Best Fishing Spots In Maui

Best Fishing Spots In Maui – The Honolua-Mokule’a Bay Marine Conservation Area is located along the northwest coast of Maui, bounded by a line from “Alai Point to Klaipeha Point across the ocean, and then to the northwest end of Honolua Bay. As shown

Legal fishing gear and fish or other aquatic animals taken outside the district in boats or submarines.

Best Fishing Spots In Maui

In the water there are knives and sharks, bang sticks, electric heads or carbon dioxide injectors.

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With the permission to pack and remove the nets, provided that the nets are transported only in the sandy areas of the district and are prohibited for scientific activities, propaganda or other purposes permitted by law.

Fishing to catch or injure marine life (including eggs) or any equipment in the water that can be used to catch marine life other than those described in the permitted activities above.

Accept or alter sand, coral or other geological features or samples, or have any equipment in the water that can be used to take or change geological features or patterns.

The Manila Holupo Marine Life Conservation District is located on the southwest coast of Lana, in the waters of Palaui and Kamau. Subarea A refers to the area bounded by the line from Kalokoai Point to Flat Rock, and then to Puyo Peah Rock. Subarea B refers to the area adjacent to the line from Poio Peah Rock to Kaliokahanu Point. The Department of Boating and Marine Recreation has established rules on boating, anchoring and berthing in the Manila-Holopu Marine Life Preservation District as specified.

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Have the following equipment: poles and lines, nets, hand nets with a frame no longer than 3 feet (except handles), any legal fishing gear while boating. Manila ships are transported to the port or from a port channel. Port, but the fishing gear may not be in the water.

Fishing, capturing or harming marine life (including eggs) or any fishing gear, unless otherwise stated in the permitted activities above.

To operate any anchor or dock in Sub-Area A (operated by Hawaiian outrigger canoes but not anchored or docked in Sub-Area A).

Process anchorages or docks in a way that causes harm to marine life or geography somewhere in the MLCD.

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Molokini Marine Wildlife Sanctuary is located on Molokini Shoal, about 3 miles off the southwest coast of Moi. “Subarea A” includes the water and floodplains extending along the ridge from the end of the floodplain to Lalili Point and Lono Point in a straight line bordering the ocean. “Sub-area B” includes water and floodplains as shown 100 meters offshore of Molokini Shoal.

Engage in licensed activities prohibited by law for scientific, promotional or other purposes. To engage in commercial activities other than authorized marine life.

Intentionally feeding or introducing food, substances or substances directly into the body’s perimeter into the water or by any means or for any purpose other than traction in the sub-region b.

The Kahakili Bush Fishery Management Area is located north of Kaanapali. The northern boundary is a straight line extending 1,292 meters west from Hok Wai Beach Park, the southern boundary is a straight line extending 335 meters west from Hankau Beach and the maritime border is a straight line connecting the northern end of the coast. . And the southern border as shown.

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Feeding or intentionally introducing any bait directly into or around any marine life other than marine life fishing permits.

The Kaho’olawe Island Preserve includes Kaho’olawe Island and the surrounding waters within two miles of the ocean floor.

Danger: The reserves are former military ranges and unexploded ordnance are found on the island and in the surrounding waters.

All entrances and activities on the Kaho’olawe Island Reserve, including all forms of boating, fishing and diving, unless specifically authorized by the Commission.

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For assistance and more information on authorized activities, contact the Kaho’olawe Island Reserve Commission at 586-0761 (Oahu) or 243-5889 (Maui).

Kahului Harbor is the main port on Maui’s North Shore. The fisheries management area is bounded by the shoreline along the line between the seabed edge of the watershed as shown. Authorized activities are not permitted in any part of the port prohibited by law or regulations of the Department of Transport.

Use landing nets with 2-inch mesh or larger to protect trapped or trapped marine life.

To use hand nets to catch shrimp or other marine animals on the beach, provide nets no larger than 8 inches in diameter and no longer than 14 inches in handle.

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For the use of lines with more than two poles and up to two poles per pole, each hook has only one point, except that double or triple hooks are allowed with the trick.

Attempts to capture marine life in the area or the use of fishing gear in the area may be prohibited.

Kaunakai Harbor is located on the south coast of the island of Molokai. As shown on the map, the commercial harbor section defined as “Area 1A” and “Area 1B” is separated by a line extending from the lights on the channel line, and the small harbor section boats is called “Area 2”.

In Area 1A, fish with rocks or poles and lines. Buy seasonal bait with a bait permit; And fishing with nets a) with the authorization of the Council of Territory and Natural Resources b) with clearance from the Department of Transport and c) without setting the net during the night and not leaving it in the water is fishing for Uncompleted Discharge.

Fishing On The Rocks

In the second area, fishing with rods and lines; Use a net no longer than 3 feet on each side to catch fish on the seabed or on land already attached.

The Port of Manila is a small shipping port on the southern coast of Lana. Zone 1 refers to the inlets and shores of the seabed, which are adjacent to the coastline by connecting the shores of the three basins along the coastline. The second zone refers to the separation section of the entrance. Authorized activities No activities are permitted in any part of the port that is otherwise prohibited by law or by regulation of the Department of Nautical and Maritime Recreation.

To use and hold the net, avoid hand nets and landing nets in Zones 1 and 2, as long as the net frame is no longer than 3 feet (excluding handles).

Anglers with a bait license may use and possess nets to catch bait fish in the first and second zones.

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Use or occupy any network in zones 1 and 2 except as indicated in the permitted activities above. There is no vacation to enjoy your favorite pastime. If fishing is your thing, then Maui is the ultimate destination! Imagine casting your line into the blue waters of our Hawaii, breathing in the salty air around you and marveling at spectacular views! Sounds like paradise, right? Well, it’s not far from that. Read on to find out what you need to know about Maui fishing and start planning your trip today!

Discover more great things to do in Maui with our exclusive guide and free directions! We created this tool to help you see what our amazing island has to offer. Inside you’ll find our top tips for restaurants, events, shopping, museums, outdoor tours and more!

Maui’s water isn’t just clean to look at. There are many types of fish you can catch! Here is a list of local species you are likely to encounter:

Remember, you do not need a Maui fishing license as long as your fishing is recreational. If you follow the guidelines for no-fishing areas and fish stocks, then you’re in for a treat!

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Now that you know what kind of fish you can catch in Maui, it’s time to find the best place to fish. Our beautiful Hawaiian island is the perfect place to fish and here are some of our favorite fishing spots:

Note on Hannah: Many locals in Hannah fish because their livelihood depends on it. In general, we recommend that you avoid respecting this area. If you decide to go fishing, ask for permission. Most locals will say yes, but the respect you show is what counts.

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