is open year-round. See a list of locations throughout the year here.

Essex isn’t just the stuff of TV shows, there’s an incredible array of action underneath the TV screen. For seaside fun close to London, you can’t beat it, and the county is full of beautiful forests, beautiful beaches and some of the best museums and castles in the country.

Essex has a range of the country’s finest homes and gardens to explore, starting at RHS Gardens in Hyde Hall. Highland Manor is not to be missed. Like the setting for a period drama, the building dates back to the 1730s and is steeped in history.

Then there’s Audrey End House, a stately 17th-century house from where it’s easy to reach Lerman Mehta, an example of the great Norman splendor of a Tudor palace and Colchester Castle.

Water Lily Lodge

Going further into history, Infatestone Hall – a 16th century castle – has been passed down from generation to generation with some amazing stories. Tidbury Castle on the banks of the River Thames was built to defend London from the Spanish Armada, come and see what the battle was like! Hadley Castle is a beautiful and romantic castle overlooking the Essex moor.

Chelmsford Cathedral is a charming and overlooked attraction that is free to enter and hosts a variety of concerts and music services. The architecture is really great and it’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Royal Gunpowder Millsat Waltham Abbey is Essex’s largest industrial site and one of the UK’s most important – check out this 200-year-old manor.

Well you can’t say you’ve been to the real Essex until you see its museum. The General Service Museum will be popular with those interested in military history, with a plethora of uniforms, a spy zone with various gadgets and plenty of military equipment.

Essex Caravan Holidays

Wakes Colne’s British Railway Museum can captivate you with interactive exhibits that showcase the county’s industrial and social history since the 19th century. Next up, Colchester’s Hollitrees Museum will showcase a collection of vintage clocks and teahouses to entice your inner child, and Colchester’s Natural History Museum will surprise you. It’s hard to believe that mammoths and hippos roam this part of Essex, but it’s true – it’s time to find out how they lived.

Don’t miss the Chelmsford Museum, a window into the life of different animals, including birds and insects, as well as geological material collected from the local area for visitors to visit. These are the parts of Essex culture that don’t make it into the media!

When you’re done exploring and need a break in the beach town, the beach in the fishing village of Old Leighin Leigh-on-sea on the sea is a popular summer destination. There are some nice shops here and it’s a delightful place to go. The historic marina town of Burnham-on-Crouch is one of the best sailing destinations in the UK and is also worth a visit.

Classic luxury hotels with all the decor are Southend-on-Sea and Clacton-on-Sea. In both places you will find safe and family beaches. Frinton-on-Seas is more refined, with less developed beaches. If you want to go a little further, try Bradwell-on-Sea, where you won’t be bothered by any glitz and nowhere to be found.

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If you want to keep your toes out of the water, you need to take a Sealife tour in Southend-on-Sea, which is teeming with exotic marine life. Divide your visit into a fun feed where you can watch piranhas gobble and meerkats gobble up.

The Dedham Valley region of Outstanding Natural Beauty is located on the Essex/Suffolk border. Filled with English countryside and charming little villages, this low-lying countryside offers great opportunities for walking and cycling. The Stour River is part of the area, so it’s a great place for boating and boating vacations.

Epping Forest is a beautiful area of ​​ancient woodland, heathland, rivers and lakes. It’s a popular mountain biking destination, but you’ll also find hikers and horseback riders.

Weald Country Park is great for lunch by the lake, or if you want to escape the summer crowds, head straight to the tranquil Isle of Two Trees. It’s a great place to see nature or watch boats, and it’s less crowded than other popular spots.

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Essex has many great attractions for family fun. Hopefield Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that cares for a variety of rescued animals, from horses and donkeys to ducks and geese. You can meet all the animals and there is a nice cafe to tempt you. Pets Cornerin Harlow is a small open-air farm where you can meet animals, some of which are rare species.

Colchester Zoo is full of exciting activities, with over 260 species to see, 60 acres of parks and lakes to explore, as well as playgrounds and a train station. Tropical Wings Wildlife World has a large collection of birds and other animals to get up close and personal with.

Islands of Adventure can help you rock the beach with quick and fun rides for toddlers and quiet rides for toddlers.

Rainham Marshes RSPB Nature Reserve is a great wildlife park for bird watching, walking and cycling. Belfairs Nature Reserve and Woodlands is where you can meet friendly farm animals and some other species! It’s safe to say Essex isn’t known for peace and camping. We’re here to challenge preconceived notions of the area and take you on a tour of the best camping and glamping that the county has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a seaside holiday or an action-packed holiday, Essex has fantastic campsites and unique places to stay.

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Thousands of acres of forest in the county provide the backdrop for some unforgettable summer days and very pleasant summer nights. Keep an eye out for some of Essex’s best wildlife, from muntjac deer to soaring kingfishers, and you’ll be surprised to find camping here.

Nicknamed ‘Almost Wild’, this camp is located on an idyllic island between the Essex and Hertfordshire borders and offers a level of tranquility you won’t find in East Anglia. Just 30 minutes from London Liverpool Street Station is a tree-lined area created by Lee Valley Regional Park, an unspoiled area that gives every visitor the opportunity to discover the natural beauty of nature. The local pub is just a boat ride away.

Basic equipment is provided (composting facility, cold water and dishwashing), the rest is up to you. In the lodge you’ll be helped by wild boars, birds, muntjacs, bats and if you’re lucky, you’ll even spot Broxburn’s favourite otter. If you’re inspired by the sound of Lee Valley’s “Almost Wild Campground,” start deciding if you want the riverside or the forest. There are 17 sites in total and tents, hammocks and dogs are allowed, but no cars or trucks. It’s about the (almost) desert.

Combining rural and coastal views, the 55-acre Mill Farm in Essex is the perfect setting for these two delightful homes. Surrounded by the lake on one side, nestled gently in woodland, the other overlooks the newly planted Mill Farm vineyard. Strawberry fields are woven into farmland and open to tourists during the summer (for those who like a Beatles-esque twist of truth). Campers are encouraged to explore various routes to and from the farm.

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Behind a restored circa 1831 mill (the farm’s name, if you will), the main Arlesford Creek bird watching spot is just a short walk away. A longer walk will take you to more of the Essex coast, east to the arcades of Clacton-on-Sea and west to the quiet pebbled beaches of Mersey.

Both skins are equipped with the same level of comfort; the bedroom has a double bed and a bathroom with shower, while the dining room is fully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen and wood.

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