Best Eco Lodges In Ecuador

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Best Eco Lodges In Ecuador

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Technical protection or permission is required to create user profiles and send advertisements or to track users for similar marketing purposes across the website or websites. Vacations are good for the soul, but do you know what else? You know you’re doing your part when it comes to sustainability and supporting your community. When planning your trip to Ecuador, avoid the crowds from February to April. Or from September to November. Advice on sustainable hotels in Ecuador. per budget.

The Azulna Eco Lodge is a private beach retreat away from everyday life. It is located south of the Maharira National Park in the Manabi region of Ecuador.

Cabins are built using locally sourced, sustainable materials, recycled, reduced, reused, recycled and composted waste.

Amazing Place, Guide And Atmosphere!!!

Azuluna employs local families while guaranteeing fair wages. About 10% of them are used to support various community projects. Some projects include building classrooms, providing school supplies, and water pumps.

Madre Tierra Resort and Spa is an eco-resort located in the Andean village of Vilcabamba, known for the longevity of its citizens. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere, delicious healthy food and fresh air.

Driven by values, Madre Tierra is committed to peace, community, art, health and sustainability. About 90% of them support local staff in Ecuador. In addition, it claims to have the lowest carbon footprint on earth, requiring no heating or cooling. All things considered, I think this is one of the most sustainable hotels in Ecuador.

El Monte Sustainable Lodge is located in Mindo Cloud Forest and has full size private cabins.

Best Eco Hotels And Lodges In The World

El Monte is a strong believer in the power of ecotourism to protect natural areas. As a result, they were placed under community care across the country. Thus they saved thousands of hectares of forest. Additionally, they established the Mindo Biological Research Station to promote conservation of the area.

Jam Lodge is located on the banks of the Quiaveno River 15 minutes he from Laguna Grande. Considering the diverse ecosystem, guests can enjoy nature activities such as canoeing, jungle he trekking and bird watching.

Water released deep into the environment is treated with water and solar panels are used. All products are environmentally friendly and reduce unnecessary packaging. The lodge also provides economic opportunities to the community by visiting local families.

The Napo Wildlife Center has a stunning Amazonian luxury eco lodge within Yasuni National Park. A UNESCO biosphere reserve, the park covers approximately 2.5 million hectares of rainforest. Experience the natural wonders of the Amazon with cultural tea parties, tours and jungle walks

Of The Best Eco Hotels In The World 2022

Kichuwa Anangu Community makes your stay authentic by making your experience easy. Their main goal is to protect biodiversity and local socioeconomic development.

To keep the wetlands clean, communities have invested in their own ecosystems. Energy is generated by solar panels, industrial batteries and silent generators with minimal environmental impact. For these reasons, this is his one of our favorite sustainable hotels in Ecuador.

His one of National Geographic’s unique homes in the world, Mashpee Ecuador is one of a kind. Surrounded by rainforest, the modern design creates a truly magical experience. Immerse yourself in nature and float on the clouds as you relax in luxurious rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. The local community is at the heart of what the lodge does and represents tourism at its best.

If you’re planning multiple stops in South America, check out our travel tips for Peru, Uruguay, and Buenos Aires! It’s one. Maximum capacity is 28 people. Tours of the Pirana Eco Lodge are led by English-speaking naturalist guides. The lodge is eco-friendly and certified for forest participation. The guest’s location is the best on the river in Cuiaveno.

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