Best Chocolate In Geneva Switzerland

Best Chocolate In Geneva Switzerland – You may be wondering why I want to talk to you about food. Should this be a travel blog? Blog about travel, adventure, city exploring and culture? Yes, that’s the point! But to really discover the country and its culture, you can’t miss the best! You can?

Well, definitely not! When we travel, it’s all about experiencing the best the country has to offer! And without a doubt, when it comes to Switzerland, it’s all about chocolate! You can not fly to one of the most amazing countries and not have the best chocolate.

Best Chocolate In Geneva Switzerland

Yes, you heard right! “Beautiful” this is Switzerland! And I will tell you about it in many other posts. But now let’s stick to the important stuff, so….

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Swiss chocolate! The best chocolate you can have. If we don’t have this juicy gem, the world will lose part of its flavor and identity. And we will definitely lose some of our happiness. Because as mentioned:

Even though I’m not from there, I’ve been to Switzerland 5 times and I’ve tried almost all of their chocolates! And believe me, each of these fragrant pearls marked me for life. And because I love each and every one of you, I want to tell you everything. Want to know about the best Swiss chocolate!

So if you think you have the best, trust me, you don’t! And the only way is to take a flight to Switzerland and make this trip worth it.

While some of the best Swiss chocolates can only be found in Switzerland, others are exported all over the world!

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This is a Swiss secret. They just invented milk chocolate and mastered it! And who is behind this perfection? None other than Rudolph Lind carried out the “cutting” process. The process includes heating chocolate while crushing it between rolling pins.

Well, we have Latin America to thank for the best gift they gave us. The first cocoa plant was found in their homeland by the Aztecs. They believe that cocoa beans are a gift from the gods. The transformation of the cacao plant into chocolate was done by one of the first Latin American civilizations, the Olmec.

And over time, cocoa beans were later discovered by the Spanish, who were surprised by the level of nutrition and played a big role in its export.

So yes now we all know! Chocolate is obtained from cocoa beans, which usually grow in tropical regions. And today, most of the cocoa plantations in the world are in West Africa.

Sweet Tour Of Geneva’s Best Chocolatiers With A Local

And now we are ready, let’s embark on a taste journey to discover the best Swiss chocolate!

One of the best chocolates in the world! And you won’t be able to find it unless you go to Zurich!❤ So yes, this is Zurich special. But don’t worry if Zurich isn’t on your list (although it should be) read on, I have a surprise for you! 😀 This store opened in 1859 at the corner of Bahnhofstrasse and Paradeplatz in Zurich.

Truffles are Sprongli’s specialty!!!! Taste heaven! One of the most delicious chocolates I have tried. And I’m sure it will be the same for you!

The first time I had “truffles of the day” suggested by the chef and the second day, yes you heard it right, I went there twice!

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So on the second day I chose truffle rose and noir. And rose means champagne rose, so this is a mixture of chocolate and champagne. I don’t need to say more. You have a super tasty tip!

Visit the main store! Even if you’re on a diet, full, or don’t like chocolate…there’s no excuse! Rush to Confiserie Sprungli in a fantasy feast

The price varies from 7 to 200 francs depending on the type, the number of chocolates you buy and the type of box.

I didn’t know this before visiting Zurich. But our famous Lindt chocolate that we all know and love is not just Lindt! The chocolate industry is actually Lindt & Sprüngli!

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I was surprised, but this is a Swiss chocolate and confectionery company, founded in 1845 and known throughout the world as Lindt, just the short name of Lindt & Sprüngli AG.

Well yes now you are! Every time you have delicious Lindt chocolate, you will taste Sprüngli chocolate.

The company started in 1836 as a small pastry shop called Confiserie Sprüngli. And Confiserie is preserved to this day as a tradition in Zurich and as a tribute to its founders David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his son Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann.

Later, in 1899, a merger took place between the Rodolphe Lindt chocolate factory and Confiserie Sprüngli. And this is when the famous Lindt chocolate as we know it today became famous. And it became one of the best chocolates in the world. Rudolf changed the name of the company to “Lindt & Sprüngli”.

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And now, we have our two official companies “Sprüngli” and “Lindt&Sprüngli”. The second is Lindt’s most famous Swiss chocolate!

What do you doubt about what I told you? Go ahead and check out the back of your Lindt tablet! You will find it written

They have about 370 chocolate shops worldwide. Lindt has maintained its position as one of the best chocolate producers in the world with excellent quality and delicious chocolate.

Basically no, there is no reason for me to recommend Chocolate Lint. But let me tell you that there is a Chocolateria in Kilchberg where Lynette offers tastings and workshops. So if you ever travel to Switzerland and are a Lindt fan, visit:

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Oh and Lynette actually owns a lot of coffee shops in Switzerland. So yes, check them out for the real experience.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of chocolate! Ah! Did I say it out loud? Please don’t hate me for it. Even though I don’t really like it, I still try everything and Loooove dark chocolate!!!! 😍 Get one of these big boxes of dark chocolate and you’ll forget all your problems!

Also my favorite is the Lindt Excellence tablet, which you see in the first picture! It’s all about excellence above! They’re all super delicious, but if you want my opinion, try this: Intense Orange has almonds too! The Lindt Chilli & The Cherry Intense!

This is another Swiss gem and unfortunately not widely released in the world. But hey! 😀 Don’t worry, I’m here to tell you.

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Simple! Because Cailler is the oldest chocolate company in Switzerland and was founded in 1819 by Francois-Louis Cailler. He started with a small shop and then expanded and bought a factory. Today, this factory is known as Cailler Chocolaery and produces chocolate on a large scale.

You can take a chocolate factory tour and learn about the history of chocolate making and take a close look at the factory. Oh yes, you taste chocolate! Address:

The factory visit was amazing and yes, I will tell you all about this visit in another post! But the point now is to introduce you to this quality and old Swiss chocolate!

News flash! Although you can still visit the Cailler Chocolaterie in a small town near Lausanne, you should know that Nestlé bought it in 1931.

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Made with the best quality milk from the surrounding Gruyere region, Cailler will not fail to impress. They have a wide variety of chocolates and products. The packaging is also amazing and diverse. What makes this brand special is the fact that it is the oldest and one of the best Swiss chocolates, but you will find its price range very affordable.

So you can try this delicious chocolate by getting a small bag of CAILLER MILK CHOCO BALLS 140G for 4 CHF or one of the great variety of tablets like FRIGOR DARK CHOCOLATE TABLETS 100G for 3 CHF.

Proposal! You will also find different ideas for gift boxes and you can also customize your ideas. So what are you waiting for?

This is one of my favorites!😎 It’s even my favorite and I didn’t know before going there. It’s everywhere! Literally everywhere! Even at the train station that makes it impossible not to try it.

The Choco Pass Geneva Experience

Founded by Chocolatier Rudolf Läderach Jr. and was founded in 1962. Rudolph developed a revolutionary truffle design that improved the truffle production process.

The famous block offfrischkolade – this is fresh chocolate! From white to dark chocolate, you will find this large bar filled with delicious toppings, from nuts or dried fruit to honeycomb and even peppercorns.

Look now

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