Best Escape Room In Orange County

Best Escape Room In Orange County – Each game has several rooms to explore. Choose from a variety of themes and challenges. Ask your game guide as much as you can! (no punishment, no trial)

Parking is free, with open parking and 3 parking spaces. Valet parking and electric vehicle charging stations are also available. You can learn more about parking and transportation at the Irving Spectrum Center on their website by clicking here.

Best Escape Room In Orange County

Perfect Room Night Recommendations: Cheesecake Factory Dinner, Escape Room, Chocolate Bar Dessert

Things To Do With Kids In Orange County

Escape Game Irvine is located in the heart of the Irvine Spectrum in Orange County, with easy access to shopping, entertainment and dining. Our favorite pre-game eats include The Courtyard House, The Cheesecake Factory and Habana. Make up a story from your experience and end your adventure with dessert at the Chocolate Bash.

Escape Game Irvine has 7 unique escape rooms, including our newest game, The Depths. Each immersive escape room can accommodate up to 12 players, except for 8 players in the playground. Large groups can start a story with up to 60 players at a time.

Fill out the form below to contact the event coordinator. We will contact you within 1 business day. You can also email us at [email protected] or call (949) 541-9165.

Our experience is designed by a team of architects, carpenters, fine artists, technologists and storytellers. We pour into every detail because our mission is to design and deliver an epic interactive experience for every guest. The last part is very important to us. The end result of our work is an amazing, highly immersive, story-driven multi-room adventure that you, your best friend, your grandma, and your 13-year-old niece can play together. , or any detective, escape room might be your skill. Orange County has amassed an impressive portfolio of interactive playrooms over the past few years. Here are 22 of our favorites to choose from for your next birthday party, date night or team building event.

Hotel Himalayan Escape, Shimla

On a cold night, you and your friend are running away from an impending storm and come across a house at the end of the road. You want home to be a safe place, but now you just want to get out.

You and your friends have just won a cabin escape! Unfortunately, Jason in Week 13 stole you from your journey! He leaves clues about how he’s going to attack, so you need to use the tips to stop him before he’s done with you.

A movie star disappears from her dressing room, but her captors leave clues and evidence. The police will question you before the media finds out what happened to the actress.

You are a member of an elite hacker league, but you are caught by the police. On your way to the prison, you are trapped in a high security vehicle and have to overcome the firewall or spend your life in prison.

Escape Room Palm Springs

During dinner, the guests disappear overnight. Suddenly, you are caught up in the investigation of a woman who uses dark magic, and you must escape before you become her next victim.

You are the future occupants of the house where the Cain family disappeared 60 years ago. Rumor has it that the ghosts in the house and the spirits of the family are forever trapped in the attic, so it is natural to go to the attic to see.

A serial killer is on the run and will choose his next victim at Stillwater Asylum. You must enter the shelter, save the next victim and escape before he attacks again.

Enter Leonardo da Vinci’s old workshop and discover his most secret latest creations and thoughts that no one knows about. Beware of clever puzzles and strict security measures created by the creator to destroy anyone who dares to enter his forbidden workshop.

Room Number 13 At The Escape Hotel Restaurant

Bayou High School hosts a Mardi Gras-themed party here, where several students were killed in a barn fire decades ago. What seems like a nostalgic reunion turns out to be more suspicious than sentimental.

After weeks of strange behavior, a small town doctor suddenly disappears. A madman is destroying the city, so you are hired to investigate some unusual connection he has with a missing doctor.

It’s 1962 and everything is perfect in your suburb until one day your neighbor is found dead in his house and you become a suspect. You must solve the mystery in time or face life imprisonment.

Everyone knows not to get too close to characters in horror movies because very few of them make it to the end. In this room escape, you will play as six horror movie characters who must escape from this real life horror movie.

Puzzle Workshop Escape Room

Hamilton’s mental hospital does more harm than good, full of dark crimes and experimental treatments, and if you don’t solve the mystery in time, it might spread into the community before it’s too late.

You and your friends are accidentally buried alive! Compete with your friends to solve puzzles and ring the bell, because whoever catches the tomb’s attention will get out alive.

The three-time Magician of the Year winner has returned from a long hiatus from the magic industry. Discover the magic and mystery behind all these escape room tricks.

In an unexpected twist, Sherlock is caught by his killer. Can you save Sherlock from the kidnapper and the clues he left in the office?

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The mysterious house haunts your mind, asking all kinds of questions. Once you find the real home address, you go there and get locked up! If you don’t escape in time, your character will start to change dramatically.

Here came the British, who tried to steal Benjamin Franklin’s latest invention: a weapon that could defeat the red. Find his coveted invention before the British discover it first, and decide the fate of America.

Harry Potter fans, this one is for you. Explore the wonders, mysteries and hidden rooms of this witch’s lair and defeat the monsters within before you are trapped in the dark abyss forever.

Live out your detective fantasy and help the Prisma Police Department solve their latest case. You are the best detective in town and the only one who can do it.

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The old building is about to be torn down, and you and your crew are doing the final cleanup to make sure everything is in order. It is far from a good thing that some of the crew get lost during the search and find themselves trapped in a room they have never seen before.

You are captured and held hostage by a serial killer who reminds you of the zodiac. Try to escape someone who may or may not be the infamous Zodiac Killer before reaching number 38.

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Escape Room Orange County

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