Best Halal Burger In London

Best Halal Burger In London – Oh yes, it’s that time of year again when we celebrate all things great about the classic burger – National Halal Burger Day! While there are plenty of halal burger joints in London, we’ve picked out seven places we think are worth visiting for some really great halal burgers. From peanut butter and ground beef to sliders and hard-to-find burgers, here are some of the best places to get a kosher burger this year!

Last year, the burgers at Holy Smokes burst onto the halal food scene, and customers are traveling all over the country to see what it’s all about! Although their Hackney Vic operation came to an abrupt end a few months ago, they’ve finally reopened in the Bow, where you can experience that umami goodness for yourself.

Best Halal Burger In London

In 2017, Bake St brought a great halal burger to London at the Halal Food Festival and we’ve never looked back. Their burgers have remained consistently good ever since; the patty has a perfect crust with creamy American cheese melted in every crevice, all sandwiched in a soft, multi-layered bun. This is a very simple but very tasty burger.

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Cristina’s burgers were so popular that they decided to expand and create a specialty burger delivery and takeout service called Cristina’s Smashed Burger. Their menu is more extensive than the others on this list, but we suggest you stop for the classic “Cristina’s Smashed Burger”, which is a simple double burger with lots of cheese. If you’re more into pizza, try the “Nut Job”, which contains ground beef and peanut butter – a super effective combination!

You may say small, but we say fun size when it comes to these Pandesal Slides from Bintang. Imagine a short rib patty topped with fried toyomasi onions and a slice of velvety American cheese, nestled in one of their homemade pandesal buns. Be warned, they’re so good you’ll be ordering your fourth before you know it!

Nanny Bills, which started as a food truck in 2015, has grown accordingly and now has several stands around it. They’re a perennial winner with the kosher crowd, and it’s not hard to see why: it’s the perfect combination of hand-pressed beef patties with hot burger sauce, sweet caramelized onions, and plenty of cheese. They have several burger options to order (the Dalston Dip is a good choice) – don’t forget the famous brisket croquette.

Halal status: Beef and chicken are halal. Pork and alcohol are available, but they take steps to ensure there is no cross-contamination between halal and non-halal products.

Loaded Serves Up ‘gourmet Burgers’ To London Hayes

If you’re cutting back on meat then we’ve got just the burger for you as Neat Burger have just launched their very own SMASH burger; two neat patties with onions, vegan cheese, sauce and pickles. Do not forget to combine it with a side dish of delicious tomboys.

Sometimes playing hard pays off, especially when it comes to the Smash N Slide burger. Smash N Slide is only open two days a week for a few hours, so you’ll need to plan your trip well so you don’t miss out on one of their delicious burgers. There is only one burger on the menu – 28-year dry-aged beef patties with Smash sauce, onions, cheese, pickles and onions. Feel free to double, triple, or quadruple the patties.

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The 21 day aged beef burger at Brioche Burger is amazing and you can’t go wrong! I’ve said it many times but this is definitely the best burger in East London! Lone Ranger is my favorite 😀

Burger & Lobster, London

The Great Chase is relatively new on the block and serves up an epic buttermilk fried chicken burger that comes with slaw and spicy miso!

If you want small burgers and fast food, Burgeri is the perfect stop after shopping!

Burgers UK serves 100% free range and ethically sourced halal meat. They put a lot of effort and passion into their burgers and you can tell!

A new restaurant in Hayes is serving a ‘Bollywood Burger’ served with spicy masala and red bread!

First Look Inside New Burger Restaurant In Derby City Centre

Everyone knows I love Mother Clucker Chicken Nuggets! Now imagine a hamburger with lemon mayo, a slice of cheese and fresh lettuce on top! This is PERFORMANCE! Eat it with Cajun fries and thank me later 😀

The Tooting branch is halal and serves some of the best chicken burgers I’ve ever had! Rosemary Country Chips are just as good.

I will say this. You are ready? In my opinion, this is the best chicken burger ever! It’s so juicy, perfectly crunchy and tastes so good!

If you want a spicier option, head to Baba G’s for one of their Bhangra Burgers! I would recommend the Naga Delhi Double which comes with 2 spicy mutton rotis and a crispy onion bhaji. It’s hot! Even though halal burgers have become quite popular among halal foodies, there’s still something nice about the cheesy, meaty umami flavor that a classic hamburger provides. So where are the best halal burgers in London? Read below to find some of our favorites!

Band Of Burgers

I tried Feroz’s creation a few years ago at a street food festival and by the way, that burger was pretty good. A crumbled patty with little bits of melted beef fat that burst with each bite, all sandwiched in a smooth, buttery brioche bun. The sliced ​​burger has changed a bit since 2017, but this amazing burger is a permanent fixture on the menu and is topped with American cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles and fried shallots. Simple, but delicious. Don’t forget to come early to avoid standing in line!

Owned by Feroz Hajiya of Bake Street, Manna is a sliced ​​fried chicken burger available from the recently opened Arcade Food Hall on Oxford Street. Sure, you can tell it’s the same burger, but the addition of pickled jalapeños, hot oil, creamy semolina sauce, and double cheese makes this burger stand out among the 100s of halal burgers in town.

Halal status: All meat served at Manna is halal. There is no pork on the premises, but there is alcohol.

As a tribute to their grandmother, Nanny Bill’s has been selling their hand pressed burgers to the public since 2015. They introduced a halal item to their menu a few years ago and it has since become a cult favorite among some of us halalers. . ! One popular item is the hot burger, which includes two beef patties, sweet onion jam, jalapeños, cheddar cheese and chipotle sauce. The best part? Soft, fluffy buns with seeds are a rarity in the land of brioche.

Halal Food In Camden? Say No More. — Guanabana Restaurant

Halal status: Beef, brisket and chicken are halal. Make sure you ask for the bacon to be removed. There is pork and alcohol.

Red Iron has been the UK’s first kosher burger joint since 2012, and they may have made the list out of nostalgia. Or maybe it’s because their halal gourmet burgers are still great and going strong 10 years later. Their produce arrives fresh every morning and you can’t go wrong with their signature Red Iron burger.

Smash n Slide has a certain charm to it. Maybe it’s because they’re only open a few days a week, or it’s a full-on restaurant, which means you probably can’t wait to get home to eat the burger. They offer a classic sliced ​​burger and we suggest you start with the original double patty to get a taste of what the hype is all about! Now they also offer gluten free bread.

Patty and Boon is a favorite burger joint for Londoners, thanks to their super juicy, messy burgers, and they’ve recently started offering halal in select branches for us hungry Muslims! There are no plates here; you will eat

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