Best Dating Sites In Oregon

Best Dating Sites In Oregon – If you’re here it only means one thing… you’re engaged! The end is here! There’s a lot to planning a wedding and finalizing all those important little details, but let’s get straight to the fun part: the engagement photos! You’ll want to save the dates or maybe have some professional photos for that! Here’s the funny thing about marriage: You make the rules. Which pretty much means you can do whatever you want with engagement photos too. Do you want a studio session with disc shape and disc ball? Guys, let’s do it! Or Spooky Halloween season with a pumpkin for the head? Ah Sanchi!

I mean it when I say it can be anything you want it to be! So how about beautiful landscapes as your backdrop? Luckily Portland, Oregon has an insane amount of amazing wedding photo spots to choose from. We all have Oregon as our playground for your engagement photos. So let’s get to it: here are the best Portland photo sharing sites covering all of Oregon!

Best Dating Sites In Oregon

The beauty of Portland is how easy it is to access the parks within the city limits. You don’t have to go far to feel like you’re in the wild. Hoyt Arboretum in Forest Park is located close to downtown Portland and gives you easy access to feel surrounded by great trees. The best part? If you want to elope or get married here, Hoyt Arboretum’s Redwood Deck is the perfect place to do it in nature!

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Located in Central East Portland, Laurelhurst Park is one of my favorite places to photograph during the fall. You will be surrounded by yellow, orange and red trees as they begin to change color in winter. There is a nice pond in the middle with ducks swimming in it, the Laurelhurst Staircase also sets a beautiful backdrop, and the outdoor lights in the garden setting give me European vibes. I don’t know but I love you.

Have you seen how easy it is to get to Sauvy Island Beach from Portland? You are crazy! In 30 minutes, you will be on Sauvie island and you can wander around lavender fields, pumpkin fields, corn mazes and beaches. In the summer it is more difficult as everyone is cooling down from the hot summer months. But during the winter? We have a good opportunity to give ourselves space.

Another location with easy access to the beach within Portland’s borders! Kelly’s Point Park is on the edge of the city in the St John area, also Cathedral Park. What I love about Caye Point Park is that not only are the beach areas full of sand and driftwood, but also the forest with wide open areas for some great picnic views.

Eastbank Esplanade is a great place for engagement photos. You get views of the Hawthorne Bridge, the Willamette River, and the Portland skyline. My favorite is to photograph late in the evening as the light begins to darken and turn into the blue hour, as the city lights begin to look very landscape! Just remembering the homeless population these days because I’m afraid I’ve definitely seen some people camped here.

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Honestly, I have to say Cathedral Park is one of my favorite parks within Portland. I love the St. Bridge. When you get to the bottom of the park, you can approach the river and go to the docks for a change of scenery! There is so much to play with here for your engagement photos!

Located in Portland’s Deep East End, Powell Butte is amazing for golden hour on sunny days. The large open spaces are incredibly bright. On a good day, you might be lucky enough to get views of Mount Hood!

I know everyone talks and hears about Portland’s International Rose Tasting Garden, and I love it too. But I can’t even explain why Peninsula Park has such a special place in my heart. Located in North Portland and featuring a waterfall in the middle of the park, I think it’s an amazing photo spot! The roses are all in the southern part of the park and the northern area has big trees to give more life to the forest.

Additional fees apply for photography in these locations! Scroll down to see prices for Portland and engagement times.

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Honestly, I’m not tired of shooting in this situation. Something about the moss covered rocks and landscape made me feel instantly transported to Iceland. This area has a different kind of scenery to play with, and it also features one of my favorite views of the Columbia River Gorge.

If you want a spectacular view of the falls without a crazy long hike, you’re in luck. Wahclella Falls is one of the most stunning waterfalls to photograph on an easy, one-mile hike. I mean, I think the picture speaks for itself!

Ok so I know the whole point of this place is the view of the Columbia River Gorge, here I am sharing these great blurry photos and winning photos but you know what? The weather in Oregon is unstable. We have to accept the reaction and sometimes you will accept the truth, and I’m not mad at him. Learn more about Vista House here!

Another fun waterfall that is easy to access is L’Aurelle Falls. In fact, it takes less than 5 minutes to walk and if you get down a little (maybe a lot…) cold, it’s really nice to go down to the base of the waterfall! So I probably wouldn’t recommend going in the winter when it’s cold.

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I thought Rowena Crist had a moment and arranged for an engagement photo shoot in the Pacific Northwest. It’s kind of fun because there is a horse’s foot in the way that works well to help frame the couple in the photos but not necessarily what this place has to offer: there is a beautiful clifftop area with great views of Colombia River Gorge. !

One of my favorite lakes in Oregon! Trillium Lake is spectacular during the summer and offers views of snowy Mount Hood as a backdrop for most of the year. You can even go swimming on a hot day!

Speaking of Mount Hood… what could be better than going straight to the top? During winter we can go directly to the snow covered forest and mountain scenery!

The Painted Hills are located in eastern Oregon in the town of Mitchell, about 5 hours from Portland. You can guess where their name comes from the colors of the sediments painted on the sides of the mountains. It has a beautiful red color and makes a beautiful backdrop for your engagement session!

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Did you know there is a desert in Oregon? Yes! Southeastern Oregon has beautiful desert with hot springs and mountain scenery. Take me with you and we can have a reunion with the plains of the Steen Mountains, followed by some hot spring photos, what do you say?

One of my favorite places on the Oregon coast! Ecola State Park has a lot to offer from fern-covered forests, surfing, great coastal views, and amazing beaches.

Hog Point is another beautiful spot on the Oregon coast. We have to plan the time properly so that we can reach this secret waterfall on the beach!

I don’t think I need to say much about Cape Kiwanda. It is an amazing location with Martian red rocks and sand dunes on the beach and a rocky view of the sea. It’s not really that surprising!

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Located in the direction of Tarpon, Oregon’s Bend, Oregon, Smith Rock is a recreational paradise and a stunning backdrop for your engagement session. We don’t have to go far for the best backdrops for engagement photos.

Sparks Lake is a natural body of water located near the summit of the Central Cascade Range in Deschutes County, US state of Oregon. The lake is located approximately 26 miles west-southwest of Bend along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway in the Deschutes National Forest.

This is the highest mountain on the Oregon coast! Mary’s Peak is a spring favorite for some wildflower viewing.

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