Best Chinese Restaurant In Adelaide

Best Chinese Restaurant In Adelaide – Did you know Adelaide is known as the ‘twenty minute city’, it is said that every major thing in the city will be within 20 minutes due to the city’s great transport infrastructure and city planning. This means you get to try many different restaurants!

Take a food tour of Adelaide’s Chinatown with our guide to the best Chinese restaurants on Gouger Street. From Adelaide’s tastiest roast duck to the best yum cha restaurants, check out the best Chinese restaurants in Adelaide.

Best Chinese Restaurant In Adelaide

Ying Chow, an Adelaide restaurant, features Cantonese cuisine (smoked tea, salt and pepper squid, ribs and red wine) in a bright and busy restaurant. Be prepared to queue on weekends.

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If Chinese food is served in a modern setting, enter the award-winning Concubine. The menu uses the best South Australian ingredients for dishes such as Barossa Chicken in Sweet Corn Soup or SA Prawns with XO Sauce. In addition to the style and taste of Chinese food, you can also expect influences from Thai and Malaysian food.

If you want Chinese food after midnight, choose East Taste (open until 01:00 on weekdays and 2:00 on weekends). Try the BBC’s signature dishes (beans, bean stew and Chinese chutney), moist pancakes with salt and pepper.

Get your yum cha fix at Star House, where you can choose from a 90-course menu on weekdays and enjoy a traditional car service on weekends. Mix the fat Har Gow dumplings with dried leaves.

Ding Hao, another popular daily yum cha spot, also offers hot pot. Take a look at the paper menus that cover the walls, offering local specialties such as pot goat and hot water cucumber.

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This bright and spacious restaurant is a reliable choice for Peking duck, a variety of hot skinned chicken. House specialties include Australian items such as kangaroo and crocodile. Below is a list of the best Chinese restaurants in Adelaide. To help you find the best Chinese restaurants near Adelaide, we’ve compiled our own list based on these key points.

Chow House is owned by David and Roz Chow. They went out of their way to create not only a beautiful place, but also the best of Asian gourmet food. They are located on the corner of Hutt and Wakefield Street in the Adelaide Square Mile area. There are gluten-free options, especially for coeliacs. They are a gluten free Chinese restaurant in Adelaide. Since opening in 1983, House Chow has become an Adelaide food icon. It has built its reputation on quality and service, resulting in numerous awards from American Express and Boral Energy.

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“The food is very good, as is the service. It has a great atmosphere and decor. The hostess, Roz, is very friendly and helpful. The fried rice alone is the reason to go. Parking may not be a problem and there is paid parking across the street. Oh and the cocktails. Try the cocktails!” – Dan Richo

Dim Sum Menu

Citi Zen Restaurant Check out this post on our signature Instagram #PekingDuck 🍗 Must try! 📷 Thanks @hangryhungryhippos #Regram #ChineseCuisine #NomNom #SAFood #Radelaide #Pacakes A post by Citi Zen Restaurant ( shared on Jul 5, 2017 at 12:47pm PDT

Located in Adelaide’s CBD, Citi Zen specializes in authentic Cantonese cuisine. They are also known for their famous Peking Duck, fresh seafood and traditional Yum Cha. In two open dining rooms and three private rooms, Citi Zen can accommodate 350 people. Its location is ideal for small and large events. Operating in Adelaide’s hospitality industry for over 20 years, Citi Zen Restaurant has built a reputation for excellent food, friendly service and a great and refreshing atmosphere.

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“Very classy. Great menu, especially if you order from the back of the menu. We have another eight. We ordered food from a little more west side of the menu and more traditional back. We There’s plenty of food for all… Oh! Soft shell crab is perfect.” —Gordon Williams

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Ba Guo Bu Yi View this post on Instagram Heat up your weekend with Chinese food. There is nothing as comforting in this cold weather as eating a delicious meal before bed. #sichuancuisine #sichuan #chinesefood #spicyfood #spicy #chinese #chinatownadelaide #adelaidefoodies #adelaidefoodbloggers #chinesefoodadelaide #safood #instafood #ose #yummyfood #hotfood #adelaiderestaurant #hotfood

Ba Guo Bu Yi – Opened since July 2010, the restaurant also known as Ba Guo is considered one of the most popular restaurants in Adelaide. Over the years, he has proudly brought the true taste of Szechuan not only to the Chinese community in Adelaide, but also introduced the South Australian community to the unique Szechuan cuisine. The team prides itself on the quality of the dining experience and customer service it provides.

A good Chinese restaurant for Sichuan style food. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Most importantly, the food here is really delicious! We always order and have time for dinner last night, try them, you will love them! Oh, we also think it’s pretty cheap, and it’s great and great.” Selina Guan

Monica is Australia’s Best News editor, covering business and marketing coverage on business-related topics. “Best Asian food in Adelaide” is a popular Google search in my house most Friday nights. Usually, I get the same order at the same restaurant, the same Pad Thai, Choo-Chee Shrimp, and Basil Chicken, every time. Nothing wrong with that, but I thought I’d step outside of my usual Asian sweet spot and come up with a new list for everyone to check out.

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In the dance, I have to say that some are beautiful, some are just going out, and there are couples who work together in the night.

It’s always fresh. Always fun. It must be amazing, because according to my UberEats account, I’ve ordered 304 times with this place. Yep. Although it is worth every penny and calorie, their food is among the best. I’ve never eaten out, and I don’t know if you can…here’s everything about takeout!

This cozy hot spot is located at 128 Gouger Street, where the original Loft Wine Bar was located. The design is New York style and if you close your eyes while eating, the dining experience is 100% authentic Bangkok! Try the food menu and you will cry like Harry meets Sally. Mrs. Q is so hot it’s a great place to party!

Amazing Vietnamese food is good in a relaxed atmosphere and outside if you like.

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It has been a family favorite for as long as I can remember. Enjoy delicious food on your trip to Southeast Asia with a selection of street food, menus and international cuisine options.

If you want to impress, book a table at Golden Boy, and you must because this place is full every night of the week. We recommend the Tuk-Tuk option, where they feed you for $64 per person. It includes a variety of shared meals tailored to your dietary needs and even dessert. OMG desserts. yum

Sometimes a girl wants a big Laksa and we end up here many times when we want a hot Asian dish. There are other things on the menu – I can’t go past the Laksa. I usually leave in tears because I have a love-hate relationship with chili and tend to be a bit spicy. But I only have myself to blame for this!

Adelaide Company. Have you really done Gouger Street if you haven’t visited Yin Chow after a night out? I do not think so! You can’t go wrong with your favorite Chinese classics.

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Fast, friendly and good, T-Chow is the best and fastest Asian channel. It’s also great for a night out with friends. I mean, drink the good stuff, really.

Jasmine put the star on the Siamese star. He has been working there for a long time

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