Best Credit Unions In Boise Idaho

Best Credit Unions In Boise Idaho – Boise’s skyline could change dramatically next year if a new project by Ball Ventures Ahlquist and Idaho Central Credit Union gets underway.

The two companies will submit applications to the city of Boise for a new two-tower building that will reach sixteen stories in height. The project will provide mixed services: traditional and medical facilities, trade unions, parking, residential and residential.

Best Credit Unions In Boise Idaho

The building will replace the 1970s ICCU branch and parking lot at the corner of 4th Street and Idaho Street. It will be one of the tallest buildings in Boise, several stories below 8th and Main and the US Bank building.

Idaho Central Credit Union Building Planned In Downtown Boise, Id

Tommy Ahlquist, BVA’s CEO, said the project came about after ICCU’s Kent Oram approached him about what to do with the current branch on Idaho Street. They worked together on another office project for a credit union in Meridian.

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Ahlquist said his team took what it learned from projects it worked on in downtown Boise — 8th and Maine, City Center Plaza and Pioneer Crossing — and applied it here.

“We spent a lot of time on the architecture,” Ahlquist said. “We tried to create something that was relevant to what was going on in that area.” We were looking for a way to make this project multi-functional and add some living space elements. “

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The renders show a mix of colors and designs, including white, bronze and ICCU green accents. Part of the night vision is the spectacular lighting of the lower floor with the bright green shades of the ICCU and Saltzer brands.

A rendering of the Idaho Central Credit Union building from the Boise depot. Click to enlarge via Cushing Terrell

If approved by the city of Boise, buildings in either direction could be several blocks higher than others. Across 3rd Street is the 1960s 12-story Imperial Plaza building. The new project sits on the Boise skyline as seen from the bench between the CW Moore Plaza building and St. Lukas.

“It’s on the edge of downtown,” Ahlquist said. “It will be part of a new skyline between the city center and St. Luke Cathedral.

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St. John started working on a multi-year plan. Luke’s Health System, which will complement the current ten-story hospital tower a few blocks away. Two types of houses

The project consists of two separate residential areas. The south tower has three floors of staff accommodation.

“The importance of housing in this project is very important,” said development attorney Jeff Wardle. “The challenge is how do you reconcile the concerns and interests of different plans for downtown Boise and the different goals?”

“We’re going to have real estate partners, that’s their area of ​​expertise,” Ahlquist said. “We will work with them to determine the cost structure and pricing.” We know we need more housing downtown. We want to provide workers with housing that people can afford.”

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The residence in the north tower has an open balcony. Most of the units – 33 – are one bedroom. Three two- and three-bedroom studios complete the plan.

“On the north side, we will replace the ICCU building and parking lot.” CCDC and the city of Boise have long identified this as a parking lot,” Wardle said of the city and the urban redevelopment agency Capital City Development Corporation. “We know we have to replace the car park and the bank branch.” This is the first time we have combined office, retail, parking and housing.

Wordle said he tried to put more effort into the design of the garage, which is planned to be five stories high.

“It requires different approaches. You don’t want it to be just a big garage,” he said. “We intentionally lowered the construction line even though it’s in a parking lot.” We changed the shape on the side (of the house) to give it a different look. “

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Wardle and Ahlquist hope that replacing ICCU’s current office, which does not face main Idaho St. stretch, will increase pedestrian and street activity.

“Our goal is to have a connected and integrated facility with improved bike lanes and dedicated sidewalks,” Wardle said.

Ahlquist said he wants to help continue some of the infrastructure work planned and completed on the east side of St. Louis. Luke’s on Bannock Street, which runs along the north side of the Idaho Central Credit Union building.

“We’re going to work with CCDC, ACHD and our neighbors to try to improve that relationship,” he said. They should seek funding from the Urban Renewal Agency to help improve sidewalks as part of the project. The site is located in the Myrtle River/Old Boise Urban Redevelopment District. Need a medical office

Boise City National Bank, 805 West Idaho Street, Boise, Ada County, Id

Ahlquist, a former emergency physician and co-owner of Saltzer Health, said St. Lukas meets the need for medical offices in the area.

“Because it is close to St. Luke, we knew it would be a great clinic,” he said. “We have been looking for a polyclinic in the eastern part of the city center for five years. Excellent educational center St. It’s Luke’s, and in fact every corner belongs to the hospital. We know this is a long-standing unmet need in the medical community. “

He said that doctors who do not work at St. Luke, but still has close access to a regional medical center, can find a home in the project.

The first floor will have two separate lobbies – one for the medical floor, the other for offices and common living spaces.

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There will also be a 5,000-square-foot ICCU and a 5,600-square-foot Saltzer Health facility.

Part of the premises will be occupied by Saltzer and ICCU, the rest will be leased. next step

BVA plans to submit an application for the project next week. They need detailed planning permission for the project, as well as a conditional use permit in relation to Bank Drive.

The proposed site includes seven parcels, each in R-OD Boise. This is a residential/office term. They hope to get C-5 zoning, more jargon for downtown business district. The lot across 4th Street is currently zoned C-5.

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If the city signs off on all the necessary pieces, Ahlquist said he hopes to begin construction next spring. He said the project has slowed down a bit in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic and office closures and meetings in some cities. However, he is confident about the progress of the project.

“We’ll get back to it, 100 percent. We know what happened, we know we’re in a good place, we love everything about the future of Idaho,” Ahlquist said. “Everybody loves coming here. It’s growing — that’s not going to change with COVID.”

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