Best Flight Schools In Miami

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Aviator Zone Academy: Miami’s Little Fish in a Big Pond School Wins 2021 South Zone Flight Training Award

Best Flight Schools In Miami

Aviator Zone Academy founder Felipe Santiago decided to pursue a career in aviation at the age of 12. “I was walking in front of the regional airport and opened the door,” he said. I went to flight school and said, “I want to be a pilot.”

Afraid Of Airlines? There’s Always The Private Jet

Aviator Zone Academy founder Felipe Santiago created a flight academy at Miami International Airport in 2018 with an airplane and instructor at the center. Photo courtesy of Aviator Zone Academy.

Now 27, Santiago is the child of Cuban immigrants and his family doesn’t have much money, but he has two important qualities: drive and focus. His request quickly paid off. He spent his summers at flight school washing planes; talk on the phone I switched flight arrangements and “could fly a Cessna 150 at any time. That was the beginning.”

He established a flight school at Miami International Airport in 2018 with an instructor. He compares the early days of the business to a small fish in a big pond, “but we are not a small fish, we are like a finger.”

He said building a brand and a name was difficult at first because the airport was a competitive environment for flight training with half a dozen schools. “We have a lot of competition, so it’s a challenge.”

Flight Training Partners

The school is growing as more and more students fly in and attract people to the welcoming yet professional environment. “Great service; It’s amazing what happens when you treat people well with a great product,” he says.

The school was named the best flight school in the 2021 Southern Region Flight Education Experience Study. Six instructors in Santiago; Two dispatchers and one maintenance technician are involved, and seven flight training aircraft are operated.

Before starting the flight school, Santiago spent hours flying along the coast of South Florida, admiring the ocean from a small plane. “It’s beautiful there and I love walking on the beach,” he said. Santiago “I could spend 2000 hours on the beach. Just looking at this beach is still amazing and beautiful. I’m never bored, I’m always discovering something new.”

Further insight was gained while flying Section 135 in the Bahamas. The Cessna 402 twin jets that fly to the Santiago Islands are equipped with a six-base analog instrument cluster and a Garmin handheld GPS. “I think I was about 18 at the time, I learned to fly, I learned to navigate. It was the best experience and it made me the pilot I am today.”

Airline Pilot Salary

Instead of celebrating his 21st birthday at a bar, Santiago spent his birthday at FlightSafety International, where he earned his airport transport pilot certificate and regional Embraer aircraft type rating. When he’s not in flight school, the gold-medal instructor pilot flies passengers to far-flung destinations as an Airbus A320 captain for a major airline, but says general aviation remains his first love. “If I’m asked whether I’m going to travel in an Airbus or fly a Cub from Piper, I’ll take the Cub every time.”

Santiago is pleased with the recognition of his flight training experience and believes that it has helped him to promote his business in line with the needs and expectations of students. The information can be used to determine if students want to present the information in a different way. Or, he says, it helps them figure out if they want a completely different product.

Students are confused, If you feel frustrated or disappointed, cheer you up. He said he put himself in their shoes to encourage them. “Look, you can do it you can do it It’s very rewarding when you do it.”

Santiago’s advice to pilots who want to pursue a career in aviation: “Get started. Get started. Eventually, work will get you there. You may not be as fast as others, but the harder you work, the faster you will reach your goal . Work hard. Fly, fly, fly because timing is everything in this business.”

Flight Training For Foreign Students

Senior photographer David Tullis, who joined the company in 2015, is a private pilot with single-engine land and sea ratings and a tail section endorsement. He is also the certified remote pilot of the award-winning podcast Hangar Talk. David enjoys photographing vintage airline advertisements. Editor’s Note: The following article is not intended to be a series, but rather to serve as a list of possible options. As mentioned, your mileage may vary.

There are many amazing flight schools in Florida, most of which are located in or around Miami. Both for residents and transfers; The best Miami flight schools have a lot to offer.

From one-on-one tutoring to traditional college tuition. Your flight training is what you make it. Start your training off on the right foot at the best flight school for your career goals.

If you want to join a flight school in Miami; You can make sure you choose the best place for it. With many schools helping you with employment after completing your internship and training; Starting a career in aviation is less.

The Best Us Aviation Degrees

No matter where you are in your aviation career, the ADF Flying School has the flying programs you need. For decades, the ADF Flying School has provided student pilots with the equipment they need every time they take to the skies.

To be honest, once you open an account with ADF Airways, you will never wonder where your money is going.

Through flexible training programs, the Flying Academy continues to help every pilot achieve their aviation goals. Enriching society and the aviation industry is their constant goal at the Flying Academy.

Whether you choose Flying Academy from scratch or want to earn industry certifications and hours, the commitment of your instructors is second to none. Get an aviation education you can be proud of.

Icon Flight Training

Tuition and Fees: The minimum cost to complete all programs leading to commercial pilot training is $37,045.

Program Length: Program length varies; Accelerated programs are available so you can complete your flight training in weeks or months.

Miami-Dade College is one of the nation’s largest universities, but prides itself on providing a personalized education for each student enrolled. It’s no surprise that Miami offers one of the best aviation schools for flight students looking for a more traditional university education than a private flight school.

After graduating from flight school at Miami-Dade College, your aviation career can take off exactly the way you dream.

Miami Aviation School

Tuition and Fees: Credits range from $91.08 to $129.89 per credit. A minimum of 64 credits is required to complete the professional pilot course. Additional requirements may apply.

Financial aid: financial aid; Scholarships and payment plans are available. Click here to learn more about the various rights and requirements.

Program Length: Professional pilot training is typically completed within two years, including a few credits completed during the summer semester.

If you choose Endeavor Flight Training for your flight training; You’ll get truly personalized training every step of the way. Along with its students, Endeavor Flight Training believes that confident pilots are ready for anything in the air.

Who’s The Best?

Congratulations on your SEVIS approval. International students on an M1 visa are grateful to call Endeavor Flight Training home.

Financial Aid: Yes, To learn more about financial aid and payment plan options, please contact Endeavor Flight Training directly.

The pilot training center has been providing individual aviation training for over ten years. As the best flight school in Miami, they have dedicated instructors and a schedule that allows you to move at your own pace.

Program Duration: Selected students can complete the entire program in 6 months; It usually takes a year.

A Worry For Some Pilots: Their Hands On Flying Skills Are Lacking

Miami flight schools have a lot to offer aspiring flight students; The next step is to choose the best one for you. Wherever you want to go, the first step is to get your own pilot’s license. If you dream of earning the average airline pilot salary in Miami ($137,101), continue your education and get your commercial pilot license.

The training and hours vary depending on the program you complete, but if you choose, you can complete most flight programs within the next year.

With so many incredible flight schools in Miami, it’s no wonder that dreamy students often flock to look at them.

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