Best Dentist In Clovis Ca

Best Dentist In Clovis Ca – We believe that health is a precious gift. Therefore, all procedures, techniques, dental materials and anesthetics are carefully researched and considered to ensure suitability and safety. To ensure these goals are achieved, we have our own dental laboratory where we manage all aspects of restorative work, offering the convenience of same-day crown/restoration and non-invasive metal-free implants with minimal replacement of lost, hopeless, infected, damaged and/or problematic root canal treated teeth with providing safe and relaxing oral sedation when needed.

We are a mercury-free office offering safe mercury (amalgam) removal in a dedicated vacuum room with specific health and safety protocols. So if you want to safely remove damaged silver mercury fillings (metal fillings/amalgams) that may be leaking mercury, or you just want to repair a cavity or give us a location. Office.

Best Dentist In Clovis Ca

“I have been to many dentists in my life, but Dr. Larsen is the best dentist I have ever had. I love him.” – Patti G. (67 years of experience. I’ll be here for you for 7 hours!)

Dental Implants. One Day. One Office. In Fresno, Ca

“I hate injections, but Dr. Larsen’s injection technique did nothing for me! Wow” – Justin I.

“Dr. Larsen is a kind and caring person who cares so much about her patients. I highly recommend it! After removing the metal seals, I felt my health improve.” This is.” – Brad Lee.

“My daughter Z… 13 years old… has a rash all over her body and doctors have tried to cure everything under the sun but they couldn’t cure it for 6 months.” The day after my second visit to the dentist, my daughter was amazed that the skin rash she was diagnosed with was completely gone. “- Zaihan M

“This is the cleanest and nicest dentist I’ve ever been to.” Very kind and friendly staff. Dr. Larsen and his staff made a stressful situation very soothing and calming.” Thank you so much!! :)” – Estela G.

Meet Dr. Malan Clovis Ca, Matthew J. Malan, Dds

“I love your office.” It is very comfortable and fun. Everyone in the office is very friendly and makes me feel comfortable. I really appreciate the non-toxic materials. Thank you for your support. Thank you.” – Muriel O.

“Today I am cancer and amalgam free. I am a medical miracle thanks to Dr. Larsen doing the final detox to remove the amalgams. I also had amalgam removed for my husband and daughter and was dreading the cost of amalgam removal. It saved my life, and it could save yours.” – Delia H.

“I’m so glad I changed dentists!” Another dentist told me that my roots were rotten, which was causing my teeth to crack. They told me I needed an implant right away and I scheduled an appointment for a month, even though I was in the hospital in a lot of pain, they left a painful tooth fragment in my mouth! I wasn’t feeling well so I looked for a natural dentist online and found Dr. Larsen. Then in the same visit he made me a crown! perfect! – Anna R.

“Thanks to root canal treatment and titanium implants, my joints no longer hurt in my absence. I no longer have symptoms of tachycardia and SVT. Now I feel toxic and dizzy from the bacteria in my mouth.” I can go to the sauna without a sauna I went to the sauna and had severe neurological symptoms (shaking, flushing, numbness in the head, fainting) but it’s gone! I am so grateful to Dr. Larsen for helping me get back to health.” – Alie H .

Pet Dental Care & Surgery

“Dr. Larsen’s root canal technique (#14) was 1000 times better than the technique my previous oral surgeon used to remove the tooth (#15). The patient seems to know what he is talking about. He goes the extra mile to ensured proper healing I was impressed that this patient knew the number we call a tooth.

“Gary Larsen and his staff are the best dentist and office I have ever experienced.” The impact on health is immeasurable.

Scoliosis over 50 years has almost disappeared – stomatitis – never again! – TMJ pain – pain free – general health – much better and continuing to improve I couldn’t be happier Done! Dr. Larsen came back into my life for years – and above all – years of good health. He and his staff are the best in every way! I recommend 100%, not 1000%. Treat yourself to a healthy mouth!” Karen R. (She traveled 8 hours to see us. She recovered much better in a week of dental work, followed soon after. Her chiropractor told her that her scoliosis has almost disappeared over 50 years. She said the change is rapid. The doctor is surprised .)

“Dr. Larsen’s root canal extraction technique (#14) was 1000 times better than my previous oral surgeon’s extraction technique (#15). Tooth Extracted – Right behind where the tooth was extracted. The highest. Healing.

Trident, March 2019 By Dugoni School Of Dentistry

“My experience with Dr. Larsen and his staff was wonderful. Not only did they provide many check-up reminders, but they also provided a painless check-up. Dr. Larsen said my teeth were numb.” I had the best dentist I’ve ever been to!” – Elijah C.

“Having been a dental assistant for over 13 years and working with many different dentists, my experience with Dr. Larsen has been amazing. I had a dental implant and it was a great experience. I encourage everyone to try Dr. Larsen. I would recommend him to the whole family.” – Ianeth R. she was never employed by Dr. Larsen!)

“Dr. Larsen is an amazing dentist. Every visit is a pleasure and his entire staff is very friendly. I trust him and know he does a great job. My teeth are great!”, his health improved. Those who are lucky always find it. Thank you. Thanks! ” – Heather D.

“Since removing 3 dead upper left molars with root canals and replacing them with healthy dental implants on the same day, no more sinus problems! Sinus Problems / Drainage / Infections I suffered from this for 30 years, required meds and had trouble breathing through my nose because my nose was blocked. My heart was pounding for years. I was so angry they put me on a heart monitor. Atrial the fibrillation and irregular heartbeat completely disappeared after being replaced with healthy dental implants. My cardiologist reviewed the data on the heart monitor.” – Verneice V. (he did not have 3 canal teeth where the infection spread to the sinus area)

Will Invisalign Work For My Teeth?

“I’m glad I changed dentists and went to Dr. Gary Larsen! I have been looking for a mercury free dentist for a while now. The crown I had (from another dentist) irritated my gums. My arm was completely dead and in the morning I couldn’t pick it up, I tried chiropractic, acupuncture, helmets, massage etc but nothing worked.

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