Best Dental Implant Dentist In Michigan

Best Dental Implant Dentist In Michigan – Realizing that every time a patient or doctor discusses the term “Total Mouth Reconstruction”, especially in the context of “All on X” with all teeth removed and replaced by dental implants, is in itself very important, challenging and life-changing. of discussion and procedure. However, 99.99% of the time, performed by dentists and surgeons in the US and around the world, this life-changing procedure and surgery will only be performed with titanium (metal alloy) dental implants. The problem of complete oral cavity reconstruction, regardless of the risk of implant material, is always present both in clinical aspects, surgical complications, and, of course, in the financial burden borne by the patient. However, titanium dental implants used in All on 4 Implant cases also carry the risk of hypersensitivity, allergic reactions, and peri-implantitis, known as “material risk,” as an additional concern.

Are dental implants possible in metal-free ceramic implants with All on 4 All on 6 All on 8 (and more per Arch)? SO!

Best Dental Implant Dentist In Michigan

When a patient like you decides that full mouth reconstruction with All on X full arch dental implants is a viable and necessary procedure, what are the material choices? What if you have an autoimmune disease? Or maybe you had an oncological diagnosis before? What if you have a high reaction to chemicals and foreign substances? What if you have CIRS, Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s, mold sensitivity, PEFM sensitivity?

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When choosing a dentist for a big problem, what dentist do you find will actually give you a CHOICE OF DENTAL SUPPLIES? Practically none. But now you have found Dr. Yuri Mei in the US who made full lips, double and single arches All for 6 on titanium and All for 4 All for 6 All for 8 Zirconia dental implants 100% metal free. Over the past few years, he has become an internally recognized expert in offering solutions similar to metal-free zirconia implants. This means that at the Center for Natural Dentistry, located in the suburbs of New York near Boston, we do 100% of our full mouth reconstructions. All about metal-free X surgery and zirconium oxide implants and beautiful zirconium dioxide teeth.

Moving on to the main difference between all-in-6 titanium implants and all-in-6 zirconia implants?

However, patients around the world do not have as many choices as they do for single-tooth implants, thus for a much greater variety of zirconia dental implants than titanium alloy dental implants. In 2018-2020, the US FDA introduced more than 3 new brands, and now Dr. Mei can put SDS, Zeramax, Z-Systems, Ceraroot, Zibone, Pure Straumann and Nobel Pearl Zirconia. However, the popularity of biocompatible dental implants has increased significantly in the US and Europe, and 3 new ceramic implant manufacturers received FDA approval in 2018-2020, which allows experts such as Dr. Perhaps for more complex cases and more options and availability for ceramic implant patients.

Dr. Mei is only one of less than 5 dentists nationally (US) that offers full arch restoration on zirconia implants, 4 to 10 zirconia implants per arch. Technically, it can be called “All Ceramic on 4 Implants” and can replace any number of Zirconia Full-Arch Implants up to “Zirconia All on 10 Implants Full-Arch Metal Free”. The answer is: the entire procedure, every component of the implant and the final prosthesis is 100% METAL-FREE! In fact, Natural Dentistry is the only American biosurgery dentist that contains an all-in-one biosurgery concept. The comprehensive concept of biological surgery means ALL operations (extraction, sinus lifting, PRF transplantation, ozone, alveoplasty, zirconia implants and temporary prosthodontics are fully performed in one procedure, in one day) and temporary restorative work is performed from 4 to 4 6 hours. per one day and one procedure. According to many reports, patients who come to Natural Dentistry for this radical surgery and full ceramic mouth rehabilitation do so because Dr. Yuri Mei is considered the best not only for her surgical procedures and skills, but also for maximum aesthetic results. . The cases performed in our US office range from very predictable to very complex, often involving the extraction of all teeth and replacement with zirconium oxide implants, but in some cases, based on patient preferences and clinical features, the dentition is mixed (which means retaining some teeth. ). natural teeth).

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The All-in-One Dental concept involves only ONE surgical procedure for the patient to complete all extractions, remove infection, tissue and bone grafts, restore all jawbones and immediately place temporary dental implants. Almost ALL natural dentistry patients choose this approach to biological dental surgery for several reasons, including minimizing the risk of complications, reducing recovery time, and achieving more predictable results. Many of our traveling patients from California, Texas, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, patients who call in the state of _____ have an additional reason to appreciate and seek out Dr. Maia for all-in-one zirconia implant surgery because it’s natural. optimized for overseas travel logistics. Although this is not always the case, in many cases, all-in-one ceramic implant surgery can avoid sinus lift, as the sinus lift procedure usually has an increased risk and a high rate of post-operative complications, and Dr. developed only surgical ceramic implants and immediate placement techniques.. zirconium implants do not lift the sinuses.

The best experts in the field are selected by Dr. Yuri May in Connecticut, USA or Dr. Ulrich Folz of SDS Dental Clinic in Switzerland. The main difference is that, apart from the US vs Switzerland option, unlike the SDS clinic, all natural dental surgeries and restorations are performed by a single doctor. Maya, when in Switzerland they have a team of dentists, surgeons and laboratories. technicians who will work with the patient during their stay. Although we can coordinate the problem with Dr. Volz Clinic and SDS, since all our cases are performed in the same office on the same day, we often only coordinate the completion of unfinished cases for zirconium implant restorations in patients who do not have crowns / full dentures at SDS. Sometimes we do crown and denture redesigns for purely aesthetic reasons if the patient wants a more US-oriented smile design. Since both the Center for Natural Dentistry and SDS follow a comprehensive protocol that combines surgery into one operation or procedure, there are not many patients with partially completed surgery (as opposed to restorative work) who need additional surgery into a single operation or procedure, our US office, or those who required surgery after seeing Dr. Maia in Switzerland. We greatly appreciate the clinical work of SDS Switzerland and recommend it as the only safe and predictable option, other than the Center for Natural Dentistry in the USA, for metal-free full mouth restorations with zirconium implants.

If you are a traveling patient, we accept patients from all over the US and internationally, and you can find travel information here

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What are the main differences between all-in-6 titanium dental implants and all-in-6 zirconia dental implants?

Understand that titanium implants, which have been used for years by skilled surgeons and dentists for full mouth reconstruction and prosthetics based on implants, are produced by more than 50 implant manufacturers and come in all shapes, sizes, connections, and have what is called “custom abutments,” make titanium implants more forgiving in the hands of a skilled surgeon or dentist for full mouth reconstruction. 99.9% of titanium dental implants are installed as two-piece implants, which means that there is a small and acceptable error in the position and angle of titanium implants, which can be easily attached with a special titanium abutment that compensates for the missing angle. or slight misalignment. In addition, implant surgeons and dentists are only trained in the placement of titanium implants, so this is the most popular and affordable solution for full mouth reconstruction, all on X implants for most people who need and / or seek this treatment option. Now that we have discussed the advantages of titanium implants, 1) they are mass-produced by more than 50 factories and have unlimited possibilities in terms of technical lines and product options 2) they have the ability to make special abutments to facilitate body reconstruction or less. -improvement from-ideal. placement of implants, offers a forgiving solution for conventional surgeons and implantologists 3) that allows them to be used as angled implants (angled means non-parallelism in the oral cavity) as special abutments can be tilted in the opposite direction to achieve correctness. the angle that you can attach the dentures to. Sound a bit complicated? Well, you have to – you’re not a dentist, are you? When you have finished reading this page, we will provide you with a form to fill out

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