Best Coffee In Bath

Best Coffee In Bath – Bath is known for its beautiful architecture and stunning scenery, but it also has many great cafes to enjoy a nice hot coffee and a slice of cake. From cute cafes outside the center to bustling hipster cafes in the city center.

Just off Southgate shopping street is Sweet Little Things, a lovely tea room and bakery with beautiful decor and cakes to die for. They have an extensive menu offering breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Plus, they cater to many catering needs and have a great wall for taking those Insta-perfect photos.

Best Coffee In Bath

Moco has 2 stores in Bath and one in Bristol. Mococo’s Homestay is perfect for a brunch date or a quick coffee. They are very focused on the quality of their coffee and food, so you are guaranteed a good time in their shops. They have fresh cakes, buns and quiches to choose from, and if you’re looking for a recipe, Banana Peanut Butter Cake is my favorite – and it’s vegan!

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Good Day Cafe is committed to making sure its customers have a great day with their style and small but delicious food, a visit here confirms this. Their menu features original dishes and classic brunches that you can enjoy.

This place is close to Newton St Loma town center but makes for a great walk and great coffee stop. The renovated barn houses the Parlor Cafe which serves afternoon tea, Sunday lunch, breakfast or brunch and takeaways. You can browse around their quaint farm shop and maybe even pick up a little gift for yourself.

Located between Royal Crescent and Circus is the beautiful Green Bird Cafe. According to the Bath Good Food Awards 2017, they serve the best breakfast in town. From American-style pancakes to a bowl of granola with berry compote, they have something for everyone. Besides the perfect breakfast, they also have an amazing lunch menu that changes seasonally.

With only two branches in Bath, this Boston Tea Party shop is a great place for coffee and brunch. This branch is wide and full of beautiful plants. They also have an extensive all-day menu.

The Best Places For Brunch In Bath

With branches in Bath, Bristol and Oxford, this rustic-looking cafe serves exceptional coffee. Along with quality coffee, they offer a selection of desserts, healthy snacks and freshly made sandwiches to enjoy.

This cozy cafe is dedicated to serving you the best coffee! With rustic interiors and a variety of coffees and pastries to choose from, you’ll have a great time at any branch of Soho Coffee, but I can guarantee that the Bath branch on Union Street is one of the best coffee shops out there. Bath – and they have very friendly staff and a 10% student discount.

A short walk from the bus station is the Forum Coffee House. It’s a great intimate cafe to while away the hours of work while enjoying a slice of homemade cake.

With a stunning view of the pier, The Bridge Coffee Shop is located on Pultney Bridge, just outside the city centre. They sell delicious cakes, paninis, baguettes and hot drinks to enjoy overlooking the beautiful River Avon.

Cafes For Writing In Bath

Have you ever visited these lovely cafes? How did they feel? And what cookies or cakes would you recommend to future customers? Tell us in the comments below. Featured image source:

Bath Boston Tea Party Bridge Cafe Cafe Forum Coffee H Forum Coffee at Home Good Day Green Coffee Bee Green Bird Coffee Roasters Newton Farm Newton Food Company Coffee for Soho Coffee Sweet Little Things

Shelby Gibbs is an English Literature and Publishing student at Bath Spa University. Her hobbies include writing, baking and organizing the absurd. You can find her on Twitter @shelby1999 and Instagram @shelbypublishing. Any written questions, please DM me on one of these platforms. The city of Bath is known for many things (supermarkets, beautiful architecture and ‘coffee culture’) but until recently, vegetarian or vegan friendly places could not be called one of them. That said, over the last 5 years new restaurants have emerged and become firmly established places on the map, now hailed as ‘go-to’ places for local or take-out food. go veggie.

In hopes of continuing this theme, we’ve decided to pick our top 5 meat-free restaurants and show you where to find them.

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What started as a small organic juice bar and whole food shop has grown into one of Bath’s most popular organic and vegan cafes. They are about to open a second location in town!

Their breakfast menu is extensive, all vegetarian and many gluten free options. Favorites include the Acai Smoothie Bowl, Tofu Scramble Brunch Wrap and Banana Nice Cream. While you’re there, be sure to grab one of their popular juices, we love the Fresh Turmeric Cold Buster.

The new kid on the block, Castle Farms has quickly gained a strong following. Nestled in the hills of Midford, south of Bath city centre, their vegetarian cafe is set on a beautiful organic farm in a large converted barn.

Breakfast options include superfood porridge, zingy avo on rye toast, posh beans on sourbug, and many other delicious options. Here the coffee alone is the reason to travel and see the Bath countryside.

Over 20 Best Restaurants In Bath

Since Green Rocket arrived in 2013, this vegetable business has gone from strength to strength. Now open 7 days a week, it’s a popular lunch spot for locals and tourists alike. They even make their own ketchup!

Their most popular dish has to be the monster brekkie, or if you want something lighter, opt for their homemade granola with dairy-free yogurt.

Although not a breakfast place, Cascara offers excellent coffee in Bath. They offer a wide range of vegetarian and gluten-free desserts (all made fresh daily by owner Ana). They have an extensive smoothie and juice menu, and the upstairs is a great place to sit and relax. Try a slice of Mango Mama Mix and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake.

BTP is completely meat-free, but their menu is extensive and they offer great vegetarian options. The Alfred Street branch is the second BTP location to open in Bath and has proved a huge success. The space is large, light and airy, with plants in every corner. A little retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Order a large cup of their filter coffee made from Bristol coffee beans.

The Best Coffee Makers 2021

Choose from a large vegan breakfast, brown rice porridge, rye with hummus or roasted tomatoes with mushrooms. Somehow it took a global pandemic and finally I was unable to travel for over a year to write a post about the city I call home, Bath. I’ve lived here for almost eight years, and – although I miss Bath a lot (that will soon change) – I really like the place.

Bath is just 90 minutes by train from London, and its rich history (the whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site) has attracted visitors for centuries. The current city sits on the foundations of an ancient Roman city called Aqua Sulis. The Romans built temples and a large spa here that connected to the city’s natural thermal waters. Beginning in the 18th century, Bath grew into the city you see today, with wide streets and rows of neat, honey-colored houses. You will notice that Bath has many Georgian/Regency plays (eg Jane Austen, and Bridgerton most recently). In the 1700s and early 1800s, Bath was essentially the Las Vegas of its day for the wealthy British aristocracy – full of places to lounge, dance, dance, drink, escort and be escorted.

I’ll save the bath story for another post (it’ll be linked here when it’s done) but, for now, I want to show you some of the best breakfast and brunch spots in my hometown. These are places I frequent, so I can fully vouch for each of them – and you won’t find a big chain out front, because now, more than ever, it’s important to support the home.

Good Day Cafe is brunch fun in its purest form. If I have friends in town, I take them. The menu serves all the classics, including American-style pancakes with maple syrup and bacon (I’m American and can confirm!).

Where Is The Best Place For Brunch In Bath?

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