Best Hair Transplant Doctors In Denver

Best Hair Transplant Doctors In Denver – For many men and women The frustration of hair loss isn’t just about appearance. It’s also about losing some of your identity. Our hair goes a long way to define us. Baseball caps and other hats Cannot be used as a replacement for a full head of hair. whether we wear long or short hair Our hair tells a lot about who we are. If we lose it We lose most of our uniqueness and individuality.

If you’re one of those people living in Denver who suffers from a lot of hair loss. Finding the right hair restoration procedure is important. Advances in modern hair regrowth treatments have been improved over traditional hair restoration spray methods. which leaves a permanent scar on the scalp An advanced technique called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of these advances. A procedure that removes healthy pores, one at a time.

Best Hair Transplant Doctors In Denver

This real hair restoration technique uses hair follicles from areas of the scalp that are not affected by hair loss. This is usually the bottom and back of the scalp. And pull these hair follicles out of the scalp or face that is experiencing hair loss. Our patients love the natural-looking FUE hair restoration effect. And with the NeoGraft treatment system, the best hair regrowth technology has arrived in Denver.

Capital Hair Restoration

If you would like more information about NeoGraft hair transplantation and hair restoration, please contact Schmidt Plastic Surgery at

For this procedure, Dr. Schmidt NeoGraft uses a sophisticated technique called FUE. This FUE technique provides smooth and natural results with virtually no surgical scars. Neografts can also be used to restore facial hair or scar tissue on the scalp, beard or eyebrows.

NeoGraft technology differs from traditional hair transplants. In the past, surgery involved removing large skin patches from a part of the scalp that had a large number of hair follicles. The entire skin is then applied to the bald area. NeoGraft grafts are a more accurate and less invasive procedure. Instead of removing a large number of pores at once, NeoGraft removes individual pores. It is then transplanted one by one to the recipient area in the bald area. The result is almost no scars.

Although this technique is a little invasive. But it takes considerable technical and artistic skills to achieve natural and consistent results. Dr. Schmidt combines his extensive training and experience with the skills of our transplant technicians to help patients. Restores hair and hair thickness better than glass.

Does Hair Transplant Work? Effectiveness, Side Effects, And Photos

Consult your doctor For hair restoration with neografts Schmidt needed a detailed medical history and a thorough scalp exam. which he will examine the pores hair density and discuss the possibility of future hair loss. During this consultation We’ll educate you on the hair transplant procedure, its risks and the results you can expect after the treatment.

Many hair loss patients in Denver have heard many myths about causes and treatments. At Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery, we focus on educating our patients about hair loss problems. as well as hair restoration treatment So you can decide if NeoGraft hair restoration is right for you.

NeoGraft hair transplant technology is provided by a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Schmid’s team perfectly harvests each follicle. With maximum efficiency and minimal injury, NeoGraft delivers comfort, consistency and precision to every patient. Our team uses an automated device to remove individual pores using suction and rotation. NeoGraft aligns the grafted pores into one or four hair follicles. with the same length and diameter as the extracted pores. This consistency helps to achieve higher salvation and success.

The suction removal process can remove hair follicles without damaging the implanted area. The transplants have the best chance of growing in the new area by keeping them intact and healthy. This ensures that each wool bag is protected. This technique also allows the dishes to be sealed in containers. to maintain humidity

Hair Transplant: Costs, Recovery, And What To Expect

These forks are never handled by hand. and fully protected prior to installation, Dr. Schmidt’s team adheres to the normal growth pattern of each implant. so that the results match your normal hair growth.

Dr. Schmidt will anesthetize your scalp prior to the extraction procedure and before repositioning. To make hair transplants as comfortable and painless as possible, NeoGraft is a treatment at our state-of-the-art facility in Denver. This process usually takes three to eight hours. It depends on the number of seedlings planted. The default recovery period is generally 3-4 days.

See a gallery of before and after pictures and see real patient results at Schmid Facial Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Schmidt and her team understand how hair loss affects everyone. especially women Hair loss in women is not uncommon and affects millions of women. However, women experience hair loss in a different way than men. Hair loss in women begins in the crown and extends to the upper part of the scalp. Treatment requires a doctor who understands the beauty of the female scalp. Dr. Schmid’s advanced training not only helps her female patients to meet the highest standards in hair transplant techniques, but also to help them achieve their goals. But it also provides a deeper understanding of personal choices in seeking treatment. She focuses on educating patients thoroughly about their situations and options, which enables them to make informed decisions.

Am I Too Old For Hair Transplants?

Hair transplant patients should be aware that the effect of the procedure is not immediate. during the first few weeks after the procedure Hair in the grafted hair follicle may shed or fall off. The implanted follicle remains. New hair grows in the transplanted follicle for three to four months and regenerates normally.

Of course, the result is worth the wait: healthy, natural hair that you can cut, color and style as always.

Dr. Schmitt offers personalized advice on post-surgical scalp care. Patients usually remove the patch after two days and are able to return to normal activities. It is recommended to wait two weeks before performing strenuous activities.

Although growing hair by yourself takes a long time. But the balding process does not stop after the procedure. Some patients decide to return for additional procedures in the years to come. Go after the first surgery if you want.

Denver Neograft Hair Restoration

Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is an advanced, minimally invasive hair transplant technique. which facilitates the harvesting of individual follicles from the donor area. Therefore, there is no linear scarring.

NeoGraft is a new technology that harvests pores during FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), which improves the speed and accuracy of traditional manual extraction.

Real hair transplants heal faster with less discomfort than the strip harvesting method, no stitches, no stains. Patients can wear hair but feel without worrying about telltale signs. shorter downtime The limits and risks are relatively short.

Patients who are comfortable cutting short hair on the back or side of the head immediately after the procedure or those who want a little constraint after treatment It is a good choice for FUE and NeoGraft, as well as for patients who want to treat areas that prevent hair growth in areas such as the mustache, beard, eyebrows or scalp.

Lumen Center Adds A Robot For Hair Transplant Procedures

The technology behind NeoGraft is simple. Hair follicles are taken from the back of the head and grow naturally during hair loss at the top. The follicle that holds the hair transplant is a living tissue that grows in cycles. When the live hair roots are moved to the recipient area The grafted hair is kept for a few weeks before shedding. which is an important part of the normal and new growth process. after hair loss New growth will begin three to four months later. and your hair continues to grow normally Your results will look natural and healthy.

Permanent hair regrowth But some patients may continue to have hair loss due to genetics. Some patients require maintenance if severe baldness persists. for intensive care Some patients require additional treatment. Dr. Schmidt will discuss this topic during consultation.

The cost of the FUE hair transplant technique is more complex and detailed compared to the traditional hair transplant method of this type of procedure. The price depends on the number of follicles to be implanted. Recommendations for the number of transplants to treat your problem area will be made after thorough consultation with your doctor, Schmidt.

How are the results obtained with the NeoGraft FUE technique compared to the traditional banding method?

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The results are the same. The FUE procedure involves four hair follicles called follicles.

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