Best Ghost Walk In York

Best Ghost Walk In York – York is one of the best cities to visit if you love ghosts and dark history. The medieval city has more than 2,000 years of history, and going on one of the best ghost tours in York, England will make your trip even spookier.

As one of the most haunted cities in the UK, the old streets of York are some of the best places to visit in England with a dark history.

Best Ghost Walk In York

If you’re planning your trip to York and want to spend a night of ghosts and dark history but not sure which tour is for you?

York England • Wander Your Way

Spend a night of ghosts, ghosts and dark history by going on one (or all) of the best ghost tours in York, England.

Whether you prefer something interactive and theatrical or off the beaten track, there’s a ghost tour for you. Check out my list of the best ghost tours in York, England below to find your perfect tour.

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Prefer a more alternative ghost tour in York? The Bloody Tour of York tells you the stories of witches, murderers and queens! Fill the night with unique ghost stories and historical stories that you won’t hear on other ghost tours.

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Tour guide Mad Alice will captivate you as she regales you with the story of York’s dark past, its famous inhabitants and how these spirits met their evil ends.

The Bloody Tour of York brings you both dark humor and historical truths. It’s educational and fun! Mad Alice knows how to tell a story.

I think Alice has superpowers (or is she a witch!) because she remembers every guest’s name…it feels so personal and so impressive.

The ride is full speed and it gets dark as you turn around. Street lights and old-fashioned shop windows take you back to the 17th century

An Expert Guide To A Weekend In York

The Bloody Tour of York is one of the best ghost tours in York and is a great way to explore the city and learn a bit of history.

Want to explore the haunted areas of York in the comfort of a Spooky Bus? Check out York’s Ghost Bus Tour.

Walk through York’s gruesome history as you hear stories of Clifford’s Tower, the ghost of York Minster and the story of the murderous Dick Turpin.

Ghost Bus Tours offers a theatrical tour for those who prefer a little more fun than overly scary stories.

The 9 Best Ghost Tours In York England (updated 2022)

This tour is one of the best ghost tours in York for families as you ride the bus around York and the stories are family friendly.

You’ll love the tour guide Jackie T Ripper and the scary driver Bob! They really make you happy and make you part of the ride.

This ride is completely immersive and you may accidentally be possessed by a monster or one of your friends! Don’t worry though. You will be saved at the right time!

York’s Deathly Dark Ghost Tour brings the city to life. Tour guide Dorian mixes history and ghost stories in an entertaining theatrical performance.

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If you like theater, drama and dark humor, I highly recommend taking York’s Deathly Dark Ghost Tour.

A family-friendly ghost tour follows Dorian as he regales you with tales of York’s dark history, including tales of heinous crime and paranormal entities that still roam the cobbled streets of York.

One of the best things about Dorian, the tour guide, is that he can show his voice to everyone; Even the people in the back have no problem listening to his stories.

You can even bring your dog on this trip! As you know, animals are often sensitive to spirits, so bring your dog to see if they have an interaction!

Exciting Things To Do In York At Night

If you’re looking for great storytelling to flesh out York’s horrific history, you should travel with Shadows of York.

The ghost guide, Mackenzie, is a great storyteller and is fantastic at holding your attention as you relive York’s spooky past. He knows his story well and cooks it with humor.

The Dark Chronicles Horror Walk of York is a walk full of myths, legends and true stories behind the medieval walls of York.

The Dark Chronicles Horror Walk of York is not just ghost stories and legends. Instead, the tour reveals York’s truly dark and mature history.

Of The Best Things To Do In York

Why not explore the narrow corridors of York and hear spooky stories of ghosts, murder and disease.

British Roots Holidays are also running a one-hour storytelling session called The Ghostly Tales of York at the Gilligate Inn at the weekend. It includes York’s brutal history and legends.

If you want to hear more about the history of Yorkshire witches, the York Witches and History Walking Tour is for you.

Follow a costumed guide, a witch, of course, through the dark streets of York, where you will learn about the terrible things witches in England had to endure.

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This tour takes you around some of York’s most historic sites, including Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate, St. Crux Parish Hall, York Minster and Kings Square include the Magic Tree.

The York Witches and History Walking Tour is not all doom and gloom! The witch guides are funny, which makes the experience fun and memorable.

Additionally, they have a chance to make a potion! If you want to take a potion making tour, visit the York Witches and History Walking Tour with Potion Making.

This tour takes you to some of the most haunted places in York, including The Roman Column, where you’ll hear about the Coffin Scratchers.

Top Things To Do In York, England

Another stop included St. Andrews Evangelical Church, where the cries of children’s spirits can be heard on the city streets.

A York Ghost Walk tour guide is a great storyteller! It can keep you engaged at every point with amazing storytelling and humor. If you want to do the best ghost walk in York, book a York Ghost Walk today!

Do you want to treat yourself and take yourself on a trip? You should take a private ghost tour of York. Just you and your guide and can be customized to your interests.

You’ll spend two hours learning about the supernatural history behind York. Then hear the stories behind York’s 2,000-year history, from betrayal to torture and sedition to murder!

York Ghost Merchants In Shambles

If you love history, you will love this tour. The tour guide John was knowledgeable and fun! This tour is not over the top or full, dramatic or theatrical like many York tours.

One of the coolest things about a private ghost tour of York? John has over 200 ghost stories, so if you can’t get around them all on your first tour, you can come back and do a completely different tour with different stories. You will never get bored on this ghost tour!

This tour takes you to places most tours miss and even takes you to a haunted pub or restaurant for some spooky treats and stories along the way! Just remember to mention where you want to stop when you book the tour.

Spend an hour digging deep into York’s spooky past with the Dark Tales of York Ghost Tour. Fill yourself with stories of executions, dark deeds and ghost stories.

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Hear the horrific story of mass murder and fighting in the historic city, including the tragic fate of Saint Margaret Clitheroe – The Pearl of York.

The guide, Nigel, is a wonderful storyteller who will keep you enthralled with all the horror stories and horrors of York.

This private group tour is one of the best ghost tours in York as it can be tailored to your interests to make it even better!

Crystal is a history buff with a penchant for dark history. Crystal travels to dark historical sites, dark tourist spots and historical sites around the world.

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Crystal moved from Canada to Scotland. Lived in Edinburgh for a few years while traveling around the country exploring Scotland. Crystal wants to inspire you to go to Scotland. York is a thriving, exciting city, both a historic architectural treasure and a fashionable destination for shopping, dining and entertainment. York hums by day and the fun doesn’t stop after dark, so if you’re looking for the best things to do in York at night, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Although York has more than its fair share of great, quirky pubs, you can do most of this post without touching a drop of alcohol! (You can always try one of our favorite York pubs afterwards).

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