Best Cosmetic Dentist In Istanbul

Best Cosmetic Dentist In Istanbul – After searching for a year I found this clinic. The team was very friendly and professional. I had all my teeth done with CAD/CAM crowns and veneers. Dr. Gurhan returned my smile. I was really angry all the time before. From the beginning to the end of this process, I am very happy and satisfied with the services of Maltape Dental Clinic. Now I can laugh.

Not satisfied with your smile? Want a perfect smile at an affordable price without sacrificing quality? You are in the right place. Each patient has specific needs and individual treatment. We have been serving our patients for their aesthetic needs for nearly two decades.

Best Cosmetic Dentist In Istanbul

Do you smile in your selfies or cover your mouth completely so no one can see your teeth? Asymmetrical smiles, crooked and diseased teeth make people lose self-confidence, feel socially isolated and embarrassed. Your smile is one of the few things you take with you everywhere. Thanks to new technologies in cosmetic dentistry, a beautiful and lasting smile is no longer a dream.

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The main goal of cosmetic dentistry is to treat difficult teeth aesthetically with minimal but effective procedures. Oral structure, clean and full teeth are some of the goals we pursue at our cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul. You will leave our dental office with a bright smile and you can look forward to a new meaning in life!

Each person’s oral anatomy is different, so faces, expressions, and smiles vary. Patients interested in cosmetic dentistry should not forget to create an individual design suitable for each face.

With the help of Smile Design, we create a dental design in Istanbul that perfectly matches your dental and facial anatomy.

In addition to these criteria, smile analysis takes into account the patient’s age, expectations and health. Together with your dentist in Istanbul, we will decide on a specific treatment plan for you.

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If teeth discoloration is genetic or due to stains from beverages (coffee, tea, etc.), teeth whitening can be an inexpensive and effective treatment for you.

Teeth whitening is an effective treatment for removing discolored teeth. This type of cosmetic dentistry can be used on all healthy teeth without damaging the teeth or gums. There are two different methods of teeth whitening: plasma-optical technology, which is used by the dentist in the clinic, or a whitening method that the patient can do at home (home whitening kit).

First, in our clinic in Istanbul, we spread hydrogen peroxide on the teeth. With the help of strong light rays, the gel is activated and the teeth become white. You get instant results with teeth whitening.

Before you whiten at home, your dentist measures your mouth and makes a thin rubber mold. Dispense the prescribed medicine on the warts and wear it for about 6-8 hours at night. You can see results in 1-4 weeks.

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We use the BEYOND teeth whitening system, the most effective and safest technology available on the market. This technology is the most advanced filtration system in white systems.

The system filters out UV rays to protect existing composite fillings. Treatment can also be done through the gums. This prevents darkening of the gums, which can occur with other teeth whitening systems. The BEYOND system is also 30% faster than comparable systems.

When it comes to tooth decay, we are increasingly using ceramic aesthetic fillings instead of metal or composite fillings in Istanbul. Because of their aesthetics and stability, ceramic fillings are particularly preferred in cases of severe tooth loss.

In the field of cosmetic dentistry, the bonding technique is another alternative to porcelain teeth. In this case we use composite resin instead of porcelain veneers. Attachment does not harm the teeth; Its name goes to the special glues used for bonding.

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The adhesive system, widely used in cosmetic dentistry and preventive dentistry, can be used on all patients with broken, cracked, gapped, discolored or large teeth or excess fillings.

We recommend this cosmetic dentistry treatment to our patients in Istanbul who are looking for aesthetic and cosmetic fillings. First we measure the extraction hole and prepare the composite fillings in our laboratory. We layer the fillers layer by layer and harden them with a certain light. We then shape the material and adapt it to the natural teeth. Not only suitable for bonding fillings, but can also be used for other cosmetic dental treatments.

After bonding, the color of the composite filling can be affected by the consumption of coffee, tea or nicotine. That is why we advise you not to neglect daily oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly. Veneers Veneers Price in Turkey Hollywood Smile Anterior Teeth (Diastema) Dental Implants Crowns: Zirconium and E-Max Teeth Whitening Dental Prosthetics Other Dentistry

If you are looking for the best, not the cheapest, I have been creating custom smile designs for over 1000’s of my patients from national and international sources including the US, Europe and the Middle East for nearly 15 years.

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Smile design is the process of achieving a natural and healthy smile (teeth and gums) using the latest treatments such as veneers, implants, crowns, teeth whitening and more. You are in full control of your smile by viewing the results in a computerized environment. It’s like seeing a 3D architectural rendering of a property before building it.

Smile design does not only focus on the teeth, but also on the integrated appearance of the gums and teeth. For example, you can see how gum problems are solved by following the pictures below.

My practice specializes in aesthetic, implant and family dentistry. Patients receive professional and efficient treatment. As the costs of private dentists in the EU have increased, more EU patients are considering going abroad for dental treatment. By traveling to Turkey, you can save significantly on the cost of restorative and aesthetic dental care. Choose our service, enjoy our hospitality and we guarantee that you will save money and come home with new, beautiful and natural “Jewelry” that you will wear with pride in the future because “you will have a perfect smile on your face”.

Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey

My dental practice in Istanbul is staffed by experienced and highly skilled dentists and technicians and equipped with world-class high-tech technology.

Our affordable dental services are designed to satisfy you with maximum savings without any compromise on quality.

Visit one of the most attractive capitals of Europe, enjoy the delicious and famous Turkish cuisine, the friendliness and constant support of the local people … Turkey Dental Center has many years of experience in helping patients get the best treatment. Possible cost when traveling to Turkey for dental treatment. As Turkey’s largest dental care assistant, we have hundreds of reviews and have facilitated dental care for thousands of patients in recent years, including many TV celebrities and other celebrities, making this a great addition to our growing collection.

Whether you want to straighten crowded teeth, close gaps, improve the appearance of your smile, or replace missing teeth, it’s amazing how much can be done in a short amount of time with the right dental team and the right technique. Check out our before and after gallery to see the results achieved on a daily basis.

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Independent licensed VIP Clinics are registered “Dental Centers” fully accredited and regulated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Licensed dental practices are certified to run a full on-site laboratory, allowing them to have complete control over the quality of products used in dental care and to ensure the highest efficiency is used.

To make improvements. The dental facilities have some of the most advanced dental technology available anywhere in the world and are staffed by fully qualified dentists with exemplary experience. Technologies include smile design software, hospital CAD/CAM milling machines, 3D CT and soft tissue lasers. Each VIP dental clinic has a team of cosmetic dentists and specialists who provide patients with restorative dentistry and the ever-popular smile makeover. Fully qualified oral surgeons who can perform more complex procedures such as surgery, dental implants, sinus lifts and bone grafting ensure that dental implants are placed by a general dentist and no dental procedures are done incompletely by anyone else. A qualified oral surgeon.

According to the certification of Ivoclar Vivadent (the original manufacturer of e.max) VIP dental centers are also recognized as the largest suppliers of e.max restorations in Turkey.

Each dental practice provides patients with first-class dental care in an elegant setting. Every aspect of the clinic has been thought through

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