Best Hair Transplant In Melbourne

Best Hair Transplant In Melbourne – Diagnosis and treatment of hair loss in men and women. We use FUE hair transplants to restore bald and thinning areas of the scalp, increase beard hair density, and more.

Paras Hair Transplant’s preferred technique eliminates the use of a surgical scalpel and sutures. This means no scalpel or linear scars!

Best Hair Transplant In Melbourne

Paras Hair Transplant Clinic uses the latest precision procedures in hair transplant technology, in stark contrast to the “scalpel” procedures performed in many hair loss clinics.

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We are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of care, wisdom and information – you will be treated by a dedicated hair transplant surgeon, not a technician!

Paras Hair Transplant Clinic is a hair loss clinic in Melbourne and Sydney specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss. We offer a high level of care in the field of hair transplant surgery with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with the latest medical advances.

Paras Hair Transplant Clinic uses a scalpel-free, stitch-free technique called Follicular Unit Extraction and Implantation. This procedure involves carefully removing a healthy hair (follicular unit) from the back of the scalp and then implanting it into the bald area. There is a strong emphasis on graft survival, which is maximized through less manipulation of the follicle, less time off the scalp, and careful implantation.

Price is important, but so are high standards of medical practice. So make sure you are well informed before making a decision. As a potential consumer/patient, you should know and understand that FUE surgery is not performed the same way in all hair transplant practices. DHI Global Medical Group has been dedicated to the education, research, diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp disorders for 50 years. As a leader in the development of the hair restoration industry, DHI sets new standards, introducing innovative techniques and medical treatments to provide world-class care to patients worldwide. DHI is recognized as the gold standard in hair restoration with the strongest research advisory board, world-class facilities and US and EU patents.

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Individual follicles are extracted by an experienced and skilled physician using a manual punch with a diameter of less than 1 mm.

The extracted follicles are carefully sorted and stored in HypoThermosol and kept at a constant temperature between 4 and 8ºC to ensure maximum hair viability.

Preserved follicles are implanted individually using DHI’s patented implanter. Your doctor will control the depth, direction and angle to ensure natural-looking results.

Strict protocols are applied throughout the process to ensure your complete safety. Administration of local anesthesia is less painful than a blood test, so the procedure will be painless. With minimal or no downtime, our patients quickly return to their daily lives.

Dr Hair: Dhi Melbourne Direct Hair Implantation Victoria

The patented DHI implanter allows your doctor to control the depth, direction and angle of the hair to be implanted. This ensures 100% natural results for all patients without anyone knowing that you have undergone a hair transplant.

We use a manual punch with a diameter of less than 1 mm. It provides the best control over angle and depth during extraction and provides the best tactile feedback to the clinician. The DHI implanter allows implantation in a single movement without making a cut or incision in the scalp.

We guarantee a graft survival rate of over 90% for extracted hair and natural results, while the industry average is around 50%. The extracted hair is preserved between 4-8 degrees Celsius in HypoThermosol, an optimized hypothermic preservation medium that allows better and longer preservation of the hair.

The procedure is performed from start to finish by doctors trained and certified by the London Hair Restoration Training Academy and DHI International.

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Modern hair transplant procedures can help you feel your best again. The procedure not only changes your hairline and appearance, but also boosts your self-confidence and gives you a new zest for life.

With DHI, you can move your hair anywhere on your body or face. The transplanted hair follicles are individually selected to match the existing beard and facial hair for perfect results.

Like beard transplants, eyebrow transplants require precise calculations, symmetrical design, controlled depth, direction and angle to ensure smooth and natural results.

With 75 hair care clinics worldwide and 50 years of experience, we’ve helped more than 250,000 men and women deal with hair loss.

Hair Transplant For Hiv Positive Patients

Our vision remains: to change the world through hair restoration, introducing new technologies, innovative techniques and products designed to contribute to the health and well-being of all hair loss patients, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and training .

DHI has established strict protocols that apply to all processes, is ISO certified and registered with the UK CQC.

With DHI, you can move your hair anywhere on your body or face. The transplanted hair follicles are individually selected to match your existing facial hair for a flawless looking result.

Only local anesthesia is used so that the patient can watch TV, listen to music or even sleep.

Hair Transplant Before And After

It takes about six months before you can see a significant change in hair growth. The full results of the transplant are visible after one year. In most cases, hair transplants last a lifetime because healthy hair follicles are transplanted into thinning or balding areas.

For a hair transplant to be successful, the graft must survive and adapt to the new transplanted area. Clinical studies show that about 85-95% of all transplanted grafts grow slightly into the transplanted area. This high percentage shows that hair transplants are generally very successful.

About 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out, but you should start to notice new growth within a few months. Most people will see 60% new hair growth after 6 to 9 months.

Hair transplantation, sometimes known as hair restoration, is an outpatient procedure that uses micrografting technology to donate your own hair follicles to other areas of your thinning scalp. Hair transplant results are long-lasting and considered permanent. Together with you, we will strive to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance and help you regain your self-confidence. We also plan for the future by preventing hair loss and ensuring the transplant complements your look over time.

Best Hair Transplantation Clinics In Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

With years of research and experience, leading surgeon Dr. Johnathan Chan is a true leader in the field of hair transplantation, so you can be sure that you will receive the highest level of hair surgery that you will not find anywhere else.

Dr. Chan was one of the first hair surgeons to specialize in hair and eyebrow transplants. He has developed a unique method of ultrafine follicular unit extraction (FUE) for successful hair growth.

This looks like typical hair growth in the first 12 months. To see more results, visit our gallery.

To grow hair naturally, Dr. Chan manually uses a small extraction tool* (0.6-0.7 mm) to transplant hair follicles (hair cells) from the scalp and/or body to areas of the skin or face where natural hair does not grow. Because hair follicles are delicate “pockets” of hair cells, with careful management, maximum survival is guaranteed. In our opinion, machine extraction may increase unnecessary cell damage, leading to lower survival. All soft surgery is still best performed by the hands of a skilled surgeon, NOT by a machine.

Which Is The Best Hair Transplant Method? Why?

At AHTI, we consistently achieve over 95% of transplanted hairs that are alive and growing 12 to 18 months after surgery. If there is a suitable candidate, Dr. Chan guarantees that if less than 95% of your hair survives 18 months after treatment, he will offer you a FREE FUE treatment to fill in the gaps.

For a more in-depth discussion about whether FUE hair transplantation is right for you, please schedule a confidential consultation at our clinic or an internet consultation (interstate or overseas) between you and Dr. Chan.

Dr. Chan will address all of your concerns and create the solution that best fits your situation and goals.

*Our clinic strictly follows Australian NHMRC national infection control guidelines. All sharp instruments are properly disposed of after each patient use and our sterilizers are regularly validated and calibrated by HTC Medical Pty Ltd, an effective and aesthetically pleasing option for those with genetic hair loss.

Do I Regret Getting A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Hair transplants are used to create uneven, unnatural and generally embarrassing images. More sophisticated methods have been developed that take into account the profile of each hair follicle. This new method allows hair follicles to be manually adjusted, resulting in an extraordinary look.

For anyone still suffering from the charisma effects of hair loss, know that the stigma surrounding hair transplants is no more. Extended hairdressing studio

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