Best Day Cruise In Fiji

Best Day Cruise In Fiji – This blog talks about the 33 best things to do in Fiji to help you plan your trip. These recommendations are designed to help you get the most out of your trip to Fiji and have the most unforgettable experience! It will help you create your ultimate Fijian bucket list with lots of fun and unique things to do.

Fiji is a beautiful island country with amazing scenery and the friendliest people I have ever met! There is a lot to see and do for such a small country. Since most tourists only visit for a week or two, you should choose how you want to spend your time wisely.

Best Day Cruise In Fiji

After visiting Fiji myself, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 34 unique and fun things to do in Fiji. I have carefully selected each experience and activity, and there is something for everyone, from cultural experiences to food to adventure!

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Of course, one of the most important things to do in Fiji is to explore the culture. One way to do that is by participating in a traditional Kava ceremony.

Kava is a traditional Fijian drink. It is made from ground root (Piper Methysticum) and mixed with water. Traditionally, only the village chief drank Kava. But today, Kava is consumed in celebrations or even just with friends. Alcohol is very expensive in Fiji, so Kava is a substitute for the locals.

Kava tastes like muddy water or really bad tea. After taking many glasses, you may feel “done” or relaxed, as Kaval tends to have these side effects.

Don’t take Kava for the taste or flavor, try Kava for the cultural experience. Attend a Kava ceremony and try one of Fiji’s most popular drinks in the traditional way (ceremony).

Authentic Fijian Day Cruise

You can pay to go visit a village and try Kava there, or some hotels / resorts hold Kava ceremonies on certain nights (so you might get lucky and try Kava for free!) You can also buy Kava in a store and mix it. think for yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend it because the Kava ceremony is part of the experience.

When it comes to cultural experiences, trying Kava is one of the best things to do in Fiji!

The office where I stayed for five nights at the rebellion resort. It’s really affordable and right on the ocean!

Another authentic Fijian experience is staying at the “office”. A bure is a Fijian style bungalow that many resorts offer as accommodation. These bures are usually on the beach and have outside showers. It’s a fun alternative and more fun and authentic than your average hotel room.

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The cost of living in the office depends on where you live in Fiji.

If you want to go to Yasawa Islands, you can get your budget at White Sandy Lodge for about FJD $200 per night. For something a little more luxurious, check out Navutu Béntang Resort. Bure will set you back around FJD 600 per night, but this place is amazing.

One tip. Bures are also great for couples because they are personal. If you’re looking for an amazing resort in Fiji for your honeymoon, you can’t go wrong with the agency!

Fiji is world famous for diving! There are lots of brightly colored fish and corals to see, as well as sharks. Yes, sharks! Divers come from all over the world to dive with sharks in Fiji.

Tropical Tivua Island Day Trip In Fiji

To dive with sharks, you need to take an organized trip to Beqa Island. There you will dive with sharks and watch them eat. To be honest, not only did I do it myself because of the high price tag ($240 USD), I talked to people who did and they thought it was great! They felt safe the whole time and saw lots of sharks!

If shark diving isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other dive tours that take you to the brightly colored coral reefs off the coast of each island. These diving tours are cheaper than shark diving tours, and if you are not yet scuba certified, many companies offer training.

Fiji is surrounded by vibrant coral reefs full of fish that you can see on a snorkeling tour. Although you can snorkel on your own from various hotels in Fiji, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to go (especially if you’re staying on the main island of Viti Levu).

There are many snorkeling trips in Fiji. Some include cruises to some of the more remote islands, lunch and fun activities.

Sunset Dinner Cruise Fiji

If you want something more exciting, snorkel with sharks! This special tour takes you to Kuata Island. From here, your guide will take you snorkeling with reef sharks. Don’t worry, this guy is harmless!

The Fiji Cultural Village is one of my favorite things to do while in Fiji! The Fiji Cultural Village is a fake village set up outside Nadi. Here, visitors can learn all about the traditional Fijian way of life, including weaving, fire making and construction demonstrations. You can also meet the village chief and go to the hut and temple.

I visited a Fijian cultural village in the evening and after the tour, we enjoyed a traditional meal of “lovo” (food cooked in an earth oven) while enjoying a performance by dancers, singers and fire dancers! I really enjoyed the night experience because of the fire dancers – they are very talented!

If you prefer, the Fiji Cultural Village also offers an evening experience that includes lunch instead of dinner. The only difference is that you miss the fire dancer (my favorite part!)

Day Trip For School Kids

Visiting the Fijian Cultural Village is one of the most popular things to do in Nadi. The prices are very reasonable, including food and come from most hotels. For families or those just interested in Fijian culture, this is a great (and unique) experience in Fiji! Book the Fijian Cultural Village online here.

The traditional way of dancing in Fiji is with fire! Fiji’s fire dancers are incredibly talented and will perform a unique performance right in front of you as they spin poles lit up by fire.

If you want to see a fire show, you can go to a paid show, such as at the Fiji Cultural Village, or try a free show at a bar or restaurant. Remember that not all fire dancers are as talented as the following. If you want to see something really good, I recommend using the paid experience!

Did you know that Fiji has over 300 islands? Exploring remote islands is one of the most popular things to do in Fiji. In fact, many people base their entire holiday in Fiji solely on island hopping.

Fiji Princess, Fiji

Some islands are isolated with no inhabitants, while others have their own small towns. Some have electricity and internet, some don’t. Some islands are a few hours away by ferry and some are directly from the coast. So choose your island wisely!

You can spend a few nights on the islands or just take a day trip from the main island. Day trips to various islands depart daily from Nadi and Denarau Port. I went to Robinson Crusoe’s Island and had a great time there! For a day island tour with lunch, you will pay FJD 100-200.

If you’re interested in living on an island, you’ll have so many options—almost too many that it’s hard to know where to stay. If you are looking for luxury island accommodation, Castaway Island Resort is easy to visit. This is a large private island resort that is one of the highest rated places in Fiji. Here you’ll find 4 restaurants, a swimming pool, a kids’ club and an endless list of free activities to keep you busy all day. You can also use the tennis court, pool bar and day spa.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly, yet still accessible and beautiful island stay, check out Beachcomber Island Resort. Beachcomber Island Resort is located in a marine reserve, making it an ideal place for snorkeling or scuba diving. There are many different rooms and bungalows to choose from – something for every budget! Dorm beds cost as little as $85 FJD per night, where you can get a standard twin room for $470 FJD.

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“Lovo” is food cooked in a home oven (on the ground). This is a traditional cooking method in Fiji and is still used today. Meat and vegetables and potatoes are placed on hot stones and covered with cloth and leaves to cook.

Many day trips include Lovo for lunch or dinner and it is always very tasty. Expect fish, chicken, beef, potatoes, cassava,

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