Best Gun Case Lawyers In Chicago

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Within 30 minutes, Stuart V. Goldberg had to be in three different courtrooms in Chicago, several miles apart. It’s 8:30 am on a Tuesday in October 2016. Take off the jacket of your gray Tom Ford three-piece suit and take the wheel of your white Rolls-Royce.

Best Gun Case Lawyers In Chicago

He is a man of many mantras and rituals. “If you don’t take off your coat while driving, you’re like hundreds of other lawyers in court in wrinkled suits,” he said.

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Goldberg is widely known in the legal community as one of the busiest criminal defense attorneys. He picks up his brother Matthew Kaplan, who studied at John Marshall Law School, Goldberg’s school. The 27-year-old man transports his uncle from court to court, lying half in the back of the car and helping to prepare arguments and writing requests to the whole day.

Goldberg jumps on the speaker. “Linda, you’re doing a great job!” he declared his loyalty to the court clerk who came to fetch him. “I’m a little late.” He asked her to push her case into the space after the morning file. “R.J., how are you, Goldberg,” he said to another secretary on the speed dial. “Give it to me.” Whichever judge knows that it is most difficult to start a trial on time, his trial is first.

As soon as Goldberg walked through the courthouse doors, people started coming for his cards. (“It’s hand-carved,” he likes to point out. He estimates that he’s given away 250,000 of them over the years. In court it’s all part of the tribe,” said a Goldberg later.

While walking into the Pullman’s Courtroom, in the south end of the city, Goldberg plays Michael Douglas behind a reasonable doubt, complete with silver face and model face, I often pass the rows of seats full of black men, women and children. And two filled with many white guards. After shaking hands with one of the officers, he went to talk to the customer’s girlfriend. Her boyfriend, Llewain Hardin, was released on another drug charge and was found guilty of 41 doses of cocaine and 13 doses of heroin.

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Llewain was supposed to go undercover while Goldberg worked on solving another case, but “he didn’t listen to me,” Goldberg said. “He was found on drugs.” In today’s preliminary hearing, the judge decided whether there was reason to suspect that Lewain had committed a crime, and if so, he heard the case. first. as in This makes it difficult to defend Llewain in all sets of charges. “The officer was an honest officer. He wrote a good report,” Goldberg said, reviewing arrest reports for red flags and disturbances. Along the line he wrote a few notes in purple ink.

As Lewayne, a tall black man with a beard, was brought into the courtroom from jail in a beige suit, the same officer who shook Goldberg’s hand made his way to the judge’s bench. A prosecutor, a young white woman, questioned him about the arrest. He testified that he received a call about a drug dealer, and when he arrived at the scene, he saw Llewain bent over. below. When he got closer, he said he saw a “bump” on Llewain’s wrist. The package appeared to be a package of pills wrapped in individual syringes, apparently ready to be sold.

In the police investigation, Goldberg focuses on details. Despite its formidable appearance, it betrays nothing. On and off the court, Goldberg is gentle, patient and methodical. He told police what 911 had reported (drug dealing) and what they saw when they arrived at the scene (a man sitting quietly and responding to the caller’s description.) ask . Goldberg asks about a bump that looks like a gun. Officials said he felt “calm” as he typed. Goldberg goal.

In early trials, attorneys were not supposed to discuss the evidence for the prosecution, only the reasons for the arrest, so when Goldberg turned to the judge and Minnesota v. Dickerson said the state attorney will soon object. However, the judge seemed happy and let Goldberg continue the story. A Supreme Court decision in 1993 states that if a police officer threatens a suspect with a gun and hears something he knows is not a weapon, but does not know what is. the object, the search is prohibited. It is illegal to confiscate an item even if it appears to be stolen.

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Once officers felt Lewain’s belt buckle loosen, they knew it wasn’t a gun and had to call off the search, Goldberg said. “We want a judicial economy.” “The issue will be resolved later,” he concluded. This is a mark on another judge’s record. agreed the judge. “There is no possible reason,” he said and mentioned another matter. “I can’t believe it!” Cook County Lt. Lift up your eyes. Llewain laughed as the sheriff’s deputy led him out of the courtroom. He will be released later in the afternoon.

“The way I dress, the way I act, the way I walk in court, everything is part of the brand.”

“It’s almost impossible,” Goldberg told Llewayne’s girlfriend as he walked out of court. Two other people asked for his card before he got to the door.

As he entered his seventies, Goldberg’s career was on fire. Attend up to 12 hearings per day for different people, three hearings per week and jury hearings once a month. Every victory in court, whether it’s a settlement, a successful application to suppress criminal evidence to dismiss the client’s case, or a search that has no reason to stop, is to find gold. client. Below, many followers and friends sent letters of thanks, congratulations and requests for them, such as Saul Goodman, the fictional lawyer who helped them. Got 2 pounds of marijuana? You should call Stu. Did the police seize three guns from your house? Call Stu. Stopped by the police and charged with DUI for cough syrup in your cup? Call Stu. (But when you call him, don’t call him Stu. It’s Stuart.)

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No matter what crimes his clients (mostly young black men) committed on the streets, in Chicago and across the country, they were often punished with a the police, lawyers and judges prove the innocence. They are often compared to poor and overweight people in society. The more money you spend on a lawyer, the more you get a deal. Constitutional protections against unreasonable arrest, search and seizure without warrant, and the right to a speedy trial are rarely documented. The Cook County District Attorney’s Office reported that 57% of black people charged with crimes in the county in 2016 received prison terms, compared to 36% of white people. and Latino defendants. 39% were more likely to be imprisoned. Of the 11,000 people sent from Cook County to Illinois prisons in 2016, 74% were black. Meanwhile, Goldberg, with his good manner of speaking, his understanding of the law, and his steadfast refusal to think of anything but the most serious of transactions, has shown exactly that. what they need in court. But the person who makes the intervention on the issue on the issue is not on a social order to destroy the policies that make his customer. He is considered a fighter in the battle between good and evil. Noble human aspirations and the tendency to make bad decisions are an attempt by ordinary people to keep their heads above water.

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