Best Cd Rates In Scottsdale Az

Best Cd Rates In Scottsdale Az – Certificates of deposit or CDs are a more profitable version of the government savings bonds that grandma would buy for her birthday. Long-term vehicles are designed as a term loan for the bank. Investors buy it for a specific period of time (for example, a five- or ten-year CD) and the bond pays a guaranteed interest return.

“[They’re] a term deposit,” explains Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at “Yes, as a depositor you provide an amount of money for a certain period of time, and this commitment will give you a higher return than an investment where you can withdraw the money at any time. “

Best Cd Rates In Scottsdale Az

For the bank, this means a pool of money that the bank knows is there, instead of the fluctuations associated with checking and savings accounts. For the investor, the result is a good rate of return, which is tracked by RateWatch, a leading banking data and analytics service owned by, Inc.

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“If you need certain money at some point in the future,” he says, “the CD gives you a risk-free return that you can adjust when you need the money.”

“For example, a parent who has to pay school fees several times a year for several years can buy matured boards when they need school fees, and there is no risk of losing -an of that money.” added McBride.

FDIC-insured, like all bank loans, the CD is one of the safest investments money can buy, perhaps second only to government savings bonds. The result is a lower reward than investing in stocks, which may still involve a risk, but proportionally less. They also pay better than government savings bonds because banks set interest rates that are competitive with the market.

While like any investment, McBride warns, “it has a role for different investors at different times. It’s not one size fits all”.

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Banks want their customers to buy CDs, so they offer better interest rates than savings accounts (which have an average yield of 0.06%). However, the market has recently moved. As McBride says, banks are now “floating in deposits” while investors (still reeling a bit after the financial crisis) are hoarding huge amounts of cash and cash-like products. With more money in savings accounts than they can borrow, banks don’t need to borrow more capital by raising CD interest rates.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t good products. For those looking or just comparison shopping, here is a list of the top ten interest rates currently offered for certificates of deposit in the country via RateWatch. recognized as one of the top financial advisors in Scottsdale, Arizona for four years in a row.

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Founded in 2005, Intelligent Capitalworks is an estate management firm specializing in retirement planning, investment management, fiduciary and estate planning, and philanthropic planning.

The company offers its services as a paid consulting company since its inception, showing the sincerity of its commitment to meeting, above all, the needs of its clients.

As one of Scottsdale’s leading financial advisors, Intelligent Capitalworks was created to support and provide clients with a collaborative, empowering experience, making it the perfect choice for investors looking for intellectual honest advice rather than selling financial products. Each client’s plan is backed by the resources, critical thinking, and depth of field necessary to meet the client’s unique financial needs.

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With an approach that places a commitment to meeting customer needs first, this Scottsdale wealth management firm is well positioned to create long-term value for its clients, making them one of the top financial advisors in Scottsdale.

Vincent Rossi, CFP® is the company’s founding president and chief investment officer. He handles retirement planning, investment management and estate planning for corporate clients and has deep experience serving high net worth individuals and families.

The 38-year career of Mr. Rossi in the financial services industry is characterized by a broad base of knowledge and experience in the field of capital markets and wealth management. Before founding the firm in 2005, he was senior vice president at Morgan Stanley, where he served as a property advisor, portfolio manager and trust director. He is also the Managing Director of Piper Jaffray, where he serves as a property advisor, portfolio manager and senior investment management consultant.

Before developing his practice for retail clients, he served institutional clients, hedging and arbitrating US securities for a major dealer trading directly with the Federal Reserve System. He is also an individual member of one of the largest financial exchanges in the world, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Division of the International Money Market.

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From 1986 to 2000, Mr. Rossi wrote and taught Personal Investment Management for Executive Programs at Thunderbird School of Global Management, University of Arizona Extension University, University of Northern Arizona, and University of Phoenix.

Mr. Rossi has acquired an impressive array of educational and professional qualifications and titles throughout his career. They include:

In the following sections, we outline some of the unique features that summarize the services, methods, knowledge and unique value that Intelligent Capitalworks offers to clients.

Intelligent Capitalworks is a fee-based company bound by a fiduciary duty. A Fee-Only financial advisor receives payment only from the client, but neither the advisor nor any of his affiliates receive payment contingent on the purchase or sale of a financial product. This means that clients can be confident that any investment product or financial strategy recommended by their advisor is in their best interest and not in the company’s interest.

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Intelligent Capitalworks has also adopted a standard of trust, which is good news for existing and future customers.

Companies that assume fiduciary responsibility have a fundamental duty to provide financial advice that is in the best interest of their clients. This is especially important in the financial case – clients must know that their relationship will be built on a solid ethical basis, without material conflicts of interest, and with full disclosure and transparency.

Intelligent Capitalworks has earned a Fiduciary Excellence Certificate from CEFEX for its asset advisory, retirement planning and discretionary investment management services to individuals, families, trusts, ERISA retirement plans, philanthropic organizations and business accounts.

CEFEX is an independent global assessment and certification body that certifies compliance with ethical standards and practices supported by laws, regulations and best professional practices trusted by the public.

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The company has dedicated a qualified and experienced financial advisory team that works closely with each client. The team is dedicated to creating an effective wealth management plan and managing specific workflows to meet the needs of each client.

As further proof of its commitment to transparency, Intelligent Capitalworks maintains an up-to-date copy of its signature booklet on its website. It allows existing and prospective clients to familiarize themselves with their business model, investment method and fee guidelines, and to request a copy of their code of conduct at any time.

If you are looking for a fiduciary wealth management team that is knowledgeable and capable of serving you in ten related disciplines of wealth management, then Intelligent Capitalworks may be of interest to you.

Professional experience includes retirement planning, professional portfolio management, estate planning, asset protection, tax planning, family estate planning and fiduciary advisory services, giving you a wide range of expertise in financial and skills.

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The firm supports individuals and families seeking investment management, retirement planning guidance, and personal wealth advisory services for assets starting at $2,000,000. Intelligent Capitalworks supports a variety of account types, including (but not limited to):

In addition to wealth planning and advisory services, Intelligent Capitalworks provides experienced, discretionary investment management services tailored to each client’s risk and return needs in separately managed accounts. They focus on building equity portfolios that help provide clients with consistent and growing income, capital growth and risk management. They prefer the exponential, long-term strength of capital investment returns, which they analyze in their original research paper Deliberate Dividend Growth Investing for Rising Income and Capital Growth.

Intelligent Capitalworks takes a multi-sector approach to managing fixed income portfolios, using single bonds, mutual funds and ETFs.

For high net worth clients looking for an experienced and dedicated team of property advisors to guide them to a successful financial life, Intelligent Capitalworks can be

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