Best Family Hotels In Cyprus

Best Family Hotels In Cyprus – After our last vacation where we were backpacking and constantly on the go, we decided our next trip would be somewhere on the beach. We like to put little or no effort into planning for the complications that come with traveling with a toddler.

We started looking at all the things to do in Cyprus for families and it ticked all our boxes. Beautiful Cyprus beach hotels with kids clubs, entertainment and waterside pools, we know it will be fun and relaxing for all of us.

Best Family Hotels In Cyprus

We started researching where to go in Cyprus and decided that Paphos as well as Ayia Napa seemed like the best places to visit in Cyprus. So we decided to drop by after a few days! We loved both and could have easily spent a week in them.

The Best Hotels In Cyprus

As I mentioned, we want to make sure it’s an easy trip, so we make sure to find the best places to stay in Cyprus for families, as well as the best things to do in Cyprus with kids. So without further ado, here is our Cyprus travel guide!

We started our journey in Paphos. There are super cheap flights to Paphos and our hotel is just a short 15 minute drive away.

If you have a picky child or really want to minimize your travel time, this might be the best place to go in Cyprus. The airport is very close to the city and the airport is very small. It almost took us not to go through customs and get out of the airport.

Many of the historical sites of Cyprus are located in Paphos, although we did not visit most of them, expecting that the ruins would not pique the interest of our 2.5 year old daughter. However, we have found a few things for kids to do in Paphos!

Kaya Artemis Resort & Casino, Vokolidha

We stayed at Constantinou Bros Athena Beach Hotel. Located directly on the beach there is literally a view of the Mediterranean Sea everywhere we go in the hotel. It gave the whole stay a very calm feel.

We stayed in one of their ocean view, one bedroom suites with their Elite Class package. It has a beautiful view of the pools and the sea, and a great balcony to appreciate it.

We also have a living room with two couches, one of which became a bed for Maya. This room has a door which is great for sleeping/laying down, we have somewhere to go and have a life without worrying about waking him up.

If you have a late return flight, we definitely recommend going to Elite class, among many other benefits, they allow you to check out for free until 6pm. As a guy who is stuck in a “where he rests situation” this is definitely a nice perk.

Inside Cyprus’ Cap St George Resort, Where Shakira Owns A Luxury Villa

One of the great things about a hotel is that you can customize your package to suit your needs. We stayed there on half board, giving us an excuse to leave the hotel and explore the area.

The hotel has three indoor restaurants with a wide variety of options and of course outdoor restaurants by the pools. All restaurants have nice outdoor seating so you can appreciate the sea even while eating.

They have a dining room which is nicer and since we have Elite Class it was included in our package. We choose to eat there for breakfast every day. The larger buffet restaurant is fine for dinner, we think a slightly less formal option with more options is easier to accommodate a child’s whims.

We found many excellent options in both restaurants for the taste of both years and for ourselves. When we asked her for her soy milk on the first day, they made sure to bring us a small cup every day after that.

Best Family Hotel In Cyprus

Athena Beach Hotel has plenty to do whether you are traveling to Cyprus with a child or not. Here are the best activities we discovered during our stay.

If you’re looking at Cyprus with kids, you’re probably looking at kids’ clubs. We especially like the kids club here for a few reasons.

The first is the bar; Mary, who runs the club, brings a lot of energy and joy even though the children are few. We were there in May during a quieter period, but that didn’t stop them from having a full list of fun activities for the kids. Maya’s favorite thing to do is paint her face.

Another reason I like the kids club is because they lend us toys. We love packing because it’s so nice that Maya can borrow a ball and doll (or whatever she chooses) that she drags around while we’re there.

Louis Phaethon Beach Pafos ****

They also have a large collection of sand toys that we can borrow and take to the beach so I can go a little crazy while Maya happily digs in the sand. For this reason alone I feel it is one of the best family hotels in Cyprus.

The only thing to note about the kids club is that at 2.5 years old, Maya is too young to be left alone there. For us it’s not a big deal, we tend to be on the parenting side of the scale. Older children can be left at the club.

The hotel has several pools which we enjoyed jumping in between. They break it up in such a way that the hotel feels smaller and more intimate.

They have three children’s pools; one covered, one not, and one bigger and deeper with a water slide! Maya loves the slide, so this is the pool where we spend the most time playing.

The 10 Best Family Hotels In Paphos (2022)

Athena Beach Hotel has different hours and events throughout the day. They have a whole set of different types of exercise every day, at noon, they have a food oriented one that takes place near the pool.

We attended a wine tasting class at Cypria (read: drank a lot of free wine) and while we were there they also had a make your own tzatziki class and an ouzo cocktail. We definitely wouldn’t have missed them both had we stayed longer.

Every night they have evening events with live music and games (we took part in a music quiz) and for children they have a mini-disco.

Again, I really have to give credit to the staff who run these events. There weren’t many other kids around but when we first got to the mini-disco they turned it up to 100% and really enjoyed themselves.

Maldive Holiday Homes, Ayios Amvrosios, Northern Cyprus

The hotel has a nice little playground on site which was nice on an afternoon when we retired to the pool but Maya had little energy left.

We spent a few afternoons there and had to pull it out at lunchtime. We really feel this is one of the friendliest hotels in Cyprus.

If you want to leave your hotel and explore Paphos, there are plenty of things to do. If you have older children who are interested in history and archaeology, you can visit the tomb of the kings, the archaeological park and many other sites.

For those whose kids can’t stand being dragged around historic sites and looking for things to do in Paphos for kids, here’s the list we’ve come up with.

Family And Kids

There are many things to see in Paphos, but our favorite is walking around the marina. We found a nice gelato shop with a few vegan options and walked our ice cream, seeing how clear the water was and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

There are lots of shops and restaurants in that area, lots more to see, so it’s a nice place to spend an afternoon.

If you are looking for more fun and adventure, you can go to Luna Park. It is a small children’s fair with ferris wheels and a carousel.

We didn’t have time to visit the water park, but if you’re looking for more places to visit in Paphos, this is a great way to shake things up. Aphrodite Water Park is a large water park with fun for all ages. You can buy tickets here.

Best Family Friendly All Inclusive Hotels Europe

A visit to Cyprus is not complete without at least one boat trip. Fortunately, there are many aimed at children.

The most popular is the Pirates Cruise. In the four-hour cruise you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that includes a buffet with Greek specialties. Learn more about the cruise here.

There are plenty of tourist attractions in Cyprus located near Paphos to spend a few day trips on if you’re feeling adventurous. we

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