Best Clubs In Magaluf

Best Clubs In Magaluf – And we are proud of it! Puenta Pena or the Strip is only half a mile from the famous Pure Carnage!

Four greengrocers, Bungie Ball… oh and KFC! Check out our guide to bars and clubs in Magaluf.

Best Clubs In Magaluf

Part of the Club Boss (MCB) family, Tokyo Jose Magaluf is located halfway down Puenta Ballena (Magaluf Strip) next to Chaplin’s Bar. This is one of the most popular nightclubs in Magaluf and one of the busiest. Tokyo Joe’s is the best club to enjoy the best hip hop and R+B music. With live performances from Skepta, Lethal Bizzle and Tinchy Strider, this is a city club like no other in Mallorca. You can also find the hottest DJs happening here this summer.

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The club has a large dance floor with a perfect sound system. There are 4 bars with over 20 bar staff which gives an idea of ​​how busy the club is. The ticket from Tokyo Joe comes with a smart watch with a €30 credit. The club usually starts hopping at midnight and lasts until 6am!

If you want to pop bottles, there are VIP booths we can reserve, email us if you want that special VIP section. Space is limited, so book early for VIP treatment.

Tokyo Jose Magaluf is a favorite among holidaymakers, with thousands visiting every year. If you are coming to Magaluf, visit it. The club is also included in the Magaluf Events Ultimate package, which includes 9 of Magaluf’s most popular events for just £99.

Boomerang Nightclub (also part of the MCP franchise) is one of the oldest clubs on the Strip, yet one of the most popular. It is located midway along the Magaluf strip next to the Icon Bar and opposite the Oyster fast food restaurant. It’s a massive underground venue with a legendary sticky dance floor that any major club in the country would be proud of. In the club you will find a stage, an elegant VIP area and a private bar and 3 additional bars meaning you don’t have to wait for a drink. Some of the island’s biggest DJs play here and it’s clear how popular this club is every night, it’s also famous for its legendary working class parties, where you can find resident DJs on the Sunset Booze Cruise hosting working class parties every night of the week. 4 to 6 in the morning. Every night there’s something special happening at Boomerang and they’re going all out to make sure your favorite reality TV stars are there, Mark Wright, Michelle Keegan and the Geordie Shore crew always rock the place! Ah, did we mention that this is everyone’s favorite place in Magaluf, no one is alone here! An all-inclusive night at Boomerang nightclub is included in the Magaluf Ultimate Package deal, which is a steal at just £99. Check it out here /ultimate-package. The great thing about MCP clubs is that when you get a ticket to one of them, you get access to all their venues. You can use your smartwatch everywhere.

Coco Bongos Magaluf

Bananas Night Club is the most popular club on the island besides BCM. It has been open for over 20 years and has seen almost a million clubbers pass through its doors making it well known for its busy nightlife in Magaluf. Banana is part of the MCP family where you can enter all 6 clubs for one price every night. If you are staying at the TRH, Sotavento, Florida, Flamboyan, Vista Nova or Lively Magaluf hotels, Banana is located at the top of the bar opposite Mulligan’s Bar. Banana has the largest dance floor on the Magaluf Strip. In the club you will find impressive stage dancers, laser beams, 4 fully equipped bars and a great atmosphere. Gera is home to Magaluf’s oldest residents such as Cascada, Darren Styles and Bashanter. The club is also used for Hardcore In The Sun and Magaluf Ultimate Getaway, so you will find all kinds of dance music in this place. Anyone visiting Magaluf should enjoy at least one night in Gera. It’s a club like no other. Nasty car wash party next door! Everyone loves foam parties, soapy bodies, flowy dresses….and the rest? Well, that’s not our job! Magaluf Events works closely with MCP to offer all club nights at the best [email protected] If you would like tickets/VIP for any MCP club email us at the office.

Carwash nightclub is located at the top of Magaluf’s bar strip next to Burger King and Bananas Disco. The car wash is also famous for its themed party nights, including the famous Foam and MCP Paint Party. It’s fair to say that Carwash Club offers a chaotic night out in Mallorca. Every week thousands choose car wash until 6am for night events and parties and for a good cause! Carwash is part of the Magaluf Club Pass (MCB) nightclub chain, along with Boomerang Nightclub, Bananas Nightclub, Tokyo Joe’s Nightclub, Icon Bar and Honey’s Lab Dance Bar. This means that when you enter one of the MCP clubs, you can enter all the clubs they own, which is why MCP is so popular with all visitors to Magaluf. The place is perfect for those romantic nights, with a fully equipped bar, a large stage for production, a specially designed dance floor and an amazing sound system for partying, the MCP foam party takes place every Tuesday night, with thousands of people there. Gallons of foam are poured onto the dance floor from foam guns. The MCP Paint Party at the Carwash Club takes place on Sunday nights and neon paint is sprayed from all angles, creating a club atmosphere like you’ve never seen before. Tickets for this Magaluf club sell out in advance, so it’s worth booking your tickets with us in advance. The Magaluf Ultimate package works closely with Carwash Nightclub and every Ultimate package sold includes a foam and paint party at the car wash and €30 credit to spend with your smart wristband at MCP nightclubs. If you’re looking to party on your Magaluf holiday, this is the perfect package considering a night at the club costs up to £35 per person.

It is fair to say that Santorini Club Mallorca is the newest club in Mallorca and the best. It’s not technically a Magaluf club or part of the Magaluf nightlife as it’s based in Palma, but if you appreciate the finer things in life while having fun, it’s definitely one to have on your radar. The Santorini Club is actually an old Bacha club, just a 20-minute taxi ride from Magaluf’s nightlife at the start of Palma Beach. In fact, this club has a million miles. The ore is further afield than the Magaluf clubs and this is reflected in the prices of drinks and entrance fees. When you enter the Santorini nightclub, you can enjoy one of the most extensive and elegant terraces on the island. This club is a real pilgrimage for music lovers escaping the UK charts for loads of house, EDM and techno. All this can be seen in amazing dance rooms and luxurious lighting, this is your nightclub. Restaurants, bars and hotels that make your trip relaxing. Paseo Marítimo has all the amenities you need for the day, then finish off the night at Santorini Club Mallorca. Although the nightclub has been renovated since the days of Bach, it still retains the essence of its former glamorous owner. Also check out the VIP options – great for special occasions. We appreciate that it’s a taxi ride away from the Magaluf nightlife, but it’s nice to experience a new clubbing experience in Mallorca, which isn’t at any Magaluf Club 2019.

Again, it doesn’t technically qualify as a Magaluf club, as it’s only a short taxi ride from the capital, Palma. But the size of Magaluf outside of the nightlife is such that we felt it was a must have… Tito’s is the oldest club in Mallorca. Its popularity has not waned over the years. The famous composition of Cristiano Ronaldo’s 21st birthday proves it

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